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MaritzCX and LivingLens Partner to Transform Experience Management Programs with AI and Video

LEHI, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MaritzCX integrated the LivingLens video intelligence platform within its experience management platform and artificial intelligence (AI) suite, giving businesses unprecedented access to customer feedback to deliver tremendous experience management.

By getting closer to customer emotions through powerful video “showreels” and AI, businesses are gaining deeper insights about customer feedback and expectations to drive continuous improvement.

“Pairing the strength of LivingLens’ video with the power of our experience management platform gives businesses access to new visual data to influence experience decisions, increase loyalty, and improve ROI.”

The solution uses AI and machine learning to unlock the wealth of information stored within video content—transforming the unstructured data set into unique insight.

Transcribed video verbatims can also be fed into the MaritzCX platform’s text analytics engine for further categorization, dynamic modeling, sentiment, emotion, and intent analysis.

Video responses are also utilized as part of the closed-loop process, giving customer service agents an in-depth understanding of a customer’s experience before making contact.

The company combines experience management software, data and research science, and deep vertical market expertise to accelerate client success.

Our leading video intelligence platform enables the capture of multimedia content, the extraction of meaningful data within that content, clever ways to analyze that data using AI and machine learning, and easy ways for our clients to build powerful consumer stories to activate change in their businesses.

Unlock Better Leads with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) shows your display or video ads to people across all devices, using machine learning to target consumers based on who is engaging with the ad.

Data is constantly collected and analyzed every minute about who is engaging with your ad: clicks, conversions, browser type, device, ad creative sizes, types of websites and apps and more!

Because of its data-driven nature, digital marketing yields real-time analytics and is highly adaptable to help generate higher quality leads.

Machine learning takes it a step further, locating look-alike prospects that share common behaviors and interests as the people that have already positively responded to your ad.

Artificial intelligence in customer experience: 2019 Report

As businesses start to realise that a data driven approach is needed to survive and thrive in today’s economy, many professionals are keen to examine their data and uncover new ways of connecting with customers in innovative and hyper-personalised ways.

With such a powerful and broad range of use cases, it is no surprise that customer experience professionals have been enthusiastically discussing the promises of artificial intelligence (AI) for delivering better experiences while simultaneously reducing the cost to serve.

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