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Delft AI Meetup

the last couple of years, virtual agents and social robots have been increasingly taken out of controlled laboratory environments and have been deployed in the real world.

These advancements have nevertheless highlighted that the gathering of information about the state of the user and context of the interaction remain as a long standing barrier for human-robot interaction “in the wild”.

this talk, I will present my past and current research towards the participation of social robots and conversational agents in dyadic/group interactions, by addressing the aforementioned challenges

TU Delft - researchers design new material by using Artificial Intelligence only

Researchers at TU Delft have developed a new material without doing any experimental tests at all. The supercompressible but strong material was designed by ...

TU Delft robot Leo learns to walk

TU Delft robot Leo learns to walk.

TU Delft - An insight in the life of Assistant Professor Joost Broekens

Assistant Professor Joost Broekens talks about Computer Science, choices he made, his PhD, Artificial Intelligence, Affective Computing , his career and his ...

TU Delft - Delft Data Science: Johan Pouwelse

Research on Peer-to-Peer technology at Delft University of Technology. Measuring of numerous P2P systems. During these measurement we discovered ...

Delft scientists make first ‘on demand’ entanglement link

Researchers at QuTech in Delft have succeeded in generating quantum entanglement between two quantum chips faster than the entanglement is lost.

Catholijn Jonker (TU Delft): Met machines meer mens!

Wat is intelligentie? Een hond die beter kan ruiken en ons daarmee van dienst is bij de jacht of in rampgebieden, vult de menselijk intelligentie op een mooie ...

AI for better industrial design ~ Guest lecture at TUDelft

This talk introduces that AI and design relationship is not only about designing smartphone cases. My conclusion is that; Design is a bridge between AI and AGI.

Delft scientists steal a glance at Schrödinger's cats

Quantum particles have the unique property of being able to exist in multiple states at the same time, but according to the principles of quantum mechanics they ...