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There are a number of ways we work with industry: Staff within the Department engage in a wide range of research fields and provide an excellent resource for consultancy services whether the requirement is for technology strategy or technology assessment or for advanced development of technologies or bespoke training.

If you would like to know more about how you can take advantage of the expertise and state of the art facilities that the Department has to offer please contact the Paul McKenna, Departmental Manager / 020 7679 3186 Alternatively you can contact the appropriate member of staff directly, contact details can be found on our People page.

Correvate Limited is a company commercialising an algorithm developed at UCL’s Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering under an exclusive licence from UCL Business PLC.  The algorithm facilitates the registration and downstream analysis of 3D point cloud datasets.  Its first market is in the fast growing ‘BIM’ sector (an acronym for Building Information Modelling) where its Vercator software enables professionals such as surveyors, architects and construction engineers to increase their productivity, accelerate turnaround times and reduce costs.

By utilising a number of small, intelligent devices that communicate through meshed radio networks, the company offers an autonomous solution that is easy for non-experts to install, maintain and use.

Founded in 2003 from the Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Zinwave aims to provide sub-systems and systems for distributing wireless signals, including those for applications such as cellular radio and WLAN in a flexible, future proof and low cost manner.

Zinwave’s proprietary technology enables these applications to be serviced using low cost multi-mode fibres, giving rise to significant cost savings for system providers and installers.

Sponsored Research Sponsoring research allows the industrial sponsor to gain access to the world leading expertise and facilities available at UCL for projects that range from short term investigations to longer term fundamental research.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are hot topics with the potential to automate business processes, generate new insights and transform customer experiences.

Accessing the right talent, identifying projects, creating a compelling business case and choosing technology tools and platforms are major challenges in this constantly evolving field.

As such, the workshop will enable attendees to effectively navigate the complex landscape of data science while providing a practical overview of the field of AI and ML.

Here it’s all about your own organisation, and one of our experts will work with your team individually to discover opportunities, generate ideas and articulate concrete solutions.

ML APPLICATIONS OF AI AND ML IN BUSINESS THE FUTURE OF AI 1.00pm - 4.30pm IMPLEMENT AI IN YOUR ORGANIZATION (Practical session, at £1,250 per team) How can I reach my business objectives using ML?

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