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European Parliament Think Tank

This workshop focuses on the use of modern technologies by so-called 'influencers' in order to increase the number of their 'followers'.

It will look into how technologies can carry and amplify messages, becoming 'viral', and the type of communication used.

The workshop explores the issue of the so called 'eco-chamber effect' in communication within modern societies.

Besides the technological aspects, the project also involves social sciences considerations to deal with the psychological aspects of 'viral media communication' and its social impact, with special attention to political influence.

'What drives people to public conversation on-line?

'Facebook as a tool to convey more effectively your message to the outside world'

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A.R.M.I Conference 2019

Make plans to join us March 26-28, 2019, at The Sanctuary in Woodland Park, Colorado. Lunch will be served on March 27 and 28, but you must register.

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