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Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme

Hear from industry leaders and global AI technology experts as you follow your learning path through the weekly modules of this online programme: This Oxford Artificial Intelligence Programme is delivered in collaboration with GetSmarter and is led by a powerful team of global experts who share their knowledge in the form of case studies, research, and discussions.

More recently, Holweg has started working on digital operations, and in particular the economics of additive manufacturing (3D printing), in order to determine how to use this set of new technologies to generate competitive advantage.

He is particularly interested in identifying the role that digital manufacturing will play in supporting process improvement, reshaping product offerings, and changing the nature of competition.

BSc Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science

You will learn how information can be represented and processed in computer systems, as well as fundamental techniques to manage data and solve problems using computer programs.

Courses offered will develop greater understanding of software development, decision making, learning from data, and the internals of computers or computer systems.

Your studies will become more focused and you will have more choice in selecting specialised courses, according to your own interests, from a range of options specific to Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science as well as other courses in Informatics.

Options offered in recent years include courses in robotics, computer security, machine learning, operating systems, computer networks, and around 10 others.

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The Launch of Mohamed bin Zayed University of Artificial Intelligence

Today we invite the world to join us as we explore new frontiers and unleash the full potential of AI through #MBZUAI. نوجه اليوم من #جامعة_محمد_بن_زايد للذكاء...

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