AI News, Top-down learning path: Machine Learning for Software Engineers

Top-down learning path: Machine Learning for Software Engineers

中文版本 How I (Nam Vu) plan to become a machine learning engineer This is my multi-month study plan for going from mobile developer (self-taught, no CS degree) to machine learning engineer.

think the best way for practice-focused methodology is something like 'practice — learning — practice', that means where students first come with some existing projects with problems and solutions (practice) to get familiar with traditional methods in the area and perhaps also with their methodology.

After practicing with some elementary experiences, they can go into the books and study the underlying theory, which serves to guide their future advanced practice and will enhance their toolbox of solving practical problems.

Studying theory also further improves their understanding on the elementary experiences, and will help them acquire advanced experiences more quickly.

get discouraged from books and courses that tell me as soon as I open them that multivariate calculus, inferential statistics and linear algebra are prerequisites.

Each day I take one subject from the list below, read it cover to cover, take notes, do the exercises and write an implementation in Python or R.