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Within these areas, students and faculty also pursue real-world applications to problems in computer vision, speech and audio processing, data mining, bioinformatics, and computer security.

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LaValle robotics, motion planning, and virtual reality Svetlana Lazebnik computer vision, object recognition, scene interpretation, modeling and organization of large-scale image collections Jian Peng machine learning and optimization Mark Sammons natural language processing, textual inference Paris Smaragdis machine listening, signal processing, music information retrieval, and speech and audio analysis Matus Telgarsky machine learning theory AFFILIATE FACULTY Timothy Bretl, Aerospace Engineering motion planning and control Roxana Girju, Linguistics computational linguistics Mani Golparvar-Fard, Civil Engineering computer vision analytics for building and construction performance monitoring Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Electrical & Computer Engineering statistical speech technology Seth Hutchinson, Electrical & Computer Engineering computer vision, robotics Kenton McHenry, NCSA cyberinfrastructure for digital preservation, auto-curation, and managing unstructured digital collections ADJUNCT FACULTY Eyal Amir, Parknav machine learning, automatic reasoning Dan Roth, University of Pennsylvania machine learning, natural language processing, knowledge representation, reasoning ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE RESEARCH EFFORTS AND GROUPS Beckman Institute Natural Language Processing Group Speech and Language Engineering Group

Page TitleMachine Learning Artificial Intelligence

The general goal of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning research is to develop intelligent agents to make rational decisions based on observations, learn from experience and automatically extract knowledge and patterns from data.

Artificial Intelligence Research and Education

Research Groups Area Faculty Member Group Page Publications Computer Vision Chuck Dyer Vikas Singh Mohit Gupta Machine Learning, Data Mining, and Biomedical Informatics Mark Craven Colin Dewey Anthony Gitter Yingyu Liang Olvi Mangasarian Optimization Group Optimization publications David Page Sushmita Roy Jude Shavlik Machine Learning Research Group MLRG publications Grace Wahba Wahba publications Jerry Zhu AI Courses The following AI courses are regularly offered: CS 540 - Introduction to Artificial Intelligence CS 576 - Introduction to Bioinformatics CS 760 - Machine Learning CS 766 - Computer Vision CS 767 - Medical Image Analysis CS 776 - Advanced Bioinformatics AI Events This page was created by Andrew Palmer.

Artificial Intelligence

At Microsoft, researchers in artificial intelligence are harnessing the explosion of digital data and computational power with advanced algorithms to enable collaborative and natural interactions between people and machines that extend the human ability to sense, learn and understand.

The research, tools and services that result from this investment are woven into existing and new products and, at the same time, made open and accessible to the broader community in a bid to accelerate innovation, democratize AI and solve the world’s most pressing challenges.

What is Artificial Intelligence Exactly?

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