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Samsung "Galaxy S10 X" To Support 5G, It Will Be Extremely Expensive: Report

The report states that the South Korean tech giant chose the name to emphasize the 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series, although it also mentions that the letter could also suggest the words "eXperience"

Furthermore, while earlier articles say the company will announce its latest flagship smartphone offerings in an event that will take place in San Francisco on February 20th, the report claims that Samsung will release the LTE-only versions of the Galaxy S10 on March 8th.

Moreover, the report also claims that the cheapest model of the Galaxy S10, which will likely launch as the Galaxy S10 E, will ship with a price tag of 800,000 to 900,000 Won, which translates to $715 to $800 at the current exchange rate.

The massive price difference between the cheapest and the most expensive variant of the Galaxy S10 is not surprising, given that other smartphone manufacturers already hinted that the 5G versions of their flagship smartphone will be more expensive than the LTE-only models.

Tech & ScienceThe 5G Galaxy S10 will reportedly cost twice as much as the cheapest S10 model

Samsung Galaxy X: rumours, leaks and all we know Top 5 foldable phones to expect in 2019 Samsung's head of mobile D.J.Koh has said that the company plans to release a new foldable phone every year.

Samsung Galaxy S 10 X 5 G -ready variant aside from packing some quirky hardware will come at a huge cost that almost doubles that of the Galaxy S 10 S 10 ‘(The Galaxy S 10 , a smaller Galaxy S 10 E , and a super-sized Galaxy S 10 Plus), a fourth 5 G ready model is also rumored to be in the works

New Samsung Galaxy S 10 leaks point to big changes for the smartphones in 2019, with a fresh all-screen display and a 'hole punch' front-facing camera embedded in the top right corner of the screen.

The name is incredibly strange, especially considering Apple’s own iPhone X naming scheme, where X stands for “ten.” Per ETNews, X is both supposed to emphasize the fact that Samsung’s Galaxy S line will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year, but also to stand for “eXperience,” or “eXpansion.” Samsung will sell three Galaxy S10 models next year, including a budget model and two premium phones, various reports have claimed in the past few months. 

The Galaxy S 10 E will provide a more affordable solution to customers that want to experience a device from the flagship category, but it will also This will bring down the cost as much as possible for the base model .

Galaxy Note 9: One of its best features could be surpassed by what Samsung launches next

'This battery is seriously impressive and, during one of our tests, we managed to play the entire six-hour Star Wars trilogy whilst only losing 30 percent of the Note 9's power - only Huawei’s P20 Pro has ever managed close to that.

'And it’s not just the battery that offers oodles of power as the new and much faster 10nm processor makes this device a total delight to use with apps and games opening in the blink of an eye.'

Galaxy S10 Preview: Samsung Wants Its Android Crown Back

Last year has been rather poor by Samsung's standards, with the company missing out on revenue and profit targets, partially due to a decline in smartphone sales.

The Galaxy S9 and Note 9 lineups didn't perform particularly well and Samsung is now understood to be making an all-in bet on the Galaxy S10 range in terms of innovations, with the idea being to provide consumers with a comprehensive package full of industry-first features which delivers a notable upgrade over the previous product generation, something it apparently failed to do last year.

That state of affairs is why the Galaxy S10 is now shaping up to be Samsung's most ambitious handset yet, with recent reports being indicative of massive improvements across the board meant to illustrate how Samsung wants to reclaim its undisputed leading status in the flagship segment.

Debuting sooner than expected Samsung already confirmed its next Unpacked event is taking place on February 20 and while no specific product families were named as part of that announcement, insiders and industry watchers are in agreement that the happening is meant to be the launch vehicle for the Galaxy S10.

The new line will utilize Infinity-O modules Samsung already presented at its developer conference in November, featuring cutouts for front-facing cameras that allow the company to continue pushing for even more impressive screen-to-body ratios without resorting to more traditional notches, a polarizing element of contemporary handsets.

The video above is technically a compilation of concept renders but appears to be largely in line with what credible insiders have been saying about the Galaxy S10 range for months now. On the other hand, the gallery below doesn't provide a clear view of every single design feature of the new handsets as it comes from a mobile accessory vendor but remains the most high-resolution look at the phones to date. In overall, the new Infinity-O tech is expected to be the basis for the look all new Samsung-made devices will be embracing until at least 2021 while the company continues to work on figuring out how to make truly bezel-free devices.

While some industry rumors already suggested a number of Galaxy S10-series devices will indeed be offering what's essentially self-driving technology that allows them to accurately measure depth in real time, hence making AR Emoji less horrible and even enabling improvements someone might actually care about, reports on the matter are highly inconsistent.

The software has been available in beta for several months now and even started rolling out to Samsung's 2018 handsets in some European countries, though the builds used by the incoming devices should offer some exclusive features, as has always been the case with Samsung's generational jumps in the high-end mobile space.

The company already attempted explaining its convoluted train of thought that prompted it to completely rethink its mobile software, revealing that it wanted to place a larger focus on one-handed use, something that's growing into a challenge for many manufacturers as the industry keeps insisting on making handsets larger (or taller since 2017).

The ever-looming spirit of the Galaxy Note 7 Despite the abundance of new technologies the Galaxy S10 range will be debuting, Samsung reportedly won't be going too crazy in the battery department as it's still wary of repeating the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco even as the world largely moved on.

Given the underwhelming sales of last year's high-end devices, Samsung and its carrier partners are more likely to offer some aggressive pre-order incentives to consumers, though those deals will heavily differ depending on the country and network operator in question.

Whether the world's largest handset manufacturer will manage to regain the momentum it lost in 2018 remains to be seen but as things stand right now, the Galaxy S10 family is shaping up to be its most innovative smartphone generation to date, at least in terms of the sheer number of annual improvements it will be debuting.

With just a month before Samsung unveils its new smartphones, the rumor spotlight is on an ultra-powerful and feature-packed ‘Galaxy S10 X’ 5G model

The highest of the high-end models of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 phones is said to be called the Galaxy S10X, and it’ll be an absolute brute of a smartphone.

The latest set of rumors about Samsung’s behemoth Galaxy S10X comes from Korean news site ET News, which is sharing information gathered from “mobile service companies”

It’s an exciting time when a new wireless standard starts to roll out that promises faster speeds and better performance overall compared to the old standard.

The lack of availability of 5G networks across the country isn’t apparently stopping Samsung from releasing a smartphone that can actually use the wireless standard, even if most in the US won’t be able to connect to a 5G network.

RAM on smartphones essentially lets you open apps and keep them open in the background so that, when you revisit the app, it opens instantaneously right where you left off.

It helps give off the impression that a phone is fast and quick because it opens apps extremely quickly.

that will use artificial intelligence to figure out what kinds of things you do on your phone throughout the day, and adjust the phone’s functions accordingly.

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