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653: Rudy Miick on How to Embrace Artificial Intelligence

BentoBox puts the restaurant first and offers tools that drive high-margin revenue directly through the restaurant’s website.

CAKE provides an easy-to-use integrated software and hardware solution to build better dining experiences for restaurant operators and their guests.

With mobile marketing and waitlist management to point of sale payment processing, the CAKErestaurant management system helps you grow your business.

Restaurant365 is a cloud-based, all-in-one, restaurant-specific accounting and back-office platform that seamlessly integrates with POS systems, payroll providers, food and beverage vendors.

It generates accurate real-time reporting and analysis in user-friendly dashboards, facilitating immediate, data-driven decision making.

Restaurant365 eliminates manual, error-prone processes and is designed to help restaurant businesses grow with functionality that helps optimize labor costs, reduce food costs and increase revenue.

AI uncovers genes linked to heart failure

The team identified or confirmed 14 regions in the human genome that play a part in determining the size and function of the left ventricle, because they contain genes that regulate the early development of heart chambers and the contraction of heart muscle.

“That understanding of the genetic basis of heart structure and function in the general population improves our knowledge of how heart failure evolves.” RELATED: Bayer teams up with AI firm Sensyne Health to mine NHS data for its heart disease pipeline There is a growing interest in using AI to gain insights into cardiovascular disease.

To help repair damaged cardiac tissue after a heart attack, scientists at the University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom and the University of Washington combined two types of cells derived from human stem cells—heart muscle cells and supportive epicardial cells that help the muscle cells live longer.

The Queen Mary researchers believe the 14 regions of the genome they fingered in their new study could be just the beginning of a larger story about genes and heart disease.  “Our academic and commercial partners are further developing these AI algorithms to analyze other aspects of cardiac structure and function,” lead researcher Nay Aung said in the statement.


More than half the planet is now connected, and these connected customers now rely on the opinions of others.

2019 OSCE Annual Police Experts Meeting: Artificial Intelligence and Law Enforcement - An Ally or Adversary?

The main findings and outcomes of the meeting will be compiled in a report, which will serve as a basis for further discussions on its topics at the national, regional and international level, and as guidance for OSCE when developing and providing capacity-building and technical assistance to the OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation.

The meeting, which is by invitation only,is opento law enforcement experts and other criminal justice practitioners, OSCE Delegations, representatives of regional and international organizations, technical specialists, researchers as well as civil society representatives from the OSCE participating States and Partners for Co-operation.

Radboud Center for Artificial Intelligence

Inspired by the human brain and for over 30 years, Radboud University is a global frontrunner on research about innovative intelligent learning systems.

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