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They are Facebook’s friends and you can’t do or say anything about it.  Except leave, or if Trump does what is needed, we all sue them to death for wasting our money on ads and banning us.  Time alone wasted on Facebook building a platform that can be just stolen, is priceless.

click this I bet you found your go-to news site from here on.  Now if you posted such a message like the above that actually links to Whatfinger, if you have 5,000 friends guess how many will see your post that you want them to see?  5,  maybe if you are lucky.  Yeah –

insidious and evil and obviously they are censoring.  You are banned, but they don’t want to just tell you because they are cowards (and make money by you being there)  and would need to ban 60 millions of us.  To just come out and say anyone who dares go against what they believe will be banned will destroy them pretty quickly.

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The annual GLAAD Accelerating Acceptance report shows a noticeable drop in the number of 18- to 34-year-olds who feel comfortable interacting with LGBTQ people, from 63 percent in 2016, to 53 percent in 2017, to 45 percent in 2018.

But the genius of “LGBTQ” politics — and the principal reason for its speedy success — is that its branding has shielded it from criticism, mainly by convincing critics to stay silent.

(Because who would want to die on that hill?) The idea is that challenging the ontological assumptions of LGBTQ etc., — even à la Foucault — is to deny the right of millions, not only to live and love as they please, but to exist.

“It is a wake-up call for the rest of the state and other parts of the nation, frankly,” California Governor Gavin Newsom said, voicing concerns about the possibility of major aftershocks in the months to come.

#DUMPSTARBUCKS TRENDS AFTER ARIZONA POLICE OFFICERS REPORTEDLY ASKED TO LEAVE STARBUCKS OVER CUSTOMER CONCERNS RUSSIAN-LED ASSAULT IN SYRIA LEAVES OVER 500 CIVILIANS DEAD Iran To Announce Enrichment To 5% Sunday, Aiming At Higher-Grade Uranium At least 21 injured after gas explosion at vacant pizza restaurant in Florida shopping center.

Democrat Congresswoman Secretly Sending Staff To Mexico To Coach Migrants How To Beat System, Report Says Facebook Claims Libra Offers Economic Empowerment to Billions—an Economist Is Skeptical Powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake rocks Southern California sparking fires, canceling ball games and leaving multiple injured –

Jones also warned there is about a one-in-10 chance that another 7.0 quake could hit within the next week, and the the chance of a 5.0-magnitude quake ‘is approaching certainty‘.

A helicopter hovers near the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 off Gibraltar, according to Britain’s Ministry of Defence, in a night vision photograph released July 4, 2019.

Thousands will be gathering Thursday in the nation’s capital to celebrate the birth of America for its annual fireworks event, which this year will feature Army tanks, a flyover of military jets, Air Force One and fireworks.

The possibility crossed his mind, he adds, as the seemingly-random dips reminded him of the scene in the film Contact in which Jodie Foster’s character begins hearing blips from outer space that trace out a prime number sequence.

They were magically transformed into a “symbol of hate” and “concentration camps” as soon as the Bad Orange Man – otherwise known as President Donald Trump – took over, however.  NASA to buy lightweight, semi-automatic rifles.

Guests at the California theme park claim that the park isn’t as crowded as they expected, with some even going as far as to describe it as a “ghost town.” This comes as a bit of a surprise, not only because summers are usually crowded at the park, but also because Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge recently opened, and was considered “one of the most anticipated theme park openings since Disneyland itself.”

Chinese border guards are installing a spyware app on tourists’ phones ‘It just really ethically scares me’: Caution urged as scientists look to create human-monkey chimeras.

Some Alzheimer’s researchers are proposing the creation of human-monkey chimeras — part-human beings with entire portions of the brain entirely human derived.  Tanks roll through DC ahead of Trump’s ‘Salute to America’ celebration.

UK alien hunters to ask the public in the largest ever survey of its kind Tehran can reverse nuclear deal commitments in 1 hour, will increase enrichment –

If you aren’t defending the right for the most vile people to speak the most hateful words on the internet you do not believe in free speech.

What Children See at Pride Festivals Mississippi plans its own space force, and a space economic development arm, Gov. Bryant announces Defense Department to ban beer and pizza?

Few Proud of Political System Google Creates Algorithm to Fight Misinformation After ‘Tragic Increase’ in US Mass Shootings US economy breaks record with post-recession expansion Nike pulls patriotic $140 Betsy Ross-flag themed 4th of July sneakers after ex-NFL star Colin Kaepernick complained they were ‘offensive’

This episode of Science Uprising investigates the origin of life and claims by scientific materialists like Stephen Hawking that life spontaneously arose from chemicals without any guidance or intelligent design.

“Isn’t it amazing, you have mentioned what the media would have made of it had Donald Trump supporters bashed a gay Vietnamese young man…you wouldn’t hear the end of it.”

Activists have been calling for reparations for years, and in 2016, a UN panel declared that the U.S. owed black Americans reparations because of slavery and its link to injustices today in America.

Desperate migrant men are ‘attempting to buy children off destitute Mexican mothers for $350 to speed up their asylum process at the border’

The South’s earlier announcement on the flying object left many media outlets scrambling, with the incident coming a day after President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met at a different portion of the heavily fortified Korean border.

I recently heard the news that Twitter is planning on flagging certain tweets coming from political officials if Twitter considers them to be “controversial”.

This is an extremely timely subject give recent #vlawgs on Section 230 CDA immunity, platform versus publisher, and other internet issues.

One of the holy grails in the search for extraterrestrial life is to find what astrobiologists call Earth 2.0 – an exoplanet that looks to be a near twin of our own.

The devil is going to use the aliens, and he’s already preparing people to accept the fact that we can’t save ourselves, and this planet is out of control and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah and here they come.

There’s an old proverb that says “seeing is believing.” But in the age of artificial intelligence, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to take anything at face value—literally.

The rise of so-called “deepfakes,” in which different types of AI-based techniques are used to manipulate video content, has reached the point where Congress held its first hearing last month on the potential abuses of the technology.

Recently, a shocking discovery was made: Google is autocompleting the search fields of billions of users with false information (topics ranging from natural health to candidates for election), based not on objective search volume data, but an extremely biased political and socio-economic agenda —

The Jewish state has three precious pieces of the lunar surface brought back from two separate missions, including the historic 1969 Apollo 11 landing;

The bizarre saga of the U.S. Navy and its sudden willingness to admit that its personnel regularly encounter unidentified objects in the skies keeps getting stranger.

The Stonewall riots (also referred to as the Stonewall uprising or the Stonewall rebellion) were a series of spontaneous, violent demonstrations by members of the gay (LGBT) community against a police raid that began in the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, at the Stonewall Inn in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City.

California lawmakers have passed a bill to protect black employees and students by outlawing discrimination against people who wear those hairstyles.

Stefan Molyneux takes you on a deep dive through the fantasy hellscape of endless free stuff, demographic pandering and outright falsehoods that characterize the current state of US political debates.

Insider: Google “is bent on never letting somebody like Donald Trump come to power again.” Google Exec Says Don’t Break Us Up: “smaller companies don’t have the resources” to “prevent next Trump situation” French city closes public swimming pools after Muslim women defy burkini ban in protest Trump trolls press, ‘orders’ Putin not to meddle in US elections (VIDEO) 5

Kamala Harris throws Joe Biden’s candidacy into crisis with ferocious attack on race as Democratic debate explodes: candidates split on socialism but unite on healthcare for illegal immigrants –

pregnant woman shot in the stomach is indicted in her unborn child’s death Tiny flying insect robot has four wings and weighs under a gram Desert-dwelling carnivorous dinosaur found in Brazil MIRIAM ADELSON ALIGNS DONALD TRUMP WITH BIBLICAL PROPHETS.

Sex workers must be affirmed through upholding and the protection of their human rights to autonomy, dignity, fair labor practices, access to evidence-based care.

It is for this and many other reasons that I believe sex work and sex worker rights are women’s rights, health rights, labor rights, and the litmus test for intersectional feminism.

Further, the impact of continued criminalization of the majority of sex workers, most of whom are cisgender women and transgender women, mean that sex worker rights are a feminist issue.

If you support women’s rights, I urge you to support the global demand for sex work decriminalization, and fund evidence and rights-based intersectional programs aimed at sex workers and their clients.

Teen Vogue was a US print magazine launched in 2003 as a sister publication to Vogue, targeted at teenage girls. WATCH: Drag queen on all fours roars, growls incoherently at library ‘pride’ event for teens.

Now, at his present political trajectory, Biden may end up promising to perform late-term abortions on transgendered Guatemalan migrants with his bare hands by the time the debate rolls around on Thursday. Eight Surprises From the First Democratic Debate.

Notice the order in this list…The second 10 candidates face each other and the nation Thursday night in a prime-time confrontation sure to underscore differences along lines of race, gender, generation and ideology that are starting to shape the party’s winding search for a nominee to take on President Donald Trump.

Protesters storm Bahraini embassy in Iraqi capital Baghdad Russia’s Putin says liberal values are obsolete: Financial Times Confounding new twist in sex assault case against Kevin Spacey, as accuser files civil lawsuit against the actor Twitter will slap WARNING LABELS on ‘abusive’

tweets from politicians and limit how many people see them in new policy rolled out just one day after Trump accused platform of censoring him Mexico raids ‘La Bestia‘

El tren de la muerte (“The Death Train“) refers to a network of Mexican freight trains that are utilized by U.S.- bound migrants to more quickly traverse the length of Mexico, also known as La Bestia (“The Beast“).

Over the last 50 years the LGBT community has been spectacularly successful in achieving its ends, with raucous and sexually explicit gay pride marches spanning the globe.

Global corporations – including banks, supermarket chains, internet providers etc, etc…Over the last 50 years the gay rights movement has transformed itself from a crusade for liberation into a campaign for ideological domination, where any and all dissent is branded homophobic and bigoted, and stifled at birth.

Teacher won’t face charges for filming porn in school, posting it online Experts fear ‘snowball effect’ as Iran abandons nuclear deal Are You Ready To Worship FALLEN ALIENS?

These photons were gamma rays with energies exceeding 100 trillion electronvolts — one even had nearly 500 trillion electronvolts of energy.

Facebook will share data on hate speech suspects with French courts (update) ‘Nazis using dog whistles’: Internal Google email goes after Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson &

An embarrassing new leak shows Google employees discussing disabling features for YouTube creators they describe as ‘Nazis,’ even as the company denied allegations of political bias based on earlier leaked documents.

tool to spy on users and ex-lovers, bombshell report reveals Jussie Smollett Googled himself 57 TIMES in the 12 days after his hoax hate attack as he kept track of news coverage Poll: One-Third of Americans Support Preemptive Nuclear Strike on North Korea.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seriously considering following legal procedures that would enable the September 17 election to be canceled and a new government to be formed, his official spokesman Yonatan Urich said on Tuesday.

If you cross us, our allies, or our partners, if you harm our citizens, if you continue to lie, cheat, and deceive, yes, there will indeed be hell to pay … we will come after you.” That’s typical.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton has said that defiant Iran stays silent over meaningful talks with Washington, when, in fact, Tehran repeatedly argued that a barrage of threats and sanctions has made talks impossible.

China Mac Blows Up at JLP (Highlight) Insider exposes Google’s efforts to influence 2020 election against Trump Cops release bodycam footage of Jussie Smollett pacing around his apartment with a NOOSE around his neck 40 minutes after the ‘hoax hate attack’

Bolton: Iran shouldn’t mistake ‘US prudence and discretion for weakness’ President Trump: Let’s make Iran great again British judge orders disabled 22-week pregnant woman to have abortion What the hell is this Muslim nonsense, Six Flags?

EXCLUSIVE-White House’s Kushner unveils economic portion of Middle East peace plan Facebook Removed from S&P List of ‘Ethical’ Companies Facebook co-founder says Libra will give corporations too much power Bitcoin Is Back Above $10,000 and Investors Say This Rally Is Different Sorry Guys: The Most Comprehensive Radio Search Ever Just Found No Sign of Alien Life Transgender Colorado STEM Shooter Motivated by Revenge Over Pronouns, Bullying Why YouTube’s kid issues are so serious.

as Tehran shows off debris from downed drone and it emerges Trump ‘approved strikes but pulled back at last minute as planes and warships were in position’

Tech giant’s plans for neighbourhood patrol drones spark fears they could be used to collect data Big Brother-style US-Iran: Trump ‘pulls back after approving military strikes’

If someone physically assaults a pregnant mother and causes her baby to die, Rhode Island law once deemed such an act a “fetal homicide.”

Active homosexual men in the United Kingdom are deliberately breaking a regulation that bans them from giving blood if they’ve had sexual contact with men in the past three months.

While the rule is designed to keep the blood bank safe from blood-borne diseases, the active homosexuals are donating blood anyways, calling the measure “discrimination”

He argued that black Americans deserve compensation not only for slavery, but for the legacy of domestic terrorism against black people post-Civil War, segregation, as well as for redlining, a practice used by mortgage providers that kept black people from obtaining mortgages.

The World Health Organization lists vaccine hesitancy as one of the top 10 threats to global health.  Mexican soccer’s homophobic chant is back, and so are the insufficient attempts to stop it.

And in one sense, it was alarming: Here, on international television, in front of some 65,000 people, was an anti-gay slur, the Spanish equivalent of “f*****,” being hurled in unison by hundreds of fans at an opposing goalkeeper.

For the first time in modern history, the world’s population is expected to virtually stop growing by the end of this century, due in large part to falling global fertility rates.

He says that his first act as owner this time was to only allow pride flags after the Trump administration put a ban on embassies flying pride flags.

The Economic Reality of Gender Hiring Beijing warns against ‘opening Pandora’s box’ in ME, slams US’ ‘extreme pressure’ on Iran Trump says supporters might ‘demand’ that he serve more than two terms as president Trump threatens to deport millions beginning next week Navy Admiral describes Reverse Engineering program involving extraterrestrial spacecraft Clarence Thomas calls for abandoning ‘demonstrably erroneous’

Tense moment Trump kicks his own Chief of Staff OUT of the Oval Office for coughing during combative interview in which he rages against Mueller, Obama and unfavorable polls Netanyahu opens Trump Heights – a non-existent settlement in illegally-occupied Golan.

David Daleiden forced to pay $195K fine over videos exposing Planned Parenthood selling baby parts Saudi prince vows to confront threats after U.S. blames Iran for tanker attacks.

Kmart Bans Customers from Using Christian Wording at Photo Kiosk, But Islamic Stuff is OK SWAT-style raid on Christian school at center of lawsuit as California demands they teach sexual exploitation or be closed Russia’s New Arctic Missile Knocks out Targets in Massive Test Launch Pew: Illegal Alien Population Booms in Red States Ahead of 2020 Election Oil tanker attacks echo Persian Gulf’s 1980s ‘Tanker War’.

The team’s Jewish billionaire co-owner, Larry Tanenbaum, told several people during a recent trip to Israel, “If we win the NBA championship, I will come with the Toronto Raptors to visit the Holy Land.” With glitz and glamor, Tel Aviv celebrates Mideast’s largest Pride parade.

Microaggression Culture ‘MISCHIEVOUS PLOT’ Iran accuses the US of LYING about the ‘suspicious’ attack on American-linked oil tanker and denies ordering ‘torpedo’ assault Japanese tanker owner claims crew saw ‘flying objects’ before attack, denies ship struck mine School’s Purpose Is Indoctrination.

— If Nirvana Is the Goal Chechen Leader Threatens to Break Fingers, Tear Out Tongues of Online Critics Oakland Decriminalizes Hallucinogenic ‘Magic Mushrooms’ And Peyote US sends destroyer to Gulf of Oman tanker incident site as Pentagon says ‘no interest’ in new war Humans consume the equivalent of a credit card worth of plastic every week.

Robert Kraft feted in Israel for ‘Jewish Nobel Prize’ SCIENTISTS SAY NEW QUANTUM MATERIAL COULD “‘DOWNLOAD’ YOUR BRAIN” The Omnipresent Surveillance State: Orwell’s 1984 Is No Longer Fiction As election campaign begins, cracks emerge in right-wing loyalty to Netanyahu ‘Transgender’ male teacher ‘comes out’ to elementary school kids without a warning.

with round horns and feathers painted 5,000 years ago were made with sophisticated scientific understanding which has stunned experts House floor erupts in groans as female Democrat blasts ‘sex-starved males’

LGBTQ Bigotry: Tyranny Masquerading as Tolerance LA Pride Paraders Can’t Admit That TRUMP IS NOT THAT BAD ‘Another Hollywood freak show depicting deviant behavior as normal’: TV viewers are left outraged as it’s revealed Zendaya’s new teen drama will feature 30 penises, rape and graphic sex scenes.

Shock video: Watch illegals from Africa fleeing Ebola-stricken Congo who made it across the Rio Grande river a week ago arrive at a city-owned shelter in San Antonio and then being distributed by bus and van to undisclosed locations across The United States.

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads President Donald Trump by 13 points nationally, but the incumbent is beating his 2016 numbers among African-American and Hispanic voters, according a new poll released by Quinnipiac University on Tuesday.

Abortion-supporters throw urine, harass pro-lifers at Massachusetts March for Life How AI is catching people who cheat on their diets, job searches and school work Botswana scraps gay sex laws in big victory for LGBTQ rights in Africa.

new candidate for dark matter and a way to detect it.  Michael Egnor: The Evidence against Materialism ‘Approved for use in Alabama’: Artist hits back at anti-abortion legislation by boldly placing ‘at-home abortion kits’

Most significantly for space enthusiasts, opposition marks the year’s most optimal Jupiter viewing conditions, enabling binocular-equipped watchers to easily spot the planet and perhaps even a few of its 79 moons.

letting the child decide their own gender 1st woman to take command of a U.S. Army infantry division In California Illegals Come First, Californians Don’t Matter Michigan hotel offering free accommodations for women traveling for abortion Bryan Cranston Wins His Second Tony Award: ‘Finally, a Straight Old White Man Gets a Break!‘

Labour denounces ‘entirely unacceptable interference in the UK’s democracy’ after leaked recording of US secretary of state. Corbyn says new MP accused of anti-Semitism is ‘not a racist in any way’.

Text accompanying the video said British Prime Minister Theresa May had a “Zionist Slave Masters agenda.” Forbes also commented: “I have enjoyed reading this thread so much” on a post that repeated the conspiracy theory that the Mossad and CIA are behind the Islamic State terror group.

Kim Jong-un executes one of his generals by throwing him in a tank full of piranhas Crane collapses on Dallas apartment building leaving 1 dead, 6 injured: Police.

The roll-out of 5G is part of an evolution: “We at Ericsson first connected 1 billion places, then 5 billion people, and now we are going to connect 50 billion devices.” Extinct volcano could wake up and erupt at any moment: scientists Oregon ‘National Popular Vote’ Legislation Passes;

“Our goal is to send straight people back to their high schools to engage in discussions with students about the moment their attitude toward the LGBT community changed.”  Southern California earthquake swarm takes an unexpected turn, and that’s reason to worry Two Former Republican Lawmakers Found Shot Dead At Home In Same Week.

Seventy-one years after a cable car brought in supplies for besieged fighters on Mount Zion during Israel’s War of Independence in 1948, cable cars are making a comeback in the capital.

“I’m tired of being taken as a SEXUAL OBJECT, of finding out that these situations are usual, of gay friends who were beaten up JUST BECAUSE.” London mayor Sadiq Khan condemned the assault in a Friday tweet.

“Hate crimes against the LGBT+ community will not be tolerated in London.” Russia and US warships almost collide in East China Sea Amnesty PASSES, Texas is Going Blue FOREVER You can train an AI to fake UN speeches in just 13 hours Russia slams US Navy for ‘unacceptable’ behavior after warships’ near-miss in East China Sea Temple Mount Sifting Project reboots to seek more direct evidence of 1st Temple.

Minutes after announcing a new policy clamping down on “hateful” and “supremacist” videos, YouTube got to work banning, demonetizing, or otherwise hiding videos from conservatives, journalists, and even black metal musicians.

this time an elderly man who they assault and push to the ground in Parliament Square North Carolina retiree wins $344.6 million jackpot using fortune cookie numbers.

is a delightfully apt metaphor for the ultimate goal of modern physics, which is to develop a perfect understanding of the laws of nature — what physicists call “a theory of everything,”

While a few lonely experts with obvious agendas are still attempting to defend the porn industry, the rest of society is rapidly coming to the sickening realization that the sexual social experiment of 24-7 digital toxins getting pumped directly into the minds of an entire generation is going very, very badly.

“In 2018, the share of Americans who said they didn’t have sex for an entire year was the highest on record.” This statistic includes both single individuals and married couples.

plane named after a GUITAR burns 20 per cent less fuel than conventional aircraft and can carry more than 300 passengers Netanyahu admits to personally ordering Syria strikes Top 28 Moments From Bombshell Barr Interview Palestinians not ‘capable’ of governing themselves: Kushner ‘We won’t allow Israel to return to how it was under King David’.

In recording, skeptical Pompeo says Trump peace plan could be ‘unexecutable’ Netanyahu warns Iran ‘will be hurt far worse’ amid deadly Israeli strikes in Syria.

As a demonstration of Tel Aviv’s readiness to respond with “great force to any aggression.” Trump Attends Virginia Beach Church Service to Honor Victims.While he did not talk during the service, Trump stood behind pastor David Platt as he offered a prayer for the 12 killed in Friday’s mass shooting.

A recent report found that 259 people died between 2011 and 2017 while stepping in front of the camera in often dangerous destinations.

Kim Jong-un ‘executes’ chief nuclear negotiator as a spy — then tours North Korea missile sites Veterans walk out of meeting with Ocasio-Cortez after she bashes US foreign policy.

no injuries reported Facebook lawyer says users ‘have no expectation of privacy’ Tucker Carlson: Corporations, not voters, are in charge now and want to boss you around for the activist left.The tyranny of “woke”

CNN and MSNBC Bias Is So Bad Reporters BANNED From Appearing Forget the First Amendment: 41% of college students believe hate speech SHOULD NOT be protected by the constitution as more universities cancel controversial campus speakers The Air Force Says a Sky Trail Shaped Like a Penis Was Unintentional.

Philippines’ president Rodrigo Duterte made a rather unexpected admission while visiting Japan, saying he used to be gay before he met his ex wife… then he “became a man again.” As Netanyahu faces another election, White House peace plan may be the first casualty WHITE WOMEN CAN NOW GO TO DINNERS SO THAT THEY CAN BE SHAMED FOR RACISM.

A new mandatory, $23 million “anti-bias” program is training New York City school teachers to discriminate against white children, no matter what.

Satanic Temple to challenge Supreme Court abortion ruling on fetal remains Two Israelis wounded in Jerusalem stabbings, attacker killed: police Most atheists and agnostics BELIEVE in the supernatural and ‘underlying forces of good and evil’

despite rejecting religion in favor of science, study finds Trump announces escalating tariffs against Mexico, starting at 5 percent, until illegal immigrants ‘STOP’

LBGTQ icons will be the first transgender people to get statues in the US The New Smear Machine: Guilt by Association New York reclaims the crown as the world’s top financial center, survey says Strong earthquake hits off coast of El Salvador.

Alabama senator: abortion activist threatened to ‘rape’ my wife for my support of abortion ban Fingerprinting gun owners approved by Illinois lawmakers Bilderberg 2019 Meeting Details Revealed: Stacey Abrams, Jared Kushner To Attend.

Meteorologist Patrick Marsh says there have only been four other periods in the National Weather Service’s history of recording tornado activity where reports like this have exceeded that number, and they occurred in 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2011.

74 of 120 MKs approve unprecedented motion to call for fresh vote after Netanyahu misses deadline to form coalition;

One of the biggest buzz words at the gathering was “soft disclosure” where discoveries from NASA and official positions of the Vatican indicate that the world is slowly being prepared for full disclosure of extra-terrestrials.

Apple says, “What happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.” Our privacy experiment showed 5,400 hidden app trackers guzzled our data — in a single week. How your iPhone harvests your personal data while you SLEEP: Popular apps use hidden trackers to collect emails, IP addresses and other sensitive information without consent.

The scope of data collected are wide ranging, with trackers sweeping up sensitive information like emails, phone numbers, IP addresses and a user’s exact location, among other things.

Russia Unlikely to Stay Neutral if U.S. and Iran Go to War Bitcoin Price Eyes Longest Monthly Winning Run Since 2017 Tornado emergencies are declared across the Great Plains, Midwest and as far east as NYC for a record 12th straight day, with experts warning the US is approaching ‘uncharted territory’

But because further percolation may assist our review of this issue of first impression, I join the Court in declining to take up the issue now.” Batman Existed in Mesoamerican Mythology and His Name Was Camazotz World Health Organization removes Gender Identity Disorder from list of mental illnesses Within 72 hours, abortion may be unavailable in Missouri, advocates warn. Missouri’s

Angel Colon, who survived the Pulse Nightclub massacre Orlando, Florida where 49 died, told his harrowing conversion story which began that night three years ago.

An 11-year-old girl and a 39-year-old man died in a mass stabbing in Kawasaki on Tuesday morning, a rampage that injured an additional 17 people — including 15 elementary school girls and a boy.  Could gold be the key to making gene therapy for HIV, blood disorders more accessible?

5 would empower the federal government to impose civil and criminal punishments on citizens who dissent from SOGI ideology, including medical professionals, parents, women and girls, businesses, and charities.

Until now, users complaining and closing their Facebook accounts have mainly been private individuals, but could the platform’s recent public rejection by CrossFit spell the beginning of the end for the social media giant?

The 11th death this season and 11 million pounds of boulders. Cleanup continues after 11 million pounds of boulders crush stretch of Colorado highway.

‘People were pushing to get better pictures of themselves’: Everest climber tells of his fear upon reaching overcrowded peak as mountain is overrun people who are ‘not fit and not experienced‘.

Many abortions are induced at home with a two-drug combination, and advocacy groups are spreading the word about home abortions using one of the drugs that can be done without a medical professional’s involvement.

The new makeup of the European Parliament will help the EU become a global player in tackling issues like climate change, citing the rise in the Greens’ share of the vote.

in Syria the Christian population has declined from 1.7 million in 2011 to below 450,000 and in Iraq, Christian numbers have slumped from 1.5 million before 2003 to below 120,000 today.

Netanyahu summoned the Likud ministers for an emergency meeting on Sunday following the weekly cabinet meeting, in which he said “Liberman is looking for any excuse to bring me down, the public will not forgive him for taking it to elections twice a year,”

Teachers allegedly told to favor black students in ‘racial equity’ training The MLK tapes: Secret FBI recordings accuse Martin Luther King Jr of watching and laughing as a pastor raped a woman, having 40 extramarital affairs –

says Golan Regional Council head Haim Rokach Anna the Anaconda got pregnant all by herself – by ‘virgin birth’ Iran can sink US ships with ‘new secret weapons’, senior military official warns The Latest: Trump’s Sumo Trophy Will Stand Nearly 5 Feet.

However, science, religion and governments have withheld vast amounts of information about what UFOs and aliens are in order to protect their own interests.

It’s being foisted on us by huge telecom companies that know internet access is fundamentally a commodity and want something new to sell at high prices instead of competing to improve service and lower prices on the networks they have.

Instead, AI experts are concerned that automated systems are likely to absorb bias from human programmers.  Press conference held after judge orders Smollett case unsealed Israel’s secular society is under attack.

Despite constituting a majority, secular and traditional Jews are weak and getting weaker in the face of increasing Orthodox power to impose their will on society, such as segregating the sexes.

This force in secular Judaism, its culture and values, is what connects us with the various streams of Judaism in the United States, it enables us to absorb into our society Jews from former Soviet Union – without submitting them to DNA testing, even if only dad is Jewish.

‘It’s been the honour of my life to serve the country I love’: Theresa May breaks down as she announces she will stand down on June 7 in emotional last speech and pleads for politicians to find Brexit compromise that eluded her.

If you cannot see the spirit of Babel in this whole NASA horse feces extravaganza you aren’t paying attention…Don’t reach for the moon, you’re going to Mars We’re going to Mars ‘Cause we can do anything, we want We can do anything, it’s who we are We can do anything, we’re going to Mars.

The numbers are eye-popping: 85% of Americans use at least one product with artificial intelligence (AI), and global use will reach 1.8 billion by 2021, so the impact of these “robot overlords”

BUT {the real issue every idiot should be concerned about] (AI) voice assistants, including Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Google’s Assistant are inflaming gender stereotypes and teaching sexism to a generation of millennials by creating a model of “docile and eager-to-please helpers,”

Abortion Saves Lives.” was the headline of the piece written by Warren Hern, one of the country’s most prominent practitioners of late-term abortions, including elective abortions past the point at which a fetus is able to survive outside his or her mother.

“Moon rocks have been found to contain processed metals, including brass and mica, and the elements Uranium 236 and Neptunium 237 that have never been found to occur naturally.”

Using yeast that lay dormant for thousands of years, a team of Israeli biologists, archaeologists and beer makers has successfully brewed the beer that Goliath of Gath may have quaffed as he set out to meet a young shepherd named David.

featuring same-sex marriage pulled from Alabama public TV Russia’s population will skyrocket to 166 million if abortions are banned – Patriarch The Conventional Wisdom About Millennial Suffering Is A Myth 22 million people in the central states brace for flooding, hail and heavy rain after 22 tornadoes ripped through the Southern Plains, while Colorado sees its latest May SNOW in 44 years.

The mob occupied an entire terminal and didn’t allow people to board their flights, while demanding a meeting with Prime Minister.  Iran: Today’s situation isn’t suitable for talks, resistance is our only choice.

Artificial intelligence diagnoses lung cancer Alabama abortion law: Jim Carrey paints portrait of Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey being aborted IRAN GIVES DONALD TRUMP A HISTORY LESSON: WE’LL SURVIVE U.S. LIKE WE SURVIVED ALEXANDER THE GREAT, GENGHIS KHAN: ‘GENOCIDAL TAUNTS WON’T END IRAN’ Outdoor movies in Venezuelan capital offer brief respite from national turmoil.

it is interesting and never as crazy as it first sounds so long as one doesn’t get emotional, holds it loosely and approaches it with an open mind –

expert told the National Review about the proceedings, adding that Nason is a pro-abortion zealot who has “clearly dedicated her life and her work to advancing the abortion agenda at the U.N.” SOME US CITIES ARE MOVING INTO REAL-TIME FACIAL SURVEILLANCE Britain Has More Surveillance Cameras Per Person Than Any Country Except China.

If Democrats get their way religious hospitals would be forced to perform abortions, Christian churches would be forced to host events that are contrary to the Bible’s teachings and Christian schools would be required to accommodate the preferences of transgender students regarding athletic teams and bathrooms.

And many admissions experts expect that number to grow if the current lawsuit against Harvard University’s affirmative action policies leads to new legal limits on the right of colleges to consider race in admissions.

Matt Walsh is an obnoxious person but demons and mental patients really can’t handle matters related to protecting the unborn or the belief that you are born with your gender.

HOLLYWOOD BLVD An estimated 10.7 million Americans could miss work the Monday after the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale Chilling new details emerge in murder of Chicago woman whose baby was ripped from her womb.

A US defense official was quoted as saying it was the “quietest transit we have seen in a long time,” an incident that was seen as lessening the likelihood of an armed confrontation between Iran and the US.

Transgender Tragedy: This Baby Died Because the Mother’s Medical Records Listed Her as Male Suspected Illegal Alien Serial Killer Charged In Killings Of 12 Elderly Women, Report Says Mother and daughter are among three charged in the murder of a pregnant Chicago teen whose baby boy was cut from her belly in sickening ‘womb raider’

A note ahead of the conference explained that recent advances in machine learning (commonly referred to as artificial intelligence, AI), and robotics have aroused widespread interest and debate regarding their benefits and drawbacks on humanity.

Ted Cruz warns Space Force is needed to battle space pirates U.S. pulls most personnel from Iraq as U.S. officials say Iranian military likely behind tanker attacks Black Woman Shoves Elderly White Man off a Bus And Kills Him.

and Jimmy Fallon slammed for allowing Morrissey to wear far-right pin 71% of young people are ineligible for the military — and most careers, too Christ-like figure appears in clouds over Argentina sparking religious frenzy Taking Land Away From Whites Was a Key Issue in South Africa’s Elections.

The Alabama state Senate passed the most restrictive abortion bill in the nation, sending it to the governor’s desk and setting off a wave of panic among abortion rights supporters.

Cypriot president Nicos Anastasiades called Ankara’s activities “a second invasion”, referring to Turkey’s 1974 invasion and occupation of the northern 36 per cent of Cyprus.

Alabama passes near-total abortion ban with no exceptions for rape or incest: 25 to 6 vote becomes most restrictive anti-abortion measure passed since Roe v.

lover at the airport as it’s revealed how he claims to have come back from the dead and has Hollywood eating out of his hand NASA chief vows to make ambitious, expensive plan to return to the moon “a reality”.

The Artemis program, named after the Greek goddess of the moon, intends to land astronauts on the South Pole of the moon by 2024 – four years sooner than originally planned.

Louder with Crowder Jury awards couple $2 billion in Monsanto Roundup cancer lawsuit trial Erwin Lutzer lays out 5 false gospels within evangelical churches For first time in decades, Temple Mount to be closed to Jews on Jerusalem Day Spotlight on EU elections: 400 million people and 28 countries prepare to vote for Parliament.

They know what I mean by it.” Dow, S&P 500 set for worst May tumble in nearly 50 years amid U.S.-China trade clash The Silent Killer of Marriage and Family Ethereum project MolochDAO gets major donation boost.

For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north: I will ascend above the heights of the clouds;

Google’s left-leaning media bias revealed: How CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post were promoted over their right-wing counterparts by the search engine which has more power than ever over what readers see Jordan Peterson: When the left goes too far — the dangerous doctrine of equity.

The equity-pushers axiomatically assume that if all positions at every level of hierarchy in every organization are not occupied by a proportion of the population that is precisely equivalent to that proportion in the general population that systematic prejudice (racism, sexism, homophobia, etc.) must be at play.

CONFIRMED: Google Gives Left-Wing Websites Preference Over Conservative Ones, Audit Finds Paying for calm on the Gaza front, cannot be our policy ‘America’s billion dollar fleet can be destroyed with one missile’, warns Iranian cleric as America sends Patriot missiles and a SECOND warship to the Middle East amid increasing tensions with Iran 5

Effectively Iran is saying that it is monitoring European actions over the next 60 days and that it is time for European countries to “fulfill their commitments” or Iran’s behavior could become “unpredictable.” Australia PM adviser says climate change is ‘UN-led ruse to establish new world order’

Human life expectancy could pass 100 years thanks to developments in technology worth $600 billion by 2025, Bank of America report claims Artificial Intelligence as a Godlike Tool for Experimentation.

Transgender Denver high school student is identified as ‘second gunman who killed one classmate and wounded eight’, as friends refer to him as a ‘tortured soul’

Jared Leto…days of Jared…”to descend…”The biblical text in Jubilees implicitly etymologizes the name as derived from the root YRD “descend”, because in his days “the angels of the Lord descended to earth“.Enoch 6 –

US Sends B-52 Bombers to Mideast After Reported Threats from Iran Eight students are injured, including several critically, when two classmates open fire at Denver high school Limiting Nuclear Arms, Not Freezing Them: Like Reagan, Like Trump 8th Place: A High School Girl’s Life After Transgender Students Join Her Sport Aircraft carrier, bombers shifted to Middle East to send ‘very loud’

The digital tyranny portrayed in works of fiction for decades has finally become a reality with facebook using false claims of “hate speech”

Turkey condemned Israel “in the strongest possible terms” after Israeli warplanes struck and destroyed a building in the Gaza Strip…“We urge all governments that claim to defend press freedom, including the U.S., to join us in condemning the Israeli government.” Country House sensationally wins the Kentucky Derby after first-place finisher Maximum Security is DISQUALIFIED following steward’s inquiry for impeding other riders.

The incredible discoveries over the last 20 years regarding alien life, a subject of great interest especially for the sci-fi domains, has now made it seem plausible and probably true.

If only fallen angels could pretend to be aliens and help with some advanced tech so we can save the world…Humans risk wiping out ONE MILLION natural species as the Earth’s life-support system reaches breaking point, say UN scientists urging action.

The unrepentant fertility doctor who used his OWN SPERM to inseminate his clients and was only exposed after his biological daughter used an ancestry website.

“The common good has become global and nations must associate” …“Unfortunately, we have before our eyes situations in which some nation states carry out their relations in a spirit of opposition rather than cooperation.”  WHY DOESN’T FRANCE RESPOND TO ATTACKS ON ‘SATURDAY AND SUNDAY PEOPLE’?

The sight of towering flames devouring Paris’s magnificent cathedral has brought into clear focus countless assaults on French churches and synagogues.

A swirl of mysterious personnel changes in Pyongyang have fueled speculation that Kim Jong Un could be changing negotiating tacks after U.S. President Donald Trump walked away from their nuclear talks in March.

Shocking video shows migrants using a rope ladder to scale the Mexico border fence as Trump asks Congress for $4.5BILLION emergency security funding.

Lindsey Graham shocks Senate committee by reading vulgar text between Mueller probe’s FBI lovers as he opens Bill Barr’s hearing with vow to get to bottom of how collusion probe began MPs make history by passing Commons motion to declare ‘environment and climate change emergency’.

The funds — raised from the Catholic Peter’s Pence Collection — will fund 27 projects sponsored by 16 Mexican dioceses that will provide food, shelter and other necessities to approximately 75,000 stranded migrant families and individuals.

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt steps down from parent firm Alphabet just a day after $66billion was wiped off its value amid advertiser revolt over ‘harmful content’

Tel Aviv University researchers say assaults targeting Jews rose 13% in 2018, with Germany recording an unprecedented in recent years 70% increase in anti-Semitic violence;

The text of the Alabama bill likens legalized abortion to history’s greatest atrocities, including the Holocaust.The Republican-dominated House of Representatives voted 74-3 for legislation that would make it a felony to perform an abortion on a woman at any stage of her pregnancy.  ‘Avengers: Endgame’ includes LGBT ‘diversity’ moment with man who dates another man.

It is a perfect time, because one of the things that is compelling about the Marvel Universe moving forward is its focus on diversity.” Russia convinced Venezuela’s President Maduro not to flee, claims Mike Pompeo, as clashes continue and Trump’s NSA chief John Bolton says ‘all options are on the table’, while GOP leaders warn it could become ‘Syria on America’s doorstep NASA head issues meteor warning, calls for cooperation to meet threat.

REPORT Trump grants USS Truman aircraft carrier a reprieve after ordering its death Protesters are run over by Maduro’s armoured vehicles as gunfire breaks out, sending civilians running for cover after Juan Guaido calls for military uprising, sparking clashes with pro-regime troops “Vampire facials”

Is beauty really worth the pain?  Bus driver, who raped 14 year old girl, gets no prison time, just probation and fees THE SECOND GLOBAL SUMMIT: “PEACE, SECURITY AND RELIGION”.

The summit aims to promote the non-discrimination and protection of human rights of religious minorities, refugees and migrants with a particular focus on ultra-nationalist contexts.

it is a big idea: a new world order, where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind—peace and security…”

Washington and Warsaw decided to increase the number of US troops in Poland Global military spending at new post-Cold War high, fueled by U.S., China: think-tank Cloud database removed after exposing details on 80 million US households.

CNN realizes they are out of touch with the midwest and basically all of America outside of the liberal cities so they send in their baddest ass to learn what real Americans think.

Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is falsely accused of sexually assaulting a male college student in a stunt ‘made up by conspiracy theorist Jacob Wohl and conservative lobbyist Jack Burkman‘.

The Trump administration faced fresh scrutiny on Sunday over the president’s fraught record on white nationalism in the wake of a suspected hate crime at a synagogue in California on Saturday, which left one woman dead and three injured.

At the witness table, she held up a picture of an aborted, dismembered baby, telling the lawmakers, “if you’re going to support abortion, you should look at it.” Notre Dame fire, Israeli rabbi says burning churches commanded by God.

The deliberate murder of an 8-month-old baby, Matthew, in a Sri Lankan church apparently did not upset or chill the West, did not go viral on social media, did not to become a hashtag, did not to push the Europeans to crowd into their public squares, did not press the Islamic world to examine its conscience, did not to induce Western politicians and opinion-makers seriously to reflect on who killed that child, or on those who foment and finance the Islamist anti-Christian hatred.

“These exercises have really helped us in the planetary defense community to understand what our colleagues on the disaster management side need to know,”

From editorial writing to national coverage to news photography to editorial cartoons, it’s all white-bashing, black and immigrant coddling, and a strong dose of Trump hating.

Four people died and three were injured when a construction crane on the new Google Seattle campus collapsed Saturday, pinning six cars underneath.

We are heartbroken — and appalled and outraged…” REVEALED: California student ‘shooter’, 19, wrote an anti-Semitic manifesto and claimed he was inspired by the Christchurch mosque massacre before he opened fire at a Passover service, killed one woman and injured three others.

Some authors refer to Hydra as a sea serpent, and not a few star guides have linked the constellation with the nine-headed swamp monster that Hercules killed by cauterizing each neck as he decapitated it.

The organization’s motto references the myth of the Hydra, stating that “If a head is cut off, two more shall take its place”, proclaiming their resilience and growing strength in the face of resistance.

U.S. air strike kills three ISIS fighters in Somali region All aboard the immigration train: Hundreds of Central American men, women and children risk their lives by riding on the roof to avoid cops on the roads as they head towards the border.

Holocaust denial, conspiracy theories and threats against ‘Zionists’ pepper European hip hop, helping lift taboos on anti-Jewish hate speech.

A federal judge on Friday sentenced Russian agent Maria Butina to 18 months in prison after Butina pleaded guilty in December to conspiring with a Russian official to infiltrate a gun rights group and influence U.S. conservative activists and Republicans.

with a five-day long role play that will act out what would happen if a giant asteroid was hurtling towards Earth at 31,000 mph Poles look to charge Germans $850 billion to mark 80 years since Nazi invasion.

“First attempt to experimentally interrogate the genetic basis of human brain origin using a transgenic monkey model, and it values the use of nonhuman primates in understanding human unique traits.”

Four days after Easter suicide bombings killed at least 359 people and wounded 500 more, Counter-Terrorism Bureau says Israelis should leave the island and cancel planned trips.

“It was there on August of 2017 we saw Klansman, and white supremacists and neo-Nazis come out in the open, their crazed faces illuminated by torches, veins bulging, and baring the fangs of racism,” Biden said.

US Navy is finally taking UFOs seriously: New guidelines will make it easier for sailors to report sightings amid fears the unidentified flying objects could be ‘advanced Russian technology’

Brexit latest news: Britain must accept that its empire is dead and buried, leading MEP claims Multilateralism’s ‘proven record of service’ is focus of first-ever International Day.

Citing international law, the advancement of gender equality, environmental protection and limiting the proliferation of lethal weapons and deadly disease, he said that “multilateralism and diplomacy have a proven record of service to people everywhere”.

At least 359 people killed and 500 injured after nine suicide bombers attacked three churches, four hotels and a block of flats in Sri Lanka.

Parliament passed legislation declaring that Te Awa Tupua—the river and all its physical and metaphysical elements—is an indivisible, living whole, and henceforth possesses “all the rights, powers, duties, and liabilities” of a legal person.

Using the beloved 1982 movie with Dustin Hoffman as a launching pad, the singing-dancing Tootsie still features an unemployed asshole of an actor who has to dress up as a woman to land a part.

But the film’s casual sexism (it celebrates a dude who finds himself) has been updated for the #MeToo era, going from retro to woke and slamming the door on patrimony with a mighty Times Up.

An Oregon county has agreed to pay $100,000 to a black employee who alleged she was harassed after asking that a Blue Lives Matter flag not be displayed in her office.

A locust outbreak in the Arabian peninsula has been spreading to Iran, threatening crops and food security in large areas of the coastal province of Hormozgan, an official said.

A declassified trove of heavily redacted documents belonging to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation has revealed that in 1945, the agency was tipped off about Nazi German leader Adolf Hitler allegedly escaping from the victorious Allied troops in a submarine and hiding in Argentina.

Facebook hires ‘co-writer’ of the pro-surveillance Patriot Act amid growing concerns over privacy Woman tackled to the ground after showing up at San Diego church with handgun.

Fifth grader at prestigious Washington DC school attended by Sasha Obama and Denver man, 40, are the first American victims to be confirmed dead from Sri Lanka Easter Sunday terror attacks that killed at least 290.

Billionaire ASOS tycoon who is Scotland’s biggest landowner loses three of his four children in Sri Lanka Easter suicide attacks by Islamist terrorists that killed 290 people including eight Britons.

Sorting out which ones are which can be a slippery challenge, shaped by one’s tolerance for dissonance, appreciation for the tension between spirit and action, and capacity for forgiveness.

Clinton lambasted for calling bombed Sri Lankans ‘Easter worshipers’ Sri Lanka bombings: Van explodes near church day after 200+ killed in blasts at churches, hotels Why Abortion Never Works Onscreen Even Though Hollywood Desperately Wants It To.

“They are using all means, including political and financial blackmail, to force the Palestinians to accept the deal of the century despite all the dangers it poses to the Palestinian cause.” Catholic Churches being vandalized across the USA.

FBI arrests leader of armed group stopping migrants in New Mexico Music store employee, 46, who abused an elderly man, 74, wearing a MAGA hat outside a Palo Alto Starbucks and boasted about it online has gone missing after she was fired.

Benjamin Mouton, who served as Chief Architect of Historic Monuments in France and oversaw restoration work of Notre Dame until 2013, says that it is highly unlikely an electrical short circuit took place, and that it would take an extraordinary effort to ignite the ancient oak of the cathedral.

You would need a lot of kindling to succeed… It stupefies me.” ‘Still alive!’: Notre Dame’s 180,000 bees survive cathedral fire Syphilis Is Invading Rural America, and a Fraying Health Safety Net Is Failing to Stop It Trump to help Iraqi Christians wreak justice on Islamic State militants North Carolina Gov. vetoes bill requiring care for babies born alive after failed abortion.

“Nurses told stories of babies who were born alive and were taken by the doctor and turned face down in the saline,” GOP state Rep. Pat McElraft said, relaying what she saw during her past career as a phlebotomist.

“We could catch 200 or 250 of these birds with our bare hands.” His companions laugh beside him, their boat scattered with the bodies of at least 15 flamingos.

Dubbed “The Rampage” after a popular video-game, the missile is a supersonic, long range accurate air-to-ground assault missile with a warhead, rocket engine and advanced navigation suit which allows for precision targeting.

Israeli police say they detained four suspects involved in an attempt to smuggle two baby goats into Jerusalem’s most sensitive holy site for a ritual sacrifice.

In a feat sure to fire up ethical and philosophical debate, a new system has restored circulation and oxygen flow to a dead mammal brain.

Two activists of the Extinction Rebellion protest — aimed to highlight the issue of climate change — stood on the top of a train at the station, holding a banner which read “Climate Emergency.

“I want all parts of Israeli society, Jews and non-Jews alike, to be part of the huge success story called the State of Israel,” he said, speaking alongside his wife Sara, in front of thousands of supporters at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.”

It is a kind of self-deception to equate religious piety or affections with the feeling that any other concertgoer feels and expresses with the same gestures—swaying to the beat, eyes closed, hands raised in adoration of the performer.

It is an unconscious aesthetic formed by the producers of major record labels who cater to the primitive tastes of consumers, executives answerable ultimately to the shareholders of corporations.  Amid New York Measles Outbreaks, One County Orders Exclusions From Public Spaces Cavuto Hangs Up On Donohue For Speculating Notre Dame Fire Wasn’t An Accident.

fearless priest entered the burning Notre-Dame Cathedral to rescue the crown of thorns — 4 years after tending to victims of the Bataclan terrorist attack.

Alarm was raised during mass at 6.20pm but staff could not find the fire until 6.43pm ….when the inferno was raging out of control Nice find Angie…aired 10 days before the fire –

The cost of restoring Paris’ most visited landmark after centuries of damage is astronomical, but the French government has devised a surprising plan to raise the funds.

‘The inferno cannot be stopped’: Fire chiefs say blaze ravaging Notre Dame cathedral is out of control after spire COLLAPSES and the entire roof of the stunning 850-year-old building burns to ashes.

The cathedral has 10 bells, the bourdon called Emmanuel, which is tuned to F sharp, has been an accompaniment to some of the most major events in the history of France ever since it was first cast, such as for the Te Deum for the coronation of French kings along with major events like the visit of the Pope, and others to mark the end of conflicts including World War I and World War II.

The title refers to a passage about the end of the world from the Book of Revelation, used both at the very start of the film, and again towards the end, beginning with the words “And when the Lamb had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour”

win at the 2019 Masters.  Student, 22, who is on life support with severe brain injuries after falling from Fordham University’s bell tower at 4am because she ‘wanted a better view of New York City for an Instagram picture’

“The Western liberal model of development, which particularly stipulates a partial loss of national sovereignty – this is what our Western colleagues aimed at when they invented what they called globalization – is losing its attractiveness and is no more viewed as a perfect model for all.

World’s biggest airplane takes flight for the first time ever Unrepentant Chinese scientist He Jiankui apologises for sparking global controversy, but says he is proud of his achievement.

Its (Western Civilization) internal assailants are myriad: domestic Marxism, “social justice,” global warming, Islam in its various avatars, anti-Semitism and hatred of Christianity, anti-white bigotry, educational decline, media malfeasance, and economic illiteracy leading to the willful accumulation of unpayable debt.

They no longer feel pressured to make concessions that could harm their security and result in them losing control over land promised to the Jewish people by God in the Bible and won in a war of defense.

$4.2 billion IMF loan, submission to the US, and vengeance appear to have been President Moreno’s true motives for revoking Assange’s asylum in Ecuador’s London embassy, says Ecuador’s former foreign minister Guillaume Long.

and as a man who “rose above the pull of gravity,” fulfilling the prediction of his first name, which translates to “God is Rising.” During his speech, Farrakhan also repeatedly referred to Nipsey Hussle as “Nipsey Russell,” the rapper’s comedian namesake.

Recently, someone in my neighborhood in Tel Aviv has been spray-painting the question, “Have you looked at the sky today?” on walls of buildings and at the dog park and local train station.

They come up in many cases, they’re rough gang members, in many cases they’re people with tremendous crime records and they’re given a statement to read by lawyers that stand there waiting for them.

This year’s exercises come at a time when China has been increasingly demonstrating its dominance in the disputed South China Sea, building aggressively on its territorial claims there, though most are disputed and international law has found no basis to Beijing’s claims of ownership.

Jussie Smollett is sued by the city of Chicago after refusing to pay police $130k as cell phone records reveal he called his ‘attackers’

including your most intimate moments Small dog euthanized after being sexually assaulted, man gets 60 days in jail Trump administration preparing to roll out Kushner’s Israeli-Palestinian ‘peace plan’: Sources.

India election 2019: Voting begins in world’s largest election The kids are all right-wing: Why Israel’s younger voters are more conservative Katie Bouman was key to that black hole photo, and the internet loves her.

EXCLUSIVE: Ken Starr says Hillary Clinton DID trigger Vince Foster’s suicide when she humiliated him in front of White House staff and admits he omitted the finding in FBI report because he didn’t want to ‘inflict further pain’

A bill outlawing most semi-automatic weapons and banning components that modify existing weapons was passed by a vote of 119 to 1 in the House of Representatives after an accelerated process of debate and public submission.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens tells lawmakers at a hearing about white nationalism that the country needs to talk more about what she called harassment of conservatives of color.

It is a preview of a Democrat 2020 election strategy.” According to Owens, “The biggest scandal in American politics is that Democrats have been conning minorities into the belief that we are perpetual victims, all but ensuring our failure.

Ex-Toronto mayoral candidate Goldy slams ‘weak’ Facebook following ‘white nationalism’ crackdown Bill Barr says he IS reviewing FBI conduct that kicked off Mueller probe as Democrats vow court battle to get un-redacted version of report he says will be out in a week Pew Research Center poll: Most Americans say Trump making race relations worse.

Senate Republicans note fetal pain threshold in effort to ban abortions after 20 weeks US, China ‘at greater risk of military incidents’ in South China Sea, Chinese think tank warns.

“The US military will continue intensifying military operations in the South China Sea, constantly exploring the grey zones between peace and conflict, and probing China’s bottom line, which will inevitably push the threshold of small-scale armed conflict and war.” GANTZ VS.

Two out of three exit polls predicted that Blue and White headed by former IDF chief of staff Benny Gantz would emerge as the biggest party in the next Knesset with 36-37 seats, compared with 33-36 for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party.

Around 10,000 polling stations will open at 7:00 a.m. and will remain open until 10:00 p.m. as Israelis vote for their preferred parties.

Faced with the need for up to 300,000 additional people to reach net-zero growth every year, the Kremlin reportedly plans to attract up to 10 million Russian-speaking migrants by 2025.

Beginning with their first game since the Charlottesville riots until their championship win tonight their record was 66-6 and on the 606th day since the most historic event of the last few years to take place in Charlottesville.

King Abdullah might be expected to help resolve the Palestinian problem in ways that could change his country’s character and demography, such as naturalizing refugees, forming a confederacy with the Palestinian Authority or becoming an alternative homeland for the Palestinian people.

to correct by punishment or suffering : DISCIPLINE, If he commit iniquity, I will chasten him with the rod of men — 2 Samuel 7: 14 (King James Version).

has become a new corporate buzz phrase, slapped on internal review committees, fancy job titles, research projects and philanthropic initiatives.

Israel advances largest batch of settlement homes since Trump took office Giant monoliths are erected outside the 9/11 Memorial to honor the 90,000 people affected by illnesses related to the Twin Towers attack.

Planned Parenthood was founded to kill people like me ‘It got real gay real quick’: Pete Buttigieg’s rise electrifies the gay community, but he could face a rocky road.“Man,” said Buttigieg, taking in the rainbow-hued signs and colorfully dressed passersby that signaled he had entered West Hollywood, Los Angeles’s de facto gay neighborhood.

Still, when Buttigieg headed to a fundraiser in West Hollywood a few weeks ago, the largely LGBT crowd was captivated as he circulated among the attendees, chatting with Olympic diver Greg Louganis (gay Lew-GAYNESS commenting on the gay Peter Butt) and making plans with comedian Billy Eichner.

Petrified of young blood, US elites would do well to read SOVIET history Rebel army on the doorstep of Tripoli: Libya is on brink of civil war as anti-government troops surround capital and ‘gun battles’

“As far as I am concerned, [the evacuation of settlements] won’t be there [in the plan], and if it is [in the plan], it won’t [happen].” Google Cancels AI Ethics Council after Employees Demand Removal of Conservative Heritage President Kay Coles James ‘She literally pulled a Hillary Clinton’: Critics mock Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for ‘affecting an accent’

as he boasts 2 miles of 30-foot barriers and plans 400 more – after activists float giant diapered ‘baby Trump’

IBM artificial intelligence can predict with 95% accuracy which workers are about to quit their jobs With Beresheet, Israel becomes 7th country to achieve lunar orbit.

Turkey’s opposition worries as Istanbul votes go to recount China is ‘a threat to the whole world and should be split up into 10 countries’, says dissident writer Israeli Candidate Calls to Build Temple Now.

Well-preserved settlement on the southern border of ancient Judea gives a new window into strength of Jewish practice on Roman province’s outskirts.  WikiLeaks: Assange to be kicked out of London embassy, arrested Trump: “Very Monumental”

Chinese, US researchers create monkeys with human-like brain development Facebook under fire after firm is caught demanding new users hand over their email passwords in exchange for harvesting their contacts without their consent Facebook demand for new user email passwords reveals appalling lack of security awareness India and Pakistan’s Crisis Means a New Arms Race.

Zehut chairman Moshe Feiglin says, “I don’t want to build a (Third) Temple in two years, but now.” Illegal immigrant who was deported in 2005 arrested in Louisiana on 100 child porn charges Christiane Amanpour: ‘Lock Her Up’ Is ‘Hate Speech’ The FBI Should ‘Shut Down’ Bozell &

“In order to sell weapons, you need to have an enemy, and the enemy during the Cold War that sold lots of weapons for NATO was the Soviet Union.”  Tens of thousands of Hasidic Jews crowd Brooklyn streets for funeral of popular rabbi, 95, who survived the Holocaust and despised the internet –

The mainstream media doesn’t want to admit there’s a crisis at the border, so it’s portraying the players in the crisis in the best possible light.

Netanyahu to meet Putin in Moscow five days before elections Facebook plans to curate ‘high quality’ news for its users from ‘trusted outlets’ Trump’s Golan Move is Harbinger of a Large-Scale Middle East Clash – Scholar Victimhood: How Does It Start?

In a Facebook post on Monday, which included her signature, Tsai is pictured giving an order via telephone with captioned remarks reading “I have already ordered the military to stage a forceful expulsion in the first place against any provocation by incursion of the median line [into the Taiwanese side].” Donald Trump nears sale of new F-16V jets to Taiwan, a move seen as ‘huge shock’ to Beijing.

Clay seal of King Josiah’s aide is found in the remains of an ancient office burnt down by Babylonians in 586 BC – adding weight to proof that the king really existed.

Over one million illegal aliens are expected to be added to the United States’ illegal population — which includes between 11 million to 22 million illegal aliens — this year, alone, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have confirmed.

Kellyanne Conway on Trump’s border threat: ‘You can take the president seriously’ Mussolini’s granddaughter slams Jim Carrey over political cartoons US man charged with trying to steal item from Auschwitz The convergence of 5G and AI: A venture capitalist’s view.

In the wake of the Christchurch mosque attack, we come to find out that New Zealand has removed references to Jesus from the parliamentary prayer, sparking outrage among the country’s Christian population.

“We didn’t see any quota when we (Israel) tried to bring the Russian Jews and we didn’t see any quota when we tried to bring any other Jew from around the world, so there’s no reason why the only Jews in the world given a quota are first of all the ones that have a darker skin color than ours, and second of all the ones where most of their relatives are already in Israel.” ROBOT ‘NATURAL SELECTION’ RECOMBINES INTO SOMETHING TOTALLY NEW.

Scientists in a fascinating field known as evolutionary robotics are trying to get machines to adapt to the world, and eventually to reproduce on their own, just like biological organisms.

Brunei, a small oil-rich country of 400,000 near the South China Sea, will start implementing Sharia laws on April 3, punishing those who engage in homosexuality or adultery by death.

What is it that motivated these anti-Trump conspirators from inside and around the Obama administration and Clinton networks to depart so drastically from “politics as usual” to participate in a seditious effort to overturn an election?

HAMAS LEADER HANIYEH ARRIVES AT GAZA BORDER, 6,000 PALESTINIANS PROTEST Researchers find that the sun’s magnetic field is ten times stronger than previously believed Trump wrecked summit with Kim by suggesting N.

Army makes direct appeal to residents of Hamas-run Strip in bid to avoid provoking troops deployed to area into using deadly force to stop feared border breach.

Social media account details, home addresses and birth dates were also leaked.  ‘There’s a very good likelihood that I will be closing the border next week and that will be just FINE with me!’

The non-profit news agency, whose stylebook is used by newsrooms across the country, said journalists should call an incident racist if it is such, rather than tiptoeing around the word.

If Hamas decides to bring 50,000 demonstrators to the Gaza Strip border fence on Saturday – which is both Land Day and the first anniversary of the Marches of Return – the organization will have difficulty controlling the height of the flames.

If a constitutionally elected president can be investigated for over two years and found to have committed no crimes, yet not be exonerated, as a second-rate TV actor who signed a check to two Nigerian brothers in order to fake a hate crime has 16 felony counts arbitrarily dismissed and the case records sealed – then the rule of law is dead in America.

A small group of top managers at the internet giant are conducting a “performance review” of the controversial effort to build the search platform, known as Dragonfly, which was designed to blacklist information about human rights, democracy, religion, and peaceful protest.

decision in the Jussie Smollett case as officials begin to examine why the state’s attorney in Chicago dropped charges U.S. Projected to Add 1.5M Illegal Aliens to Population this Year ‘Divisive’ opening prayer given as first Muslim woman is sworn into Pa.

“If anybody feels any temptation to follow this poor example, we would urge them to refrain from this aggressive revision of international law,” Russia’s deputy ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said.

Louder With Crowder Shocking video shows Arizona police officers forcing their way into a home to remove an unvaccinated toddler who had a 105-degree fever after a doctor reported his parents to authorities.

Pompeo: Golan recognition will advance peace with Palestinians Massive earthquakes provide new insight into deep Earth Pope Francis bizarrely refuses to let churchgoers kiss his Papal ring by repeatedly yanking his hand away in meet-and-greet.

While the AI revolution is raising hopes that computers will make most people’s lives more convenient and enjoyable, it’s also stoking fears that humanity eventually will be living at the mercy of machines.

Foxx asked police superintendent Johnson to turn over the Smollett investigation to the FBI, to which the Smollett relative replied “OMG this would be a huge victory.” Recused State’s Attorney Kim Foxx ‘was behind the decision to drop the charges against Jussie Smollett’, claims police union source as it’s revealed the Empire star is ‘still the subject of a federal probe‘.

In 2018, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution urging Israel to immediately withdraw its forces from the area after the country organised local elections in the area on 30 October.

Diversity and inclusion has become boilerplate language for any major industry event, including Stanford’s own literature on the launch of HAI, and the institute was quick to acknowledge the problems with its faculty makeup.

Israel’s stated goal was to stop indiscriminate Palestinian rocket fire into Israel and weapons smuggling into the Gaza strip.Hamas stated its rocket fire was in response to Israeli military actions, subsequent to what Hamas stated was a unilateral Israeli violation of a ceasefire several weeks earlier.

PIERS MORGAN: The Russia collusion hoax was a disgraceful fake news witch-hunt that shames all of Trump’s deranged enemies in the media, the FBI and Hollywood and has probably ensured their worst nightmare –

12 about 500 years after it was written), she added: “When any part of the body suffers, the whole body feels pain.”  Last week – Women in New Zealand Wear Headscarves to Show Solidarity With Muslims.

Apologies to President Trump.We failed to reasonably weigh the motives of anonymous sources and those claiming to have secret, special evidence of Trump’s “treason.” As such, we reported a tremendous amount of false information, always to Trump’s detriment.

Netanyahu vows to respond ‘forcefully’ to rocket attack, cuts short US trip. After expected Monday signing of US declaration on Golan at White House, PM will return to Israel ‘to oversee our response’ to Gaza attack.

The apocryphal Books of Enoch (2nd–1st centuries BC) refer to both good and bad Watchers, with a primary focus on the rebellious ones.  Spooked parents check their babycam after their baby daughter wakes up with three deep scratches on her face –

walking past her crib Two Russian air force planes land in Venezuela carrying a defense official and nearly 100 troops in ‘sign of strengthening ties between two countries’

Jordan Peterson: Radicalization of the Left Could Lead to TOTALITARIAN TILT!  Gutfeld: Idea-challenged 2020 Democrats reveal how phony they are MAXINE MELTDOWN: ‘This is not the end of anything!’ Father of slain reporter fighting Google to remove daughter’s death video from web ‘Gantz, Lapid will bring destruction upon us’.

In view of the danger of Lapid and Gantz’s left-wing government, which will put the settlement in Judea and Samaria at risk, we call upon the national camp public to show responsibility and stand on the right of settlement.”

Cruise ship in distress for over 18 hours off Norway’s coast, 900+ still waiting to be evacuated Texas pet owner dead, ‘attacked by her two pit bull terriers’: police Death toll in Mozambique from Cyclone Idai rises to 446 BOARDING PLANE, NETANYAHU TOUTS ‘BEST EVER RELATIONS WITH U.S. PRESIDENT.

1933, slang, probably from whangdoodle , an earlier term for “gadget, thing for which the correct name is not known.”) Can’t make this up…much like how David Pecker (pecker –

Only a few days after his long-shot candidacy had begun to attract some interest from the mainstream press, Andrew Yang came out strongly against circumcision, surely one of the most pressing political and social issues of our time…Meanwhile, there is Beto.

I don’t particularly care that in 1988 the young Robert Francis O’Rourke posted some erotic verses about cows (“Oh, Milky wonder, sing for us once more, / Live your life, everlusting [sic] joy”

Federal officials say they have released more than 107,000 migrant families and children into the United States since December 21, and that arrests of people illegally present in the country are falling as resources are diverted to the border.

Russia claims it has built an army of KILLER ROBOTS including self-driving tanks that follow the aim of a soldier’s rifle and swarms of deadly drones that drop bombs from the sky.

and concluded that “These examples are inconsistent with your claim that you converted to Christianity after discovering it is a ‘peaceful’ religion, as opposed to Islam which contains violence, rage and revenge.”

Human rights organisations are wary of the new scheme as they believe that the government could potentially misuse DNA data (YOU THINK?), which can reveal a broad range of intimate medical and genetic details.

The decision immediately followed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s meeting with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu Thursday, nearly a year after Trump officially recognized Jerusalem as the sole capital of Israel and announced that he would move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv.

‘What an Alien Would Say’: Netizens Clap Back at LAPD’s ‘Not an Invasion’ Tweet Why This Poisonous Gas Could Be a Sign of Alien Life ‘He was horrible’: Trump lays into McCain YET AGAIN despite two of the war hero’s daughters begging president to leave their dead father and his family alone.

Like many of the other “-philias,” it is a deeply irrational disturbance which functions by exaggerating the merits of a class of beings (Islam) in order to distract from a realistic assessment of that class or aggregate.

Pompeo, Netanyahu hold a joint press conference Preschool staffers suspended after allegedly forcing children to stand naked inside closet as punishment YET AGAIN, GERMANY HORRIFIED BY MIGRANT MURDER OF YOUNG WOMAN.

SpaceX will blast people across the Atlantic in a rocket in under 30 minutes by 2030, investors claim Nursultan: Kazakhstan renames capital Astana after ex-president Christchurch shooting: gun owners begin to hand in their weapons.

“These breakthrough research projects range from developing extreme-scale cosmological simulations, discovering new approaches for drug response prediction, and discovering materials for the creation of more efficient organic solar cells,”

Lavrov’s deputy to war-hawk Abrams: Venezuela ‘aid’ op unacceptable, Russia to protect its interests See the first supermoon on the spring equinox in 19 years Belief in aliens could be America’s next religion.

Japan Says Transgender People Must Be Sterilised To Be Officially Recognised As A Certain Gender Border fence razor wire barriers installed under Trump have been ‘stolen from and used to protect homes in Tijuana after surge in crime in the city’

The unlikely presidential run of Andrew Yang, who is proposing a $1,000-a-month “freedom dividend” to every adult in America, rolled Friday into San Francisco, where some 3,000 supporters listened to the New York tech entrepreneur warn about how artificial intelligence and robotics are taking jobs.

Other modern-day stressors also came into play: nearly 20 percent of Millennials said that getting zero likes on a social media post would cause them more stress than having an argument with their significant other.

It is a commonplace to remark that the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century have witnessed, perhaps most conspicuously in Western Europe, the decline of the nation state.

REVEALED: Reuters reporter struck deal that allowed Beto O’Rourke to keep his Cult of the Dead Cow computer hacking a secret until AFTER his bid to unseat Ted Cruz Australia’s #EggBoy may face charges, but he’s won global adulation for egging a senator I’m Pro-Life (4th Edition) |

Change My Mind Zero Hedge, LiveLeak blocked, sharers warned of jail as NZ censors crack down on mosque attack video Palestinians in Gaza resume night time border protests.

Images posted on social media show demonstrators setting off small explosions, lighting tires on fire and pointing lasers at Israeli security forces.

of flower-crazed tourists trying to pose for photos Marco Rubio gets crucified by Twitter after boldly reciting cliché Bible verse ‘That’s Awesome’: Mysterious UFO Spotted Flying Near Las Vegas (LISTEN) Exclusive — Donald Trump: ‘Invasion’ Coming at the Border;

Just last year, 3,066 Christians were murdered, while 1,252 were kidnapped, 1,020 were raped or otherwise sexually abused, and 793 churches attacked.

Ram sperm frozen for 50 years successfully used to impregnate 34 ewes.  Donald Trump attacks GM, UAW over plans to close Lordstown plant.

Political leaders and public figures were falling over themselves this weekend to condemn the mosque attacks in New Zealand, while dozens of Christians were slaughtered by Muslims in Nigeria to the sound of crickets.

In February 2019, more than 36,000 people were apprehended while trying to cross the border with their families, exceeding the number of other apprehended people by almost 6,000.

The latest India-Pakistan standoff over Kashmir was limited to a few aerial skirmishes and cross-border shelling, but the two nuclear powers were tempted to use their missile arsenals at one point, according to a media report.

Calling it “a world record,” UN Watch executive director Hillel Neuer said the UNHRC is again singling out Israel “while giving a free pass to the world’s worst abusers.

Intelligent alien races could travel through interstellar space unseen by firing LASERS into orbiting black hole pairs to create high-speed ‘halo drive’

‘Severe unintended consequences’: OPEC threatens to kill US shale Dramatic video shows dozens of Central American migrants cutting and shoving their way through a hole in a California border fence A

“As I neared the young ones, I put all my weight on my right foot, keeping the accelerator pedal on the floor until I heard the crashing of the two children on the hood, and then the sharp cry of pain from one of the two.

I was so fascinated for a moment, that when after I had stopped my vehicle, I just sat in a daze, sweet visions filling my head.” California Superbloom: Unusually persistent rains bring iconic Golden State’s drought-stricken wildfire-ravaged hills, dales and deserts an extraordinary gloriously showy display of Springtime Wild Flowers Halo Drive: Lasers and Black Holes Could Launch Spaceships to Near Light Speed.

“In this case, the game is the physical world, and I tried to think about exploits that would allow a civilization to achieve relativistic flight back and forth across the galaxy without the vast energy expense that one might naively assume.”

Now, young activists are ready to make their big, national public debut: On Friday, March 15, young people across the country will gather at over 120 #climatestrikes, showing up to demonstrate their commitment to bringing attention to what they see as a global climate crisis.

IDF attacks 100 Hamas targets in Gaza Christchurch shooting: multiple fatalities after mass shooting at two mosques – live updates.

Up to 30 dead as Australian white supremacist, 28, opens fire in Christchurch mosque and livestreams the slaughter as cars loaded with bombs are found and a woman and three men are arrested.

The deadliest in modern history occurred in the small town of Aramoana in 1990, when gunman David Gray shot and killed 13 people following a dispute with a neighbor.

Coulter Gets Pretty Funny American B-52 bombers fly over disputed South China Sea for second time in 10 days ‘Influencing human behavior’: UK MoD-funded psychological research project leaked.

A NEW SCIENTIFIC analysis of millions of possible climate futures found only a narrow window to keeping global warming to levels the international communityhas deemed safe.

Out of 5.2 million possible climate futures, carbon emissions must reach zero by 2030 in every country in the world…At least we made it passed the year 2000, it would appear the 11 year freak out countdown is a thing (2019-2030 and 1989-2000)…Repost from 1989 –

environmental official says entire nations could be wiped off the face of the Earth by rising sea levels if the global warming trend is not reversed by the year 2000.

Pentagon eager to test banned missiles after discarding Cold-War-era nuke treaty Facebook’s data-sharing deals with 150 companies reportedly under criminal probe after users’

As recently as Valentine’s Day last month, Salgado allegedly posted an image of a removed penis of a transgender patient and shaped it into a heart and wrote, “There are many ways to show your LOVE,”

NASA will finally open moon samples from the Apollo missions nearly 50 YEARS after they were brought back to Earth With Jexodus, this model wants to lead Jews to the promised land of Trump.

In addition to Singer and TV actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin, the 50 people facing federal charges in Operation Varsity Blues include a number of prominent college coaches and athletic directors.

‘Get rid of my kids’: How Trump allegedly told incoming chief of staff John Kelly to force his daughter and son-in-law’s resignations because they were getting him too much bad press.

Four years ago, I wrote about my decision to live as a woman in The New York Times, writing that I had wanted to live “authentically as the woman that I have always been,” and had “effectively traded my white male privilege to become one of America’s most hated minorities.

The latest AI algorithms are probing the evolution of galaxies, calculating quantum wave functions, discovering new chemical compounds and more.

Looters take to Venezuela’s streets as blackout enters its FIFTH day killing 15 kidney patients as under-pressure president Maduro claims the power cut was caused by an ‘imperialist’

In a test of fish bought in 24 states and the District of Columbia, Oceana found consumers weren’t getting what they paid for.  New report exposes most insane liberal classes taught at US universities.

Because the sound was to be expected at a Chinese lantern festival, no one immediately noticed the demise of a fig tree that for 144 years had watched skyscrapers built around it and a freeway carved out beside it…The four figs were planted at El Pueblo by agriculturalist and City Councilman Elijah Hook Workman. 

At the end of the meeting the Pope looked ahead to the Jubilee of 2025, marked by the reflections of the book of Exodus chosen “as a paradigm to move from non-people to people”.

US president decries vote on resolution condemning bigotry in wake of dual loyalty remarks by Ilhan Omar as ‘disgraceful;’ Jewish Democratic group slams president for ‘hypocrisy’.  China knows artificial intelligence is rewriting the geopolitical rules, but the rest of the world looks unprepared Jewish Obstinacy in the Age of Omar.

The 228-197 vote came as part of a broader debate on Democrats’ major legislative priority this year, HR 1, the “For the People Act,” which includes historic expansions of voter registration and access, as well as a major rewrite of campaign finance laws.

LGBTQ+ Americans make up 4.5% of the population, with the majority living in coastal states, according to a five-year survey SpaceX’s 1st Crew Dragon Undocks from Space Station for Return to Earth ANALYSIS: Has the final battle for Jerusalem begun?

Today, 3/7 (three seven), is 777 days inclusive from the day Trump was inaugurated which was 70 years, 7 months, 7 days inclusive from his birth that was 700 days before Israel (June 14, 1946 –

They discuss the aftermath of the controversy that lead to Roseanne’s primetime sitcom being cancelled, the 2016 election, the MeToo movement and much more.  *AGE OF DECEIT 3* (FULL) Remnants in the Cyber_Hive Earth.

In this third film in the AGE OF DECEIT series, we explore the massive and rapid changes from the economy, the infrastructure of cities, communities, families, and even our own biology, and how it’s all beginning to look/sound/feel/become eerily similar to what was recorded in the ancient Scriptures.

Border enforcement authorities announced Tuesday that more than 76,000 migrants crossed the U.S. border with Mexico without authorization last month, the highest February number in 12 years.

“With the violation of the status quo on the Temple Mount,” the activities called for the implementation of the long-standing demand of the rabbis headed by the late Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu to establish a synagogue on the Temple Mount at the Sha’ar HaRachamim area, at which the Muslims recently established another mosque.

Chemical pollutants in the home degrade fertility in both men and dogs, study finds ‘Like a giant knife scraped the ground’: Aerial photographs reveal the utter devastation caused by the 170mph Alabama tornadoes as they razed homes to the ground, killing 23 including three children, as rescuers say the death toll will rise.

If humanity ever truly felt our existence threatened by an asteroid, one potential recourse would be to smash the looming space rock into pieces — but new research suggests that that approach may be less likely to succeed than people hope.

NASA scientists, led by Dan Truman, plan to trigger a thermonuclear detonation at least 800 ft (244 m) inside the asteroid to split it in two, driving the pieces apart so both will fly past the Earth.

For perpetrating the hoax, Sharpton was rewarded by receiving national recognition, millions of dollars and a career as a television/radio talk show host, and he ran for president in 2004.

Trauma: The Biggest Bombshells About Michael Jackson from Leaving Neverland At least 23 people, including an eight-year-old girl, are killed and more than 40 are injured by tornadoes that ripped through Alabama, destroyed homes and left over 35,000 without power Astronauts Welcome SpaceX’s Crew Dragon to Space Station (Ripley and Earth, Too!).

The uncrewed SpaceX capsule made history earlier this morning (March 3) {3/3} when it docked at the space station, becoming the first commercial crew vehicle to ever visit the orbiting laboratory and the first to launch into orbit from U.S. soil since NASA’s space shuttle Atlantis in 2011.

“The upcoming super moon is sometimes called a worm moon according to National Geographic, “because this is when the ground begins to thaw and earthworms begin to appear…

And he announced in a 2-hour, 2-minute oratory marathon – the longest speech of his political career – that he will soon sign an executive order requiring colleges that receive federal dollars to apply First Amendment speech protections on campus.

That unhappy streak began in July, 2011, when the space shuttle Atlantis lifted off for the final flight of the 30-year shuttle program.

The wait has not ended yet, but it came a lot closer to at last being over with the successful launch of a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Crew Dragon spacecraft from Cape Canaveral at 2:49 a.m. ET Saturday morning, as lightning flashed in the far distance.

Woman who became famous as ‘The Girl In The Closet’, after suffering years of starvation and horrific sexual abuse by her parents, is indicted for sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Will Reportedly Raise the Royal Baby With a “Fluid Approach to Gender”.

It is the stuff of so much science fiction that lately, sci-fi authors have steered away from the topic, for fear of coming off sounding like a retread —

Boy’s brain repaired itself after doctors were forced to cut out a SIXTH to remove a benign tumor, leaving scientists in awe House sends guns background check bill to the Senate with bipartisan support. House

The archaeologists working at the site of what may or may not be the ruins of the biblical city of Ai used the description of the battle from the Book of Joshua to help pinpoint the location.

The Great Return March protests began on March 30th and has seen thousands of Gazans violently demonstrating along the security fence with Israel demanding an end to the 12-year long blockade.

As biological males and other trans athletes continue to rack-up an impressive record of victory while competing against biological females, a recent article by the Associated Press sounds the alarm over the “resentment,” that success might bring.

The United Methodist Church is teetering on the brink of breakup after more than half the delegates at an international conference voted to maintain bans on same-sex weddings and ordination of gay clergy.

“The American peace plan is very detailed and will focus on delineating the border and providing solutions to the main issues that are controversial and will be appropriate for the current situation on the ground,”

And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

Academy Awards and demand they ‘bring back the host‘.The inclusivity of the winners Sunday stood in stark contrast to the #OscarsSoWhite backlash that marked the 2016 and 2015 Oscars. Since then, the academy has worked to diversity its largely white and male membership, adding several thousand new members and opening the academy up internationally.

The embodiment of Hillul Hashem in Judaism today is the Kahane movement, whose latest political incarnation, Otzma Yehudit (Jewish Power), has just been brought into the Israeli mainstream through an alliance with the religious Zionist Jewish Home party, with the active encouragement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We today,” says Komazawa University economist Tomohiro Inoue, whose thought it is, “will soon be ‘the former human race.’” Women May Have to Register for the Draft as Men’s Group Wins Selective Service Lawsuit Bennett: Netanyahu, Trump plan to establish a Palestinian state.

R Kelly turns himself in to be booked on TEN counts of criminal sex abuse involving underage girls just hours after details emerged of a vile video showing him ‘having sex with a 14-year-old‘.

after owner Robert Kraft is charged with solicitation of prostitution at a Florida day spa Trump admin’s rules could strip Planned Parenthood of $60 million Vermont passes bill to enshrine unlimited, unrestricted abortion until birth.

Vermont’s Democrat-controlled House of Representatives voted Thursday to pass a bill many pro-lifers are calling the most extreme of its kind, as it leaves elective abortion virtually unregulated through all nine months of pregnancy.

World’s largest bee, once presumed extinct, filmed alive in the wild Gantz, Lapid at joint party launch: ‘Today we are changing the face of Israel’ US Transferring Special Troops, Weapons Close to Venezuela –

Moscow Democrats howl after Bernie Sanders refuses to recognize Guaido as Venezuela’s leader IRAN NAVY CONDUCTS “MASSIVE DRILL” IN PERSIAN GULF, SEA OF OMAN Pinterest blocks vaccination searches to avoid spreading anti-vaccination information The alien stuff is getting louder each day as we move closer to the strong delusion.

The scientist wrote in a research paper: “I simply want to point out the fact that the intelligence we might find and that might choose to find us (if it hasn’t already) might not be at all produced by carbon-based organisms like us.

“And because of so many great people in this room, friends, we are well on our way to doing that.” Trump’s Chances to Win in 2020 Improve with Every News Cycle Saudi crown prince hails China relations at talks with Xi Powerful 7.5-magnitude earthquake hits Ecuador.

The four-legged Beresheet, barely the size of a washing machine, will circle Earth in ever bigger loops until it’s captured by lunar gravity and goes into orbit around the moon.

‘Jussie Smollett is very bad at salary negotiation’: Social media reacts to Empire star’s arrest with memes ridiculing him for staging hoax attack to boost his career.

Chicago judge sets Jussie Smollett bail at $100,000. Chicago police blast Jussie Smollett ‘phony attack’: ‘Bogus police reports cause real harm‘. Jussie Smollett denies all allegations in court hearing, Jussie Smollett sent HIMSELF letter saying ‘you will die, black f*g’ and exploited ‘pain of racism’ to boost his career with staged assault, cops say.

The Spiritual Case for Socialism. A new book attempts to deepen the philosophical dimension of a revived left. Can a religious person who believes the ultimate stakes of existence are cosmically elsewhere also invest this life with the moral urgency that it merits?

to Discovering Alien Life, NASA Chief Says. We may not have to wait much longer to get our first glimpse of E.T., NASA chief Jim Bridenstine said. Opportunity and its twin, Spirit, were key players in this intensifying Mars life hunt. “The goal is to discover life on another world;

Top Netanyahu challengers unite for Israeli elections. Israel’s primary centrist challengers to Prime Minister Netanyahu announce they are joining forces ahead of April vote.  Scientists Release Controversial Genetically Modified Mosquitoes In High-Security Lab Jussie Smollett is formally named as a suspect for filing fake police report as surveillance footage emerges of Nigerian brothers in alleged ‘attack’

Japan REJECTS The West’s Culture of Emotional Outrage EARTH’S ATMOSPHERE STRETCHES OUT TO THE MOON – AND BEYOND. A recent discovery based on observations by the ESA/NASA Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, SOHO, shows that the gaseous layer that wraps around Earth reaches up to 630 000 km away, or 50 times the diameter of our planet.

Jussie Smollett has a history of lying to the cops and once pretended to be his little brother when he was pulled over for a 2007 DUI in Los Angeles Putin warns: Russia will target US with new weapons if it deploys missiles to Europe. Putin: If mid-range missiles deployed in Europe, Russia will station arms to strike decision centers.

Jussie Smollett is a Complete Idiot Trump wants California to pay back billions for bullet train Covington High School Student Files $250 Million Defamation Suit Against Washington Post Gettysburg College trustee resigns over 1980 photo showing him dressed as Nazi Nasa releases picture of mysterious ‘dragon’ aurora rearing its head in the sky. The dragon aurora is strange because it appeared during a time of low sunspot activity, which means our star is not emitting as many charged particles or ‘solar wind’ as it normally does.

Despite Hurdles. Trump officially directs Pentagon to create Space Force legislation for Congress. Trump’s space force the right answer, says space consultant. The essence of the American character is to explore new horizons and to tame new frontiers.

Once again in completely unrelated but entirely related news…NASA launches team of experts dedicated to finding alien life on other planets alongside scholars from leading universities. The Center for Life Detection Science (CLDS) will find signs of alien life. New NASA team dedicated to finding aliens. “We now have the scientific and engineering expertise to address this profound question [are we alone?] with the clarity of scientific evidence — and we have a great community of scientists ready for that grand challenge.” And this..

(FIRST word in scripture) the nearly 400-pound — 1,300 pounds when fully fueled — spacecraft is not only Israel’s first lunar mission, but the country’s first privately funded one as well. If successful, it would mark the first time a spacecraft vehicle that has mainly been privately funded lands on a planetary body.

Today, the 19th, is 901 days from the 9/1 destruction of the Amos-6 rocket back in 2016. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and Amos-6 satellite destroyed during static-fire test.

New app uses artificial intelligence to help with dating 11 Sentences That You Should Avoid Using Around Girls To Raise Them In A More Progressive World. The society is slowly (?) changing and becoming more empowering for women.

U.S. Taxpayers Fund Border Walls in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Middle East Sex robots are raising hard questions. It’s still early, but if we don’t confront the ethical issues around sex robots now we may see bad decisions based on supposition and misplaced fears.

it came not from astronomy, but astrology, and was coined by astrologer Richard Nolle in 1979. Interestingly, nobody paid much attention to Nolle’s definition until March 19, 2011, when the full moon arrived at an exceptionally close perigee. Suddenly, the term “supermoon”

Egyptian YouTuber ignites internet firestorm after leaving Islam, denouncing ‘racism’ in it China Looks to Secure Space Superpower Status With Earth-Orbiting Power Plants Man Pulls a Gun on Sam’s Club Customer Wearing MAGA Hat CBS’s Lara Logan Calls Media ‘Mostly Liberal’ in Scorched Earth Interview: I’m Committing ‘Professional Suicide’ 16 states sue President Donald Trump over emergency declaration for border wall.

Massive Hoax Exposes Social Justice in Academia (Full Interview). Peter Boghossian (philosophy professor at Portland State University) and James Lindsay (PhD in Mathematics) join Dave to discuss their hoax writing 20 fake papers using ridiculous ideas and buzzwords to expose the influence of social justice in academia.

School board in Virginia may end transgender bathroom ban. Gavin Grimm has been suing his former school district for nearly four years after it banned him from using the boys bathrooms.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good.

remarks, bails on summit Florida student charged with misdemeanor after refusing to recite Pledge of Allegiance. The student, a sixth-grader at Lawton Chiles Middle Academy in Lakeland, Florida, east of Tampa, refused to stand for the pledge, telling the teacher that he thinks the flag and the national anthem are “racist”

Left To State Supreme Court Candidate: You Can’t Be A Good Judge Because You’re A Christian Robots to ‘be part of religious rituals and to mourn dead’ as AI-based faiths grow. The Way of the Future is a movement based around the worship of a “Godhead” robot that is said to be a billion times smarter than humans. It is thought that as AI becomes more advanced and integrated into people’s lives, robots will increasingly be part of aspects of faith and religion. You might think religion and AI are incompatible, and indeed to some degree, AI is competing with the central role of the human in the universe, at least in the Abrahamic religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

How to Watch the Super Snow Moon, the Biggest Supermoon of 2019. If that isn’t enough, the subsequent full moon in March will also be a “supermoon,” rounding off 2019 with a total of three “supermoons.” In a given year, between two and four full moons can be classified as “supermoons.” Exclusive: U.S. blocks North Korean air traffic revival ahead of Trump-Kim summit –

Police sources: New evidence suggests Jussie Smollett orchestrated attack. Jussie Smollett ‘paid Nigerian brothers to attack him‘. Two Nigerian brothers who had worked as extras on Empire told police that they were paid to take part in the 29 January attack, police sources said.

types of AI that represent our fears for the future Trump’s pick for UN ambassador and former Fox anchor Heather Nauert withdraws her bid for the role ‘after employing an immigrant nanny not authorized to work’

Egypt army: 7 Sinai jihadists killed, 15 soldiers dead or wounded Trump Moves the World Closer to “Doomsday” Colin Kaepernick could get up to $80MILLION in his breakthrough settlement with the NFL after he accused all 32 teams of blacklisting him for his national anthem protest.

Plans for first Chinese solar power station in space revealed Chicago police arrest 2 black suspects in attack on Smollett. Two Nigerian immigrants to be charged for Jussie Smollett ‘hate crime‘.

Spike Lee: Jewish ‘BlacKkKlansman’ character added a lot of ‘complexity’ to film. Though no Jews were closely involved during the real-life events the film is based on, the screenwriters thought it added another dimension, and the director doubled down.

— a collection of members of parliaments from countries around the world investigating disinformation, fake news and election meddling.  As The Russia Hoax Begins To Unravel, The Gaslighting Begins ‘Poles collaborated with the Nazis’: Netanyahu reignites Holocaust spat with Poland in Warsaw. Will grandstanding in Warsaw help or hinder Netanyahu?

ritual. Female students at a college in the Indian capital, Delhi, are demanding an end to a ritual that sees male students hang condoms filled with water from a tree and pray to “curvaceous goddesses”

Amazon will pay $0 in federal income taxes for the second year in a row Mars Rover Opportunity Is Dead After Record-Breaking 15 Years on Red Planet School investigation clears Covington boys of wrongdoing in March for Life standoff. “In truth, taking everything into account, our students were placed in a situation that was at once bizarre and even threatening.

Their reaction to the situation was, given the circumstances, expected and one might even say laudatory,” he continued.  Deep-sea fish considered a sign of impending natural disasters is caught off of Peru just days after several were spotted off of Japan, sparking tsunami fears.

Russian satellite spots mysterious ‘explosions of light’ miles above our planet Ex-Air Force counterintelligence agent is charged with spying for Iran’s Revolutionary Guard after converting to Islam, calling the U.S. military Islamophobic and trying to defect to Russia.

US Allies Japan and South Korea see Washington as ‘major threat’ to global security Vanessa Tyson, who accused Virginia Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of sexual assault, speaks at #MeToo-related event. Tyson also recounted how she and Stanford colleagues watched Christine Blasey Ford testify in Washington, D.C., during Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing.

who seeded life on earth will show up to help humanity save the planet. As many NASA astronauts have noted over the years, this view can both foster a greater concern for the planet’s ecological well-being and be a unifying force for humanity, reminding folks that the border lines that divide them are arbitrary constructs.  How sex traffickers use black magic to force migrants into prostitution Here’s what you need to know about Trump’s ‘American AI Initiative’. “AI is not just a curiosity,” says Tom Mitchell, the interim dean of Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science and a machine learning expert.

Black leopard spotted in Africa for first time in 100 years. Comical coincidence – Pilfold adds it’s curious that the fictional country of Wakanda, home of the superhero Black Panther, is located in East Africa, fairly close to Kenya.

“The only place where we have black leopards is where this place in the Marvel Universe appears to exist. Black Panther Was the Best Picture of 2018—By a Mile. Black Panther is the spearhead of an emerging African American cinema, and that’s not to mention the depiction of female empowerment that accompanies the picture’s depiction of black empowerment.

I don’t believe it, not around here … Half the people are gay and the other half are black.” Another neighbor says “It’s a lie, because Chicago is the most liberal city around.” Some Washington sheriffs refuse to enforce new gun laws.

Dog DNA testing takes off, and generates debate. As people peer into DNA for clues to health and heritage, man’s best friend is under the microscope, too.

NOW WE ARE GOING TO BE 2 AND 0 AND EVERYTHING WILL BE PERFECT.” Trump whips his Texas faithful into a frenzy as he uses rally to trash Beto’s rival speech, rips the ‘Green New Deal’, goes after Virginia Gov. for his near-Moonwalk and vows to ‘finish the wall’

Why so many people believe conspiracy theories. In defence of conspiracy theories (and why the term is a misnomer). Yesterday’s conspiracy theories often become today’s incontrovertible facts. It’s reasonable to suppose many of the views that are now dismissed or mocked as conspiracy theories will one day be recognised as having been true all along.

Indeed, the net effect of terms such as “conspiracy theory” and “conspiracism” is to silence people who are the victims of conspiracy, or who (rightly or wrongly) suspect conspiracies may be occurring.

As Trump signs executive order on artificial intelligence, tech giants warn of danger EPIC GOD EMPEROR TRUMP ITALY’S VIAREGGIO CARNIVAL. Massive Emperor Trump Float Presides Over Italian Carnival. A giant, godlike President Trump float made its debut on the first day of one of Italy’s most famous carnival events this weekend.

To American audience members, one gigantic float stood out: a huge,  moving sculpture of President Donald Trump, decked out with wings and golden armor. ‘Twitter is his sword’: EPIC Warhammer 40k Trump steals the show at Italian carnival (VIDEO).

Though there’s no specific budget behind the “American Artificial Intelligence Initiative”, the president wants government agencies to invest in research, promotion, and training to help workers prepare for the era of AI.

Until Hearing What’s In It UK to send flagship aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth to disputed Pacific waters in display of ‘hard power‘. Mr Williamson will say: “Britain has its greatest opportunity in 50 years to redefine its role as we leave the European Union.

private texts, report claims REPUBLICANS HAVE NO OUTREACH TO BLACK VOTERS, PARTY STRATEGIST WARNS: DONALD TRUMP ATTACKS ‘EVERY PERSON OF COLOR’. Speaking to Reverend Al Sharpton on MSNBC’s PoliticsNation, Shermichael Singleton—who worked on the presidential campaigns of Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Ben Carson—decried a Republican failure to reach black voters.  The leftist’s biggest fear is the black community waking up to the reality of the Democrat + LBJ lie.

Ready for the next 5 million illegals getting ready to enter the U.S. in 2019? Gallup put out a poll last week, finding that five million Latin Americans plan to cross into the U.S. this year alone. Gallup Latin American Poll Shows 42 Million Want to Move to U.S.. Accused murderer spared abortion charge thanks to Cuomo’s new law. Prosecutors initially included a charge of abortion against the Queens man arrested Friday in his pregnant girlfriend’s murder — but rescinded it because of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s new Reproductive Health Act. NYC accused man accused of stabbing pregnant girlfriend gets a pass on baby’s murder because of new abortion law.

Dark Matter: What we know and how we know it. Even though we are uncertain what dark matter actual is, science has developed several reliable methods to infer its presence and its location.

cases of mumps found in ICE detention center The 14 names of body parts’ traffickers Planned Parenthood wants to keep secret in Daleiden case The Troubling Trajectory Of Technological Singularity. As humanity stands on the brink of a technology triggered information revolution, the scale, scope and complexity of the impact of intelligence evolution in machines is unlike anything humankind has experienced before.

As a result, the speed at which the ideas, innovations and inventions are emerging on the back of artificial intelligence has no historical precedent and is fundamentally disrupting everything in the human ecosystem.

He might as well be one of those because that’s what his actions have shown us.”  The Strange History of Real-World Laser Weapons: Q&A with Author Jeff Hecht New Surveillance Footage of FBI Raid on Roger Stone’s Home Reveals Excessive Show of Force Exclusive — House GOP Plans Sustained Effort to Expose Leftist Democrats on Abortion Praising Hezbollah, Russian envoy claims US could spark new Israel-Lebanon war. Moscow’s ambassador in Beirut says US stance toward Iran is destabilizing region, hails terror group for fighting alongside Russia in Syria.

That time in Virginia when the governor got in trouble for wearing black face while imitating a black man who changed his face to a white face (Michael Jackson).

TMZ. Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring admits he wore blackface. A red herring is a figurative expression referring to a logical fallacy in which a clue or piece of information is or is intended to be misleading, or distracting from the actual question.

Jeff Bezos Protests the Invasion of His Privacy, as Amazon Builds a Sprawling Surveillance State for Everyone Else REVEALED: At least 17 Saudi students from eight states and Canada have mysteriously disappeared after being convicted or charged with rape, manslaughter or child porn –

Trump anticipated to ban 5G networks from using Chinese tech. In any case, should the ban be signed, the US will head into MWC with a more concrete policy about who it’s inviting to build out American infrastructure as the world marches toward 5G.

Robot Love: Why romance with machines is a foregone conclusion. Sex robots are sold for physical pleasure, but emotionally fulfilling relationships with machines is closer than you may think.

Foreign Ministry said to see little chance of breakthrough in Israeli-Saudi ties. Saudi Arabia will not normalize ties with Israel or support the Trump administration’s peace plan without significant Israeli concessions to the Palestinians, according to a classified Foreign Ministry document.

“We just haven’t figured that out yet.” Farrow: National Enquirer company tried to blackmail me on Trump reporting The wild and wacky mind of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is fundamentally a monumentally stupid woman who knows so little about so much that she doesn’t even try to hide it. Hollywood Gushes over AOC’s Green New Deal: ‘The Mark of A Great Nation’. Netflix Buys Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Doc ‘Knock Down the House’ for $10 Million. Cory Booker Compares the Green New Deal to Fighting Nazis, Moon Landing, Marshall Plan.

Tom Brady Says Superstitious Gisele Bundchen Has Him Using ‘Protection Stones’ – And It Works. “And I have these little special stones and healing stones and protection stones and she has me wear a necklace and take these drops she makes, I say all these mantras,” Brady said.

emails from Enquirer threatening to publish his naked selfies to lover unless he drops investigation into mag’s political motivations. David Pecker (right) is a staunch Trump ally.

technology could be as baffling to us as a smartphone would have been to a Neandertal. If life was seeded artificially on Earth, one may wonder whether the seeders are checking on the outcome.  China is worried an AI arms race could lead to accidental war.

Is China about to abandon its ‘no first use’ nuclear weapons policy? The growing US-China naval arms race is putting pressure on Beijing to reconsider its long-standing nuclear policy, analysts say.

President Trump divides those who believe in America from those who don’t. President Trump had lifted the shadow of Obama’s State of the Union addresses, which invoked American history as a prisoner of a dark past requiring reform and repentance, but the shadow of that hatred still lingered in the divisive identity politics of the Democrats which put particularism above the common good, and the resentments embodied by their identity politics ahead of the Union.

Washington Post ‘Fact Check’ Parses Whether Migrant Women ‘Sexually Abused’ or ‘Assaulted’ by Traffickers Microsoft warns investors that its artificial-intelligence tech could go awry and hurt its reputation Gaza rocket hits Israel, IDF tank fires at Hamas position in response.

2018 was one of the warmest years on record – and the next 5 years could be even hotter ‘F*ck You Clap’: Twitter Wild as Pelosi’s Applause Steals Show at Trump’s SOTU Pope Francis under fire for claiming ‘diversity of religions’ is ‘willed by God’.

Watch their minds change on abortion. If you had only four minutes to try to change someone’s mind about abortion, what would you do?Live Action took this challenge — and our new Abortion Procedures videos — to the streets, and the results were staggering.

Maybe You’ll Try U.F.O.s… As for religious belief, the Pew Research Center found that from 2007 to 2014 the percentage of Americans who reported being absolutely confident God exists dropped from 71 percent to 63 percent. Taking UFOs Seriously…The percentage of believers is much higher among people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five.

And among people who think aliens are “out there.” Americans believe in ghosts, ancient aliens and Atlantis, but not Bigfoot, study finds. The vast majority of Americans believe in some kind of paranormal activity –

As it readies peace plan, US says it sees no need to balance pro-Israel slant. The White House is not interested in being considered an “honest broker” in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, a senior US official said this week, rejecting the notion that some sort of “equivalency” between the two sides was required to successfully mediate a peace deal.

Senate approves bill including anti-BDS measures, aid to Israel. Senate approves by 77-23 majority a bill that codifies defense assistance to Israel and provides legal cover to states that target BDS.

Nick Sandmann Did Something Wrong, Watch This Video Crypto-Jews face genocide in Nigeria, separatist leader warns Russia must create land-based hypersonic missiles with 500km+ range by 2020 – MoD.

daughter of parents murdered by an illegal immigrant, an opioid addict, a witness to the Pittsburgh shooting that claimed 11 lives and a 6th grade student bullied for having Trump as a last name: Meet the president’s State of the Union guests.

Infanticide Abortion May Be Only the Beginning. Planned Parenthood, the largest U.S. provider of reproductive health (abortion) services, has annual revenue of $1.5 billion…Planned Parenthood spent over $38 million in 2016 supporting Hillary Clinton and pro-abortion Democrats…In a bit of irony, it was Sanger who said, “We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population”

New CDC report shows staggering increase in ‘trans’-identifying youth. Transgender teens — those whose gender identity does not align with their biological sex at birth — now represent almost 2 percent of U.S. high school students.

US prosecutors subpoena Trump golf courses in Scotland, which some Democrats worry might have been funded by Russian money Report: Ralph Northam’s Abortion Comments Prompted Classmate to Reveal Racist Photo IVANKA VACUUMING PARTICIPATORY PERFORMANCE FROM JENNIFER RUBELL, A PROJECT OF CULTURALDC. “Here is what’s complicated: we enjoy throwing the crumbs for Ivanka to vacuum.

It’s funny, it’s pleasurable, it makes us feel powerful, and we want to do it more,” notes Rubell.  Infanticide Is The Historical Hallmark Of A Pagan Culture 3,750 More Troops Sent to Border as Migrant Caravan of 12,000 Approaches Bright Sights, Big City: Planets Align Over Manhattan in Gorgeous Photo More Strange Details in the Jussie Smollett Case. So Smollett underwent a vicious beating by two attackers that apparently lasted less than 60 seconds, since that is the reported gap in surveillance footage between an image of him without a rope around his neck and an image of him with the rope.

Be Blacker, Be Gayer’. In his first performance since surviving a racist, homophobic attack in Chicago last week, Jussie Smollett told the crowd, “I couldn’t let those mother fuckers win.” DEMOCRATS IN BLACKFACE. Governor Ralph Northam is not alone.

Virginia gov. resists resignation call over blackface photo. Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam was clinging to office Monday morning amid nearly unanimous calls from his own party to resign over a racist photo in his 1984 medical school yearbook, after a bizarre weekend in which he first admitted he was in the picture, and then denied it. Governor Northam the day before alleged black face – “If a mother is in labor, I can tell you exactly what would happen,” Northam continued.

From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

The device, built to be portable enough for use in space, produces a beam of laser light that changes less over time than any other laser ever created.

Covington Teen’s Lawyer Releases Brutal 14-Minute Video Showcasing Lies of Nathan Phillips and Media Democrats Offer Plan to Release All Child Traffickers at Border into U.S. Disgraced Virginia Governor is pictured at his majority-black, desegregated public high school seven years BEFORE the blackface and KKK photo appeared in his med school yearbook Land, jobs are top priorities for radical S.

Microsoft: It would be cruel to stop government agencies using facial recognition software Israel announces construction of new barrier along Gaza border.

Unified settles transgender lawsuit. The Kenosha Unified School Board has settled a lawsuit with a transgender former student who said the district discriminated against him, including monitoring trips to the boys restroom.

Trump ties racist photo in Virginia to abortion, election. “Democrat Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia just stated, ‘I believe that I am not either of the people in that photo.’ This was 24 hours after apologizing for appearing in the picture and after making the most horrible statement on ‘super’ late term abortion.

Unforgivable!” In about-face, Virginia governor denies appearing in racist photo.  Russian Navy gets new weapon to induce ‘hallucinations’ and ‘blind’ the enemy.

robots will outstrip mankind within 50 years, warns AI expert This week, the iPhone is out and artificial intelligence is in Watch the BIZARRE moment Governor Northam is asked if he can still do Michael Jackson’s Moonwalk and appears to CONSIDER performing it until his wife intervenes. ‘Not in an ideal position if you’re describing the amount of shoe polish you put on your face to pretend to be Michael Jackson’: Twitter bashes Ralph Northam over train wreck presser with people declaring ‘holy s**t this is better than the Super Bowl‘.

The descendant of slaves is next in line for Virginia governor. Justin Fairfax carried the manumission documents for his enslaved ancestor as he took the oath of office in the capital of the former Confederacy. As Virginia Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam resisted calls to resign over a racist photo that appeared under his name in his medical school year book, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax remains in the wings as the man who would replace him if Northam were to step down.  On February 1st the black face photo of Virginia Governor Northam’s yearbook began making the rounds.

The Charlottesville episode would be just 10 days before the US had the eclipse that would divide the nation in half which is followed 7 years later by another eclipse dividing the country with an X as seen on the Confederate flag.

There will not be free speech during the time of Jacob’s Trouble. The internet will still be a noisy place, but it will be a managed noise of echo chambers, a moderated system in which dissenting views will be treated as trolling and purged as quickly as they are identified.

Empire star’s family calls for justice after the star was brutally attacked and left to walk home with a noose still around his neck.

Donald Trump hails trade talks’ progress, says meeting Xi Jinping ‘possible’ on trip to meet Kim Jong-un. Liu He, China’s lead negotiator, delivers letter from Xi, which says China hopes both sides will meet halfway;

Reported sexual assaults rose sharply in France in 2018. Rape complaints increased almost 17 percent while sexual assault complaints jumped by around 20 percent, the statistics showed.

Pompeo to announce U.S. suspension of landmark nuclear arms treaty. Analysts worry ending the treaty could set off a new arms race.

China has developed the world’s first hypersonic railgun that’s capable of destroying targets 124 miles away and it ‘will be ready for warfare by 2025’.

Beyoncé and Jay-Z want to give free concert tickets for life going vegan Tom Brady and Chris Hogan’s jokes about being old and slow inspired a Sam Adams beer.

EU countries move to evade US’ Iran sanctions by setting up payment channel for ‘humanitarian’ trade Giant Void Hidden Under Antarctica’s Ice Threatens Vast Glacier Could Netanyahu form alliance with Bennett? Prime Minister reportedly seeking to form joint list of Likud and the New Right for this year’s election, to counter Benny Gantz.

Or imagine seeing yourself in a video saying things you’ve never said before, controversial things, the sort of stuff that could cost you your job or alienate you from family and friends…Such are the possibilities unleashed by notorious programs like FakeApp.

Maduro to Americans: You are bigger than Trump, don’t let him start ‘Vietnam’ war against Venezuela Jury Awards Sen. Rand Paul More Than $580,000 In Damages In Attack By Neighbor Outrage as video shows Virginia abortion bill sponsor saying plan would allow termination up until birth. Virginia Republicans shared video of the exchange, posting, “Heartbreaking…

This isn’t in New York, this isn’t in California, this happened just this week right here in Virginia.” Virginia House Democrats proposed legislation to allow abortions up to just seconds before that precious child takes their first breath.

of 2018 as the solar minimum approaches At least SEVEN people dead as temperatures as low as -42F wreak havoc across the Midwest with more than 2,500 flights cancelled, postal services halted and people warned not to ‘take deep breaths outside’

Nuclear Threat With Russia at ‘Dangerous Levels,’ Nunn Says. A false warning stemming from cyber interference from another country or sophisticated hackers heightens the prospect of nuclear attack. US production of new nuke warhead increases risk of nuclear war – Russian FM.

Gantz can bring it.”When he eventually took to the podium, a few party activists in the room sheepishly started the well-known Israeli political chant (which sounds significantly better in its original rhyming Hebrew), “Ooh ahh, who’s coming?

A government that will act responsibly, firmly and decisively. A strong government creates security to calm anxieties and does not feed anxieties to insure its own survival. As someone who advanced all the way from a small moshav near Kiryat Malachi to the “Holy of Holies” of Israel’s security, on the 14th floor in the Ministry of Defense offices, I can tell you that security is created by deeds and not by words.

‘The modern equivalent of bread and circuses’: Fascinating chart shows how ever-cheaper gadgets and toys kept the masses distracted while price of education, healthcare and childcare SKYROCKETED over last two decades.

clashes with French police mount. Violent clashes between the police and yellow vests since the start of the movement have caused many injuries including the loss of eyes and hands and led to claims of police violence.

Apple has disabled group FaceTime calls after it was humiliated on Data Privacy Day by a bug that lets people listen in on you China opposes sanctions against Venezuela, says US will be responsible for consequences A

RASHIDA TLAIB’S TIES TO ANTI-SEMITISM RUN DEEPER THAN PREVIOUSLY KNOWN Trump mocks global warming in tweet amid Midwest chill. ‘Come back, global waming!’ Trump tweet on cold snap causes Twitter meltdown.

Bigotry Against Christians Harms The Media’s Reputation NASA Probe Snaps 1st Photos from Just a Mile Above Asteroid Bennu Will Artificial Intelligence Soon Tell Us How To Live? Recognizing our growing dependence on predictive technology, Iscovich is developing a software application offering various routines people could employ to bring balance to their lives — and even possibly attain something as subjective as purpose and meaning.

It would take in biometric data, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate to learn what’s working in a person’s life and what might be improved.” ‘US not just behind Venezuelan coup, it’s leading it’ – Foreign Minister to RT Lawmakers Want to Fund the Border Wall by Making People Pay to View Internet Porn Trump turns on Fox News: President slams two reporters from his favorite network as ‘having less understanding than Fake News CNN and NBC’

In the United States, a 2018 survey showed that 66% of millennials could not identify what the Auschwitz concentration and death camp was. As awareness of the Holocaust declines, we have witnessed, perhaps not coincidentally, a surge in anti-Semitic attacks.

Russiagate ‘conspiracy derangement’: Even Bernie Sanders is a Russian agent, argues MSM journalist RBG’s Whirlwind Week: First Fox News Accidentally Said She Died — Then Her Documentary Got Oscar Nod Transgender military personnel in limbo after court upholds Trump’s ban.

Bombing of Roman Catholic cathedral in southern Philippines kills at least 20 “WHITE SKIN PRIVILEGE” – A RACIST IDEA. The hottest political fad in America today is “Get Whitey.” Across the country re-education sessions are routinely held in businesses, professional offices, medical schools, universities and even kindergartens, whose purpose is to teach the “un-woke” about the evils of “white privilege,” and make the whites who participate uncomfortable about their skin color.

The bottom line in these sessions: Whites need to own up to the fact that regardless of their intentions, beliefs, behaviors or status in life, they are elite participants in a racist system that oppresses “people of color,” and are so merely because they are white.

Experts, images suggest a Saudi ballistic missile program. Researcher says missiles could act as a ‘reasonable hedge’ in case Saudi Arabia doesn’t receive US support in attack on Iranian targets.

Missile fire can’t dampen Israel’s winter wonderland, with record snow on Hermon. Israel’s only ski resort offers surprisingly good skiing once you escape the crowds, with three times as much snowfall this year as an average winter.

who descended ⌈in the days⌉ of Jared on the summit of Mount Hermon, and they called it Mount Hermon, because they had sworn and bound themselves by mutual imprecations upon it. JARED KUSHNER PLANS TRUMP’S PEACE PUSH BEFORE HEAT OF 2020 RACE. Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law who is leading the peace team, will be a public face of the effort while also leading the private push for a resumption of talks.

He then reportedly plans on being involved in Trump’s reelection bid once the general campaign enters full swing in the spring of 2020.

BREAKING NEWS: Trump caves on wall and agrees to open the government for just THREE WEEKS after 35-day shutdown – but warns he’ll shut it down again or declare a national emergency and build his ‘smart wall’

Stefan Molyneux Interviews the Directors Time Traveling Trumps Shutdown standoff: Trump prepares emergency declaration after Senate push fails – report Most Americans now worry about climate change—and want to fix it.

Absurd. New polls show recent disasters and personal experience have raised and widened global warming worries, but researchers warn of a huge gap between awareness and an adequate response. With a substantial surge in recent months, most Americans (outside of a small, but influential fringe, 7 percent, who dismiss the issue outright) have gotten well past the “is it happening” question on human-driven climate change.“The percentage of Americans who say global warming is personally important is now at a record high, 72 percent, up 9 percentage points since March 2018.”  Mount St Helens WARNING: Scientist reveals molten rock ‘rising FIVE metres a DAY’

As it has for more than six decades, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has made a yearly adjustment on the symbolic “Doomsday Clock,” which is meant to show how close humanity is to ultimate destruction by wars, bombs and other causes. Eve of Destruction: Doomsday Clock Hovers at 2 Minutes to ‘Midnight’.

The Rams shouldn’t be there but how convenient for the media be able to blather on about LA and boring gender nonsense. Sports world reacts to the worst blown call in NFL playoff history.

Ancient pre-Columbian artifact discovered off Melbourne Beach. In a confidential location at sea, explorers believe they’re getting closer to what might become the richest archaeological discovery of our time.

A recently washed-up ancient Peruvian funeral mask is believed to be part of a $4 billion sunken treasure off the coast of Melbourne Beach.

Wade. New York State Senate Cheers After it Passes Up-to-Birth Abortion Law. One World Trade Center lit pink in celebration of New York abortion law. “The Reproductive Health Act is a historic victory for New Yorkers and for our progressive values,” the governor said in a statement.  “I am directing that New York’s landmarks be lit in pink to celebrate this achievement and shine a bright light forward for the rest of the nation to follow.”

No, Tribal Elder Nathan Phillips Is Not a Vietnam Vet. Multiple media outlets are having to make fresh corrections to stories featuring Native American leftist activist Nathan Phillips, after new information revealed that he is not a Vietnam vet as originally reported.  Pelosi says she won’t allow State of the Union during shutdown;

Migrant caravan grows as Mexico fast-tracks humanitarian visas. Some migrants we spoke to said they know from word of mouth and social media that tension is rising at the border, but they are not deterred.

Nurse arrested in rape of woman in vegetative state who gave birth at care facility Russia defends new cruise missile that U.S. says violates INF nuclear treaty. In his annual end-of-year news conference, Putin warned of the growing threat of nuclear war, telling journalists in Moscow that, “the danger of the situation escalating is being downplayed.”

Here’s what we know. In what may be a first-of-its-kind event, a flash of light seen during totality has astronomers on the hunt for a new crater on the moon. “It’s a rare alignment of infrequent events,” says Justin Cowart, a Ph.D.

Get ready for this crap to be ramped up to the next level…The REAL 10 year challenge: Celebs and charities take over the Instagram sensation by posting pictures of glaciers reduced to a few bits of ice and bare coral reefs to raise awareness of climate change.

Liberals Are Bigots, But It’s Okay Because That Kid Had a MAGA Hat American Jews arrested for vandalizing crucifix in Uman Florida bill would ban abortions if fetal heartbeat detected Migrant caravan freely crosses Mexican border after gates were left open, authorities avoided ‘confrontation’

IDF Mocks Iran on Twitter. The official Twitter account of the Israel Defence Forces has posted a mocking picture featuring a map of the Middle East with an arrow drawn pointing at Syria and captioned “where Iran is”.

inaction create a vacuum in the Middle East. Israel’s battle with Iran in Syria is back in high gear and far from over. The escalation in the conflict between Israel and Iran in the skies over Syria in the past 24 hours has brought their secret war of the last two years well and truly into the open. Israel increasingly goes public with its strikes in Syria.  ‘Fake news’ is okay if it’s about #RussiaGate: Top 7 fake ‘collusion’ stories the media pushed Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing US Media Failures On The Trump/Russia Story.

And the social justice/social media self righteous mob of emotional and intellectual midgets are about to start burning people alive. Twitter Allows ‘Verified’ Calls for Violence Against Conservative High School Kids. MAGA Hat Madness, #FakeNews, and the Mob. Covington Catholic High School students smeared by mainstream media lies —

The media completely ignores this fact as they do their best to constantly portray whites as the only ones capable of bigotry/racism/prejudice. Extended video footage shows that clash between MAGA hat-wearing teens and a Native American in a whole new light. Native American “Harassed”

By MAGA Kids Exposed As Outrage-Culture Grifter. It turns out that Nathan Phillips is raising money with the help of a major big-money left-wing operation, and has a history of appearing in the press claiming to be a victim of anti-Native racism. Anti-Trump media touts fake news to whip up mob against pro-life kids.

They should be ashamed. All The Adults Involved Failed The Covington Catholic School Boys, And Should Be Ashamed. While there, he and his friends encountered some members of the Black Hebrew Israelites (BHI), who proceeded to pepper them with profanity and verbally harass them, calling them assorted names (“cracker,” “faggot”) and suggesting they go find a school to shoot up.

study warns. VIOLENCE and protests such as the ‘yellow vest’ movement is set to become a growing trend across the world as people “lose faith” in those in power, according to a report.

Security forces in Zimbabwe kill 12 people in broadest crackdown on unrest in years Delingpole: Left-Wing (and the Right) Attack Kids to Demonstrate Virtue. The left has been working itself up into paroxysms of self-righteousness over the story about a bunch of Catholic kids in MAGA hats allegedly mocking a Native American at a rally in Washington, DC.

Hours before the final blood moon of the decade. Bombings inflict heavy damage on weapons warehouses and military positions near airport and other areas, with casualties reported;

Syria calls attack ‘heavy’. The Israeli military said early Monday it was carrying out strikes against Iran’s Qud’s Forces, in a rare statement on its military activities in Syria.  India Is Launching the Largest Basic Income Experiment in History. “With the rise of global inequality, we want to ensure that we bridge the gap.”

controversial startup that charges $8,000 to fill your veins with young blood now claims to be up and running in 5 cities across the US Facebook backs Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence with $7.5 million.

Suit against University of North Carolina takes aim at affirmative action. Edward Blum, president of Students for Fair Admissions, said the group’s filing contain calculations from an expert witness saying an Asian-American male applicant from North Carolina with a 25 percent chance of getting into the school would have his probability increase to about 67 percent if he were Latino.

Fire damages Fox, C-SPAN, MSNBC studios Super blood wolf moon: rare total lunar eclipse to grace northern hemisphere skies

US destroyer enters Black Sea ‘to support regional partners’, Russia sends ship to ‘monitor’ AI for All: Meet The Woman Taking Artificial Intelligence to Schools in Tamil Nadu Villages. The themes that YouCode founder K Suriya Prabha teaches in one workshop include coding robots, becoming a robot and experiencing AI.

of Georgia teaching assistant says ‘some white people may have to die’ for black communities to be ‘made whole’ ISRAEL DEPLOYS AIR DEFENSES AFTER ALLEGED SYRIA ATTACK The Real United Nations. For a long time I felt that FDR had developed many thoughts and ideas that were his own to benefit this country, the United States.

Most of his thoughts, his political ammunition, as it were, were carefully manufactured for him in advance by the Council on Foreign Relations, One World Money Group…Brilliantly, with great gusto, like a fine piece of artillery, he exploded that prepared “ammunition” in the middle of an unsuspecting target, the American people, and thus paid off and returned his internationalist political support.

announces excitement at appointment to cmte that ‘oversees all foreign assistance.’ Nancy Pelosi faces backlash for placing Ilhan Omar on House Foreign Affairs Committee. The House Republican leadership blasted the decision, citing Ms.

Trump to offer temporary protections for undocumented ‘dreamers’ in exchange for $5.7 billion for border wall, GOP officials say. Here’s Trump’s latest offer to end the shutdown — and why Democrats aren’t interested. The “deal” Trump is offering on immigration and DACA, explained.

It will go beyond mobile broadband and impact self-sustaining modern human establishments like smart cities, robotics and self-driving cars, and foster innovation in critical sectors such as health care, agriculture and education. Wearable devices and connected health care, for instance, will help people monitor and manage their illnesses and allow medical professionals to efficiently screen and diagnose patients remotely.

Militants kidnap Christian man in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Since 2016, IS militants have killed more than 100 Christians in attacks targeting churches and buses carrying pilgrims to remote desert monasteries.

Radicals in provinces like Minya, south of Cairo, whip up anti-Christian sentiments among Muslims, frequently leading mobs that torch Christian homes and businesses or run families out of villages and small towns.

Trump promises to veto any abortion legislation in March for Life address (FULL TEXT) Americans slain in Syria attack: A Green Beret, a former SEAL and two language specialists Here’s How a Huge Exoplanet Very Close to Earth Could Hide Strange Forms of Life White House says second summit with North Korea happening next month ‘Bird Box’ Has Been Watched by 80 Million Subscribers, Netflix Says Trump’s Epic Letter To Nancy Pelosi |

Child drag queen poses next to almost-naked adult counterpart, but mother says boy not sexualized New caravan of Central American migrants crosses into Mexico. Nearly 1,000 caravan migrants start process of entering Mexico from Guatemala.

Record-breaking group of 376 Central American migrants illegally burrow under border fence and immediately request asylum from Border Patrol. The agency said 200 of the group were minors, and that nearly all the rest said they were their parents, meaning that they will likely be released into the U.S. as their asylum claims are processed. Largest single group of migrants ever tunnels under border wall in Arizona, says Border Protection. “In my 30 years with the Border Patrol, I have not been part of arresting a group of 376 people,”

President Trump Directed His Attorney Michael Cohen To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project. Trump received 10 personal updates from Michael Cohen and encouraged a planned meeting with Vladimir Putin. A New Report Accuses Trump of Suborning Perjury, the Gravest Allegation Yet. BuzzFeed News has tonight printed perhaps the most damaging claim against Donald Trump yet, a claim that, if true (a very big “if”)…Let’s break this down, step-by-step…BUZZFEED REPORTER ADMITS HE HASN’T SEEN ANY EVIDENCE TO VALIDATE TRUMP TOWER STORY North Korean, Iranian Missiles Remain a Significant Concern for US –

But by smashing familiar particles together at nearly the speed of light using large machines aptly named particle accelerators, physicists can sometimes glimpse the invisible.

Satellite is sent into space which will create the world’s first artificial meteor shower and provide on-demand SHOOTING STARS for the super-rich Trump plans massive missile defense push saying U.S. will ‘detect and destroy any missile launched anywhere, any time, any place’

in biggest push since Reagan’s Star Wars. Trump speaks at Pentagon to unveil new missile-defense strategy in deliberate echo of Ronald Reagan’s 1983 launch of Star Wars. Existing threats from North Korea and Iran as well as new advanced weapon systems being developed by Russia and China prompted changes.

Trump strikes back at Pelosi as shutdown fight hits new low Russia’s air defenses can’t stop Israel from stomping on Iran in Syria with airstrikes White House slams Israel TV story on its peace plan as ‘not helpful speculation’. TRUMP ADVISOR GREENBLATT DENIES ACCURACY OF PEACE PLAN REPORTS.

Middle East Plan: 90 Percent of West Bank for Palestine, Divided Jerusalem Fake editions of Washington Post falsely claim Trump resigns YouTube Bans Dangerous Pranks And Stunts In Wake Of ‘Bird Box’ Challenge. Someone Actually Drove Blindfolded, and Crashed, for the Bird Box Challenge. In a time when we compulsively post our lives online, it can be easy to ignore logic.

US Asked to Use China’s Chang’e-4 Probe for Its Own Moon Missions Artificial intelligence applied to the genome identifies an unknown human ancestor. Modern human DNA computational analysis suggests that the extinct species was a hybrid of Neanderthals and Denisovans and cross bred with Out of Africa modern humans in Asia.

Report: Trump peace plan will divide Jerusalem. Peace plan will reportedly include establishment of Palestinian state in 90% of Judea and Samaria, with part of eastern J’lem its capital. Will the “Deal of the Century” peace plan of the Trump administration demand far-reaching concessions from Israel?

Hadashot 13 reported that the peace plan formulated by the White House and which President Trump is interested in presenting in the coming months includes the establishment of a Palestinian state in about 90 percent of Judea and Samaria, with at least part of eastern Jerusalem as its capital.

From Making State Of The Union Address By Top Democrat US eyes Taiwan risk as China’s military capabilities grow. “If someone tries to split Taiwan from China, the Chinese military will do whatever it takes to safeguard national reunification, national sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

China has started growing COTTON on the far side of the moon (and potatoes are next!): Pioneering mission to the lunar surface successfully germinates seeds for the FIRST TIME An Egg, Just a Regular Egg, Is Instagram’s Most-Liked Post Ever The Pure American Banality of Donald Trump’s White House Fast-Food Banquet Race-Baiting CNN Analyst Slams Host For “White Privilege”, Then Discovers He’s Black New Poll: 65 Percent of Americans Support Overturning Roe v.

and says Israel has no right to exist Trump signs into law genocide prevention act named for Elie Wiesel. The act ensures that the official policy of the United States deems the prevention of genocide and other crimes a matter of national security interest.

Chairmanship of Group of 77 allows PA to operate like a member state of the UN. Group of 77 – There were 77 founding members of the organization, but by November 2013 the organization had since expanded to 134 member countries (including China).

10 ways 5G will change daily life. Get ready for holograms… and plastic phones. Super-charged ‘second brains’. “It’s my fantasy that I will one day have a device in my ear that tells me who I’m about to shake hands with,”

“Preferably without anyone else realizing that I’m being told.” More phone zombies. Think there’s a movement for limiting screen time and becoming less obsessed with our phones?

“You already see people walking down the street not looking where they’re going, fixated on their phone, and there’s probably going to be an increase in that [with the introduction of 5G].”

The ad shows men fighting, cooking barbecue, and verbally harassing women, interspersed with news reports about the #MeToo movement.

how one man is advancing artificial intelligence. Despite what you hear about artificial intelligence, machines still can’t think like a human, but in the last few years they have become capable of learning.

China releases more images from far side of the moon NASA’s deep-space nuclear-power crisis may soon end, thanks to a clever new robot in Tennessee Silence of the Moms: Media Refuses to Discuss Angel Families, Victims of Illegal Alien Crimes Artificial Intelligence-The Obsolete Man by Nicholson1968 Stupid New York Times tricks Trump: We’ll ‘devastate’

24/7. The US Air Force is putting China on notice as it announced Friday a new deployment of three B-2 Spirit stealth bombers to Hawaii for training in the Pacific. One defense analyst recently called the increase in B-2 bomber deployments to Hawaii “China’s nightmare, and something Beijing should get use to.”  Iran taking ‘preliminary steps’

Ohio boy, 6, found with gun at school, weapon seized, authorities say Harvard Astronomer Predicts What First Alien Contact Will Be Like. “If you think about the history of humans, the perspective has changed as we have evolved — from a single individual to a family, a tribe, a country, and finally we even found other continents with people living there,” he told Der Spiegel.

It’s based on a report by retired CIA operations officer, Brad Johnson, who alleges that the caravans are being financed by the state of Iran, as part of the “Axis of Unity” with Venezuela and Cuba and others against “US imperialism”.

Teen who crashed car while blindfolded was doing the “Bird Box challenge”. Earlier this month, Netflix warned viewers not to replicate the movie, in which a mother and her children wear blindfolds to escape a sinister force that turns anyone who sees it suicidal.

back in 1999. The age of “artificial general intelligence”­—or when AI will be able to perform intellectual tasks better than ­humans—is far in the distance.

General AI requires advanced capabilities such as reasoning, conceptual learning, common sense, planning, creativity and even self-­awareness and emotions, all of which remain beyond our scientific reach.

Megyn Kelly Is Officially Walking Away from NBC With $69 Million FBI ‘opened an investigation into whether Trump was secretly working on behalf of the Russians against American interests in the days after he fired Comey because they were concerned about his behavior’

Hurry Israel, find  some black people for a photo op then start shouting diversity. They touted the sheriff’s commitment to helping poor neighborhoods and improving diversity within the Sheriff’s Office.

Joshua Tree National Park’s Signature Trees Are Among Shutdown Victims Macedonia parliament agrees to change country’s name. Macedonia’s parliament has approved a constitutional amendment to change the country’s name to the Republic of North Macedonia. Full story: What’s in a name? Why the problem?

Barnard b just six light-years away from us, study finds Jared is said to be telling Trump NOT to declare an emergency to build his wall and telling other aides: ‘Let’s stop doing things just to do them’

Donald Trump Trolls Jim Acosta’s Case for a Border Barrier Video: ‘Dear Diary…’ Exclusive: Pentagon prepares options to build border wall as Trump weighs emergency declaration Turkey will attack Kurdish fighters in Syria regardless of US withdrawal, foreign minister says Astronomers detect radio signals from far away galaxy.

DC COMICS SET TO RELEASE NEW SUPERHERO COMIC BOOK ‘SECOND COMING’ STARRING A BUNGLING, INCOMPETENT JESUS WHO GETS KICKED OUT OF HEAVEN. In the new comic, written by Mark Russell, Jesus Christ will be portrayed as an out-of-touch former savior who is cast out of his prison in heaven and back down to earth because God the Father felt that Christ messed up his first visit with mankind, Newsbusters reported.

Sex comes before romance in modern relationships: Physical intimacy now kick starts emotional bonding, psychologists claim January 20: A ‘Super Blood Wolf Moon’ Will Cross Over America On The 2nd Anniversary Of Donald Trump’s Inauguration North America Is Rattling: There Have Been 81 Significant Earthquakes In Alaska So Far In 2019 29 outrageous lines from Donald Trump’s wild, impromptu, news conference on the White House lawn.

US-China relations in the age of artificial intelligence. According to a widely cited study by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the United States and China are set to capture 70 percent of the $15.7 trillion windfall that AI is expected to add to the global economy by 2030.

their politics, policies and direction is not about the democratic will of the people or the desires of the common man on the street but about satisfying capital, multinational corporations and the financial sector… Only Two Democrat Senators Will Publicly Oppose The Anti-Israel BDS Movement Jesuit-run Georgetown U prohibits ‘microaggressions’ against homosexuals and transsexuals. One example given by Georgetown of a “microaggression” is diagnosing a patient with HIV based at least in part on the fact that he is homosexual.

scary type of scam call causes Apple’s logo and phone number to pop up on your iPhone lock screen, but there’s a way to protect yourself Jorge Ramos: Border Wall ‘Symbol of Hate and Racism’ for ‘Those Who Want to Make America White Again’ People would rather pay robots for sex than people.

The Sun Will Turn Into a Giant Crystal Ball After It Dies American teen caught fighting with ISIS in Syria: Kurds Central American migrants keep heading toward USA, even as Trump focuses on stopping caravans. Border Patrol agents apprehended 27,518 members of family units in December, the highest monthly total on record.  Media’s Angry Response To President Trump’s Oval Office Speech Comes Up Short Iran: Hezbollah, Palestinian Terror Groups Armed to ‘Annihilate’ Israel.

Second cache of 9/11 docs released by Dark Overlord hackers Trump walks out of shutdown talks with a ‘bye-bye‘. Mr Trump called his meeting with the pair “a total waste of time”. Just left a meeting with Chuck and Nancy, a total waste of time.

year 11 months and 19 days after Trump was sworn in and on the 19th day of the government shutdown – Trump declares “crisis”

The shutdown began on day #700 from Trump’s first full day in office on the 70th year, 7th month, and 7th day of his life.

got Trump elected and while the physical barrier exists to divide nations (for security), the very idea itself has divided this nation almost directly down the middle. Trump asks ‘how much more American blood must be shed’

How to Tune a Star System: Alien World Complicates Harmony of Multiplanet System. Researchers have identified a sixth planet orbiting the first star system discovered by the crowdsourcing project Exoplanet Explorers. The star system K2-138 whirls almost 600 light-years from Earth, and the first five planets discovered in the system orbit at a unique pace: For every three times an inner planet orbits the star, the next-farthest-out planet orbits close to two times.

NYC to Fund Health Care for All, Including the Undocumented, Mayor Says. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed a $100 million plan that he said would provide affordable “healthcare for all,” reaching about 600,000 people, including undocumented immigrants, low-income residents not enrolled in Medicaid and young workers whose current plans are too expensive.

Marco Rubio calls Rashida Tlaib’s jibe on anti-BDS bill ‘anti-Semitic’. After Palestinian American lawmaker says promoters of legislation ‘forgot what country they represent,’ US senator says it’s a ‘typical anti-Semitic line’.

and screaming that she is armed during an epic airport meltdown The Acid Test for Trump-Kim 2.0 Summit: No Nuclear Inventory, No Meeting. North Korean train crossing into China sparks rumor of possible 4th meeting between Kim, Xi.

‘You must be at least this tall to ride’: Elon Musk reveals SpaceX’s manned Crew Dragon capsule on the launchpad ahead of crucial NASA tests that will lead to America’s return to manned spaceflight Donald Trump Plans Prime-time White House Address on Border Security. “I am pleased to inform you that I will Address the Nation on the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump announces border trip amid talk of using authority to build wall. The “crisis” phrasing in both announcements has sparked speculation that the White House might be moving towards declaring a national emergency.

The 44-year-old actor, who won the prestigious award for playing Dick Cheney in the biopic Vice, said: “Thank you to Satan for giving me inspiration for playing this role.” Soon after the remark was made, The Church of Satan responded on Twitter, writing: “To us, Satan is a symbol of pride, liberty and individualism, and it serves as an external metaphorical projection of our highest personal potential.

– no agonizing over terrorists whose faith will not be named, no hand-wringing over global warming, no apologia for allies who shirk paying for their defense, and no histrionics on the subject of the impoverished kleptocracy that is Russia.

‘Gender parity in torture’: Twitter unimpressed as Maddow celebrates CIA’s all-female leadership. Women now control all three directorates of the CIA – a historic milestone for gender equality in the clandestine regime change/assassination sector.

President Xi Orders Chinese Army To “Prepare For War”. Xi took his belligerent rhetoric one step further by issuing his first military command of 2019: that “all military units must correctly understand major national security and development trends, and strengthen their sense of unexpected hardship, crisis and battle.” “The world is facing a period of major changes never seen in a century, and China is still in an important period of strategic opportunity for development,” Xi said and added that China’s armed forces must “prepare for a comprehensive military struggle from a new starting point,”

Our Universe Could Be An Expanding Bubble in an Extra Dimension. Like a bit of froth on the crest of an ocean wave, our observable universe may be nothing more than a sliver sitting within the edge of a bubble that’s constantly expanding into a higher dimension.

in its affairs with South Korea Iran deploying warships to western Atlantic amid rising tensions with US. Islamic republic seeking to counter presence of US aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf by sailing fleet near American waters.

What is ‘The Dark Overlord’ — and does its ’9/11 Papers’ reveal a real conspiracy? The group said on a recent forum that its future releases will include information that supports claims of UFO sightings, Newsweek reported. Hacker group releases ‘9/11 Papers’, says future leaks will ‘burn down’

Therefore, as artificial intelligence matches and surpasses human intelligence, the question is whether natural intelligence will be able to compete with artificial intelligence in the coming years.

The answer to this question will define the future of humanity, as at some point, when and if artificial intelligence becomes an enemy to humankind, natural human intelligence may or may not be enough to defeat artificial intelligence.

Schumer: Trump threatened to keep government shut down for years Rep. Steve Cohen Introduces Bills To Get Rid Of Electoral College, Stop Presidents Self-Pardoning. Another bill would get rid of the Electoral College, an archaic system of electing presidents that allowed Trump to win the presidency despite his rival, Hilary Clinton, receiving millions more votes.

“In two presidential elections since 2000, including the most recent one in which Hillary Clinton won 2.8 million more votes than her opponent, the winner of the popular vote did not win the election because of the distorting effect of the outdated Electoral College,” Cohen said in his statement.

In Huxleyan fashion, they have written a book for young people and are promoting it with a video in which one of the cofounders has an uncomfortable discussion with young kids about her abortion.

Examples and News in 2019 ‘Wall is Coming’: Trump raises stakes with another Game of Thrones meme. HBO has long used “Winter is coming” – the slogan of the fictional House Stark of Westeros – to promote ‘Game of Thrones,’ a show based on the books by George R.R.

Number one on the list is possibly the most well-known joke from the entire series, the “Soup Nazi.” Horror on the highway: At least seven killed after two big rigs collide and ignite a massive fireball on Florida freeway that engulfs four vehicles, including a ‘van full of children on their way to Disney World’

Senate approves 77 Trump nominations in end-of-Congress deal Donald Trump has a point – the world should start solving its own problems. However, when an entire political establishment says a decision is mad, I tend to think something in it must be right.

Apple shares plummet 8% as shock revenue warning causes its value to drop a staggering $446 BILLION, more than the value of Facebook, in just two months Day One: Democrat to Introduce Articles of Impeachment Against Donald Trump.

Netanyahu: Attorney general under ‘thuggish and inhumane pressure’ to indict me Artificial intelligence and bias: Four key challenges. Concerns regarding racial or gender bias in AI have arisen in applications as varied as hiring, policing, judicial sentencing, and financial services.

Artificial intelligence turns brain activity into speech Here’s what AI experts think will happen in 2019 Top 5 countries opting to ditch US dollar &

the reasons behind their move. Global tensions caused by economic sanctions and trade conflicts triggered by Washington have forced targeted countries to take a fresh look at alternative payment systems currently dominated by the US dollar.

RT has taken a deeper look into the recent phenomena of de-dollarization, summing up which countries have taken steps towards eliminating their reliance on the greenback, and the reasons behind their decision.

China holds breath as probe prepares to land on far side of moon. A Chinese spacecraft could become the first ever to land on the “far side” of the moon tomorrow, in a milestone for human space exploration.

The China National Space Administration (CNSA) is aiming to land the craft in the unexplored South Pole-Aitken basin, the largest, oldest, deepest, crater on the moon’s surface. Chang’e or Chang-o, originally known as Heng’e,[a] is the Chinese goddess of the Moon.

Within the first 48-72 hours of 2019 the world’s two greatest super powers will have ventured both to the furthest distance in history and to the mysterious far (dark) side of the moon. Far side of the Moon – The phrase “dark side of the Moon”

as it emerges she has been posting anti-Semitic messages for years. Ohio doctor fired after anti-Semitic tweets surface, including threat to give Jews ‘wrong meds‘. In some of the tweets, Kollab allegedly called Jewish people “dogs”

In other words, what took place over 10 or more years across three of the most ruthless and murderous regimes in world history is surpassed by two years of abortion.

“Alien Artificial Intelligence is Out There” –And It’s Billions of Years Old (A 2018 Most Viewed) The Guardian view on the future of AI: great power, great irresponsibility Honduras agrees to advance Jerusalem embassy move, sides say. Joint statement from US, Israel and Honduras indicates Jerusalem and Washington will upgrade ties with Tegucigalpa in exchange for move. Honduras would join Guatemala and the US becoming only the 3rd country to move to their embassy to Jerusalem. List of diplomatic missions in Israel. On 6 December 2017 the President of the United States, Donald Trump announced that the US embassy to Israel would be moved to Jerusalem.

Three People Stabbed at Manchester Train Station in Apparent Act of Terrorism ‘Mom, status is green’: NASA scientists celebrate as New Horizons probe phones home to confirm record-breaking New Year’s Eve flyby of the farthest and most primitive object humankind has EVER visited The Political Insider’s Top 5 Stories of 2018 2019 FROM A FOURTH TURNING PERSPECTIVE. As we enter the eleventh year of this Fourth Turning, the fourth Crisis period in U.S. history, the mood of U.S. citizens and citizens around the globe continues to darken.

Fourth Turnings are driven by generational configuration and the emotional reaction to events by the Prophet generation leaders, Nomad generation spearheads, and Hero generation cannon fodder.