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AI’s Impact on the Automotive Industry: Trends, Market, Players, and Future - Webcast

Artificial intelligence shortens the path to autonomy and brings the home into the car. Slowly but surely, artificial intelligence (AI) is invading more and more ...

Artificial Intelligence, Education, and Our Two Possible Futures

5G networks, smart devices, artificial intelligence, digital citizenship — what does all this mean for education? ISTE CEO, Richard Culatta, asks educators how ...

SIRRIS IP-PI webcast - Bescherming Artificial Intelligence oplossingen - Sari Depreeuw - Daldewolf

Sari Depreeuw van Daldewolf bespreekt hoe verschillende systemen samenwerken om de onderdelen van Artificial Intelligence te beschermen. Technische ...

AWS Webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Opportunities for Enterprises

Learn more at - This webinar is an introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and some practical ways to think about ..

AI in Automotive - Webinar by RSIP Vision July 18

AI in Automotive - Webinar by RSIP Vision July 18 Webinar held on July 18, 2019. For the series "AI in Automotive" Hosts: Shmulik Shpiro and Yoni Kasten ...

Tavant Webcast: Warranty Management Transformed Through Artificial Intelligence

This webinar explores the trends driving the manufacturing and service industry, the transformation happening in warranty management today, and the impact AI ...

Webcast: Delivering personalized retail promotions using AI and predictive analytics | SO1 & Vertica

Find more information on AI-based promotion personalization at About: In the highly competitive retail market, customers have become immune to ..

AI-driven automation: 2018 CIO priorities - Neva webcast

In this 40-minute webcast, learn how smart CIOs are using AI and machine learning to reduce call volume and MTTR. See a live demo of Neva's AI platform for ...

WEBCAST - Pragmatic Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 101 - An introduction

A definition, review and demonstration of just what AI means. Try it yourself at

Artificial Intelligence and Counterterrorism: Possibilities and Limitations (EventID=109697)