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Twenty-six exchange-traded products (“ETPs”) were added to the list, and 15 funds were removed, making January a busier month in terms of additions.

It is possible that these additions may have enough AUM to keep them from closure, however, our system takes into account both AUM and volume, so it’s likely that should volume and interest remain low, these funds may be considered for closure.

It doesn’t come as a surprise that this fund has failed to garner interest since it is very new (a July 2018 inception) and has been providing negative returns.

It’s possible that the fund companies managing these products will allow them to remain active, as they play a part in a larger role for their clients that are interested in active management.

The average asset level of the threatened ETFs on ETF Deathwatch increased from $7.26 million to $7.54 million, and 45 products had less than $2 million in assets.

The average age of products on the list decreased from 50.00 months to 49.55 months, and the number of products more than 5 years of age decreased from 127 to 126.

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