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Emirati delegation takes part in World Economic Forum in China

DALIAN, CHINA, 3rd July, 2019 (WAM) -- The UAE Government took part in 12 key sessions of the World Economic Forum held in Dalian, China, in the presence of more than 1,900 government officials, entrepreneurs and researchers from more than 100 countries.

"The UAE government has pioneered the development of human capital and directed the national cadre towards future skills so that it can adapt to the expected changes in the labour market, transform the challenges into opportunities, and equip the future generation with the highest scientific and professional standards,"

She noted,"The UAE has launched initiatives to exploit technology for the service of the community and to provide customised services in the future, that will promptly improve the way of living and make everything from transport to health and education not only more efficient but also sustainable."

"Through our presence in this international forum, we seek to exchange experiences with different countries of the world and to transfer the UAE's pioneering experiences in the field of future food security."

She also added, "The development of Agritech is one of the most important factors for the success of food security goals at the global level, and we seek through this session to discuss practical solutions for the application of sustainable technologies in order to provide a safe and healthy food for the people of the world, and to affirm that the UAE does not hesitate to provide support and aid around the world."

She added, "The space sector provides a great opportunity for countries to benefit from a sustainable space economy, but solutions must be innovative and based on flexible legislation that enables emerging countries to take advantage of the economic opportunities offered by the space industry."

and the Reglab is an example of how corporates, startups, thinktanks, and local regulators come together to test new emerging technologies in the real-world, within defined constraints, before they are scaled to the whole country."

Bitcoin Price ‘Extremely Bullish' Again After 20% Pump to Over $11,000

Bitcoin (BTC) surprised markets and and the media alike on July 3, jumping over 20% in 24 hours to overcome resistance at $11,000.

Market visualization courtesy of Coin360 Data from Coin360 put BTC/USD firmly in the green Wednesday, following a turbulent few days which saw the pair drop as low as $9,688.

In an analysis, BTC trader Josh Rager said he was eyeing a potential zone around $11,760, noting that the recovery now makes bitcoin price look “extremely bullish”

Altcoin markets saw some much-needed gains as bitcoin rose, with many assets in the top twenty cryptocurrencies by market cap rising around 7%.

UK Regulators Want a Long Look at Libra, Admonish Facebook’s Mantra to ‘Move Fast, Break Things’

Facebook’s former mantra of “move fast and break things” won’t cut it for a senior official at Britain’s top financial watchdog who spoke at the University of Cambridge on Tuesday.

Although Facebook reportedly spoke with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), executive director of strategy and competition Christopher Woolard raised a few points of contention about the social media company’s efforts to introduce a frictionless, global tender through the Libra network by June 2020.

The regulatory agency Woolard represents is said to take take digital assets into consideration singularly, rather than as representing an entire asset class, in order to determine the individual market effects on competition and consumers.

Ethereum Leaders Are Slowly Courting Persian Gulf Royals and Investors

… With the Sharia certification they obtain, that could provide some clarities and convince Muslim investors to participate and invest.” Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), led by controversial Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, reportedly manages investments worth $300 billion.

cryptocurrency trader in Saudi Arabia with knowledge of the local regulatory authorities, who asked to remain anonymous because trading is currently forbidden in the Kingdom, told CoinDesk that Saudi leaders are interested in using ethereum for “national projects that will help the economy.” “Most blockchain development here happens on ethereum,” he said.

Through a partnership with the Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, ConsenSys explored opportunities for digital permits and an automated “process of attesting any document by governmental entities.” Rami Maalouf, the ConsenSys director leading efforts in the Middle East and North Africa, told CoinDesk there are currently 30 staff members in Dubai working on Smart Dubai projects, which are scheduled for launch by the end of 2019.

Ethereum Foundation liaison Atif Yaqub, partner at the London-based crypto and real estate firm UKP Assets, told CoinDesk that ConsenSys isn’t involved in his current partnership with Amanie Advisors to develop an ethereum platform for issuing Sharia-compliant financial products and services.

That part is already there,” Yaqub said, adding: “If they [Muslim leaders] were to engage with ConsenSys, or anybody … if there’s already an ecosystem, or somebody developing a [compliant] ecosystem, it’s much easier for them to engage.” Update (July 3, 17:10 UTC): This article was updated to include statements from ConsenSys.

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