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The Case for a Light Hand With AI and a Hard Line on China

And the American AI Initiative really is a whole-of-government approach to ensuring American leadership in AI and consists of four key areas: One is research and development leadership, two is workforce, three is regulations, and four is international engagement.

“Look, if we want the West to lead the next generation to commercial discoveries, we have to have the regulatory systems where all of our leaders understand.” Michael Kratsios, US chief technology officer So in our system, we have lots of agencies that touch AI-powered technology.

we're excited to get comments back on how we can improve this in the next 60 days, and then, once the memo is final, any time an agency is attempting to put forward a regulation impacting our technology, they must essentially comply.

NT: So my quick summary of the memo—you can tell me whether this is accurate or not—is: AI is important, there are lots of really hard questions involved, please don't overregulate and fuck this up.

First and foremost, we recognize as bureaucrats in Washington that we don't have all the answers, that even if we pull the best people together from all across government to sit down and think about what are the AI regulatory considerations you have for the next-generation autonomous vehicle, we don't have the right answers.

Number two is to promote this light-touch regulatory approach, this idea that if we're too heavy-handed with artificial intelligence, we end up stifling entire industries that we want to make sure to foster and generate here in the United States.

Federal Government Issues AI, AV Guidance

To adapt, the U.S. issued two new guidelines last week that I refuse to let flashier CES news bury.  On Wednesday, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao announced AV 4.0, an updated proposal of autonomous driving rules spanning 38 federal departments and agencies.  The Department of Transportation’s plans:  The DOT has also been vocal about keeping regulations tech neutral, modernizing federal rules, adjusting the definition of a “driver” to accommodate self-driving software, and preserving the 5.9 GHz spectrum for vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications (so cars can “talk” to each other).  Last week, the White House circulated a memo offering guidance to the federal agencies regulating AI in fields like healthcare, transportation, education, finance, and manufacturing.

Governor Newsom Proposes 2020-21 State Budget

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom submitted his 2020-21 State Budget proposal to the Legislature today which makes responsible investments in the state’s economic future while tackling head-on persistent challenges facing the state.

As 2020 begins, California’s economy is the strongest in the nation and the fifth largest in the world. We’re eliminating debts, paying down pension liabilities, growing our reserve funds – the largest ever at $21 billion – and one out of every seven new U.S. jobs is in California,” said Governor Newsom.

California is doing more than ever to tackle these challenges and this budget builds on that work with new investments and ideas to take on these longstanding issues.”   Building Reserves and Reducing Liabilities California is continuing to build a strong economic foundation to anticipate potential risks.

Last year, the state passed historic measures to expand access to health care subsidies for the middle class, approved the strongest renter protection law in the nation, and provided $1 billion in tax relief for working families through the expanded Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), while investing in affordable housing production efforts.

Building on the state’s new renter protection law and unprecedented $1.75 billion investment in last year’s budget to increase housing supply and hold cities accountable for regional housing goals, this year’s Budget authorizes $500 million annually for the state’s housing tax credit program and continues to support housing development on excess state lands.

Finally, the Administration continues to work to establish a trust with $331 million that will provide borrower relief and support housing counselors or other legal aid agencies in representing homeowners and renters in housing-related matters.

The Budget enhances the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s operational capabilities by adding funding for new firefighters during peak fire season, increasing the number of year-round engines, and providing further relief coverage to support state firefighter health and wellness.

The Budget builds on the historic investments made last year to expand access to child care, preschool and full-day kindergarten with funding for 10,000 additional full-day or full-year preschool slots, moving the state closer to its goal of universal preschool for all income-eligible four-year-olds.

The Budget also proposes developing a new adverse childhood experiences, or ACEs, cross-sector training program with the goal of reducing adverse childhood experiences and toxic stress by half in a generation and establishing a new Department of Early Childhood Development under the Health and Human Services Agency, effective July 1, 2021.

The Budget also includes $300 million one-time for grants and technical assistance to prepare and implement improvement plans at the state’s lowest-performing schools, and includes $300 million one-time for grants to develop community school models with innovative partnerships that support mental health and the whole child.

Expanding Access to Higher Education The 2019 Budget Act included major investments in higher education that provided two years of tuition-free community college and increased enrollment and investments to improve student success across all segments.

Three key areas of the climate budget are a proposed climate resilience bond, cap-and-trade expenditures to continue the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, and a new Climate Catalyst Fund to promote the deployment of new technologies, especially by small businesses and emerging industries.

Reimagining Criminal Justice The Budget builds on important steps taken last year, including shifting juvenile justice to focus on rehabilitation and reentry, investing in restorative justice, community-based violence prevention, substance-use disorder treatment, prison literacy and pretrial diversion.

Rapid advancements in technology, automation and artificial intelligence are reshaping the economy and the nature of work, and the state needs to better align data, policy and program analysis for the state’s workforce training programs.

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