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Marc van der Heijden,

Ynzo van Zanten

The 45 Best Schools for Entrepreneurship in Europe

These 45 schools were chosen for being the best universities for entrepreneurship in the respective countries on continental Europe.

Each business school listed mentions the notable alumni that graduated from their educational institution and succeeded in building their entrepreneurial career, and the list includes some of the best universities in Europe.

For students, AMBA accreditation means that a particular university has an appealing MBA program, highly valuable among employers as they look to hire graduates proved by this accreditation.

AMBA indicates that a student at this particular university has acquired adequate knowledge in the business and entrepreneurship field for founding a company or holding an executive position.

The main difference between AMBA and EQUIS is that the latter examines the educational institution as a whole, taking into consideration all the available study degrees and programs, research activities, teaching processes, and staff.

European AI Strategies: Where do Member States Stand, and Where are They Headed?

**Now to be hosted at the Espace Banca Monte Paschi Belgio.** To remain competitive in the global race for artificial intelligence (AI), the European Union will need more investment, more workers trained in AI-relevant skills, more shared resources including data, and a regulatory environment that will foster the development and use of AI.

To that end, in December the European Commission released a “Coordinated Plan on AI” which encourages all member states to develop their own national AI strategies by mid-2019 and to work with the Commission to develop common metrics to measure AI adoption.


Global IoT and AI Scenario: HPE & European Space Agency

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THE FUTURE IS NOW, AI and Robotics Summit

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Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) and the Insurance Industry

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AI@Oxford conference: what delegates thought

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Paving the Way for AI in IoT

The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence have changed the way we do business, consume products and services and live our everyday lives.

Artificial Intelligence and IoT Panel

This panel is centered on how Artificial Intelligence is impacting and enabling IoT opportunities across multiple industries, which applications are the most useful ...

Applied AI Conference 2018 - Opening Keynote - Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI

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