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Toyota Partners with AI Start-Up to Develop Service Robots

Per reports, Toyota Motor Corporation TM has enlisted a Japanese artificial intelligence start-up to design and develop service robots for help at home.Toyota and Preferred Networks announced their partnership on Aug 7, 2019.

However, HSR is the closest to being available for commercial purpose.The combined goal of the two companies is to introduce intelligent robots that can integrate into an individual’s life and function autonomously around their home.

On being equipped with a single arm, sensor-filled head and a wheeled base, the service robot is expected to collect and retrieve items as well as provide remote control and communication capabilities.Preferred Networks has gained experience with Toyota’s HSR in the past.

The company used the robot as a platform for its advanced AI software at an exhibition in Tokyo last year, where the robot tidied a messy room as well as distinguished between trash and dirty towels.Toyota will be providing several HSR units to Preferred Networks to initiate the project.

Not limited to Japan, such robots will be beneficial in any situation where an elderly or disabled person requires assistance, but can't rely on entirely on partner, family or the state.In the past six months, Toyota has outperformed the industry it belongs to.

New Partnership Brings Toyota One Step Closer to Human Helper Robots

“Going forward toward our goal to develop service robots that better cater to the needs of our customers, we are excited by the prospect of collaborating in research and development with PFN, which boasts world-class intelligence technologies.” The two companies will spend the next three years collaborating in R&D, with Toyota lending several HSRs to Preferred Networks.

Toyota sees its robotics platform as part of its overall effort to transform itself and adapt to new technology, aiming to have the robots in homes and hospitals throughout Japan, supporting one of the world’s fastest ageing populations.

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