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  proceedit - BPM-RPA-AI internship programs Duration:  450 hours Commitment: Full-Time (3 months) or Part-Time (6 months) Modality: Remote, presentially or mixed.

thanks to our zero-code dynamic Process Application Server platform (dyPAS) that permits us to develop complex automation solutions 5 times faster and reduce 10 times their future service, support and maintenance load once in operation, compared with using the best current technology.

Market information Roughly speaking, there are around 100.000 different business process automation solution classes identified worldwide (5 to 10 K for each main business sector or industry) with approximately 21 million organizations worldwide (private and governmental with 50+ employees) being potential customers for these products, and affecting around 2.4 Billion employees.

Based on the above factors, a huge growing market combined with the availability of a new disruptive technology, we think working on this IT business sector represents a big challenge and a very exciting career opportunity for undergraduate, graduate and young professionals, not only with technical skills but also willing to work on business administration, marketing, sales, operations ...

Depending on your skills you will participate in different apps development steps: collect information, define requirements, analysis, configuration, integration, compilation, testing, debugging, documentation, deploying, user training, startup, user support, maintenance, promotion, selling once the app goes into production and even you will be able to create complementary applications, like databases, functions, services, robots and connectors, if you have already or you are willing to develop the required programming skills.

Participating in one of ours 450 hours internship programs is the first required step to be admitted in our BPM-RPA-AI Career Plan which will open you the door to develop a future professional career in our company as a programmer, designer, developer, analyst, service agent, consultant, team leader, project manager, business promoter, etc.

Enrollment: If you think, as we do, that this could be a great opportunity for your professional career development, just apply to this call and/or email us to [email protected] or by filling up this form indicating your interest on following a BPM-RPA-AI internship program indicating in which business unit and specialty you are mostly interested and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible to answer any doubt and providing you with all the additional information that you would require for the enrollment steps.