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UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Environmental Intelligence: Data Science & AI for Sustainable Futures Ref: 3469

Climate change, healthy oceans, water security, clean air, biodiversity loss, and resilience to extreme events all play a crucial role in determining our health, wealth, safety and future development.

The vision of this Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) is to provide a world-class training environment in Environmental Intelligence (EI): the integration of data from multiple inter-related sources and to provide the evidence and tools that are required for informed decision-making, improved risk management, and the technological innovation that will lead us towards a more sustainable interaction with the natural environment.

Students will have the opportunity to work with the CDT’s external partners, including the Met Office and a range of international institutions and businesses, to ensure that they are well versed in both cutting edge methodology and on-the-ground policy and business implementation.

Dr Joanna Bryson talks about the work of the new UKRI Centre for Doctoral Training in Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI (ART-AI)

Dr Joanna Bryson from the Department of Computer Science has been appointed to a new global advisory council which will offer guidance to Google on the ethical use of artificial intelligence (AI) and related technologies.

The strengths and diversity of the appointed board members highlight the complex and urgent nature of the concerns we all face as we look where technology is taking us, and on our global connectedness and interdependency.

"I'm grateful that Bath has always allowed me to pursue the research I saw as critical, and look forward to what we as a community will achieve in shaping AI policy as we work through opportunities like this with the resources we have here, now particularly centred around accountable, responsible and transparent AI."

ART-AI CDT: Studying artificial intelligence at Bath

Accountable, Responsible and Transparent AI (ART-AI) is our new UKRI funded postgraduate training centre, looking at the impact, applications and ethics of AI.

UKRI: Celebrating women in Research with Máire

During our week-long celebration of International Womens Day we captured stories from insprational women across the research and innovation landscape.

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