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How ECEF 2019 Used Artificial Intelligence for Customer Support | TSNN Trade Show News

At the 2019 Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum, which took place May 29 in Washington, D.C., 220 association and for-profit industry executives not only had the chance to take advantage of information-sharing sessions and networking opportunities, but also got hands-on access to some revolutionary customer service technology.

According to Robert Caldwell, founding partner and CRO of Sciensio, creators of EventBot, the results at ECEF were in line with what they see across the industry. Just over 67 percent of those who provided mobile numbers interacted with the bot, asking more than four questions each. In addition, the bot scored an impressive 96 percent Correct Response rate.

elevate the event experience, reduce costs and drive community (and revenue) in a way that is impossible to achieve without an EventBot.” Bot user feedback was so positive that ECEF is already planning to work with Sciensio when it returns to D.C.

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