AI News, Top 50 Tableau Interview Questions And Answers For 2019

Interested in Data Science? Pay Attention to These People, Podcasts, Newsletters and Projects.

The data science community is collaborative.

Data scientists enjoy sharing ideas, tips and questions and they can be a great resource for people interested in topics ranging from data visualizations and statistics, to artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Here is a list of data scientists, analysts and professionals who are leading conversations online.

We have grouped them by social media accounts to follow, podcasts to listen to, content to explore, and newsletters to subscribe to.

Daniel Faggella, founder of Emerj, interviews AI executives in business, medicine and tech about the implications of AI and machine learning.

Sam Charrington, founder of CloudPulse Strategies, interviews AI experts and thought leaders on the latest projects in the industry.

There are channels for beginners to ask questions and discussions about facial recognition, natural language processing and more.

weekly newsletter gives readers a succinct look at the top news in AI, as well as sections on software tools and code, learning, and the workplace.

Each edition explains a major story in AI and includes a “Bits and Bytes” section that touches on a few different stories briefly.

started in machine learning with this list of entry-level projects that includes tutorials, project ideas and datasets.

Challenges include predicting stock prices, improving health care and mining social media sentiment.

Katherine Gorman and Neil Lawrence interview experts and answer listener questions in this machine learning podcast.

a range of data science skills in these hosted competitions with prizes ranging from knowledge to $100,000.

Some current competitions include Google Landmark Retrieval (entry closes May 27, 2019) and Titanic: Machine Learning from Disaster (ongoing).

Michael Helbling, Tim Wilson and Moe Kiss tackle a different data science topic every episode in revealing, conversational interviews with people in the industry.

Kyle Polich explains some high-level data science concepts and research in this weekly podcast.

Ben Lorica interviews experts on some of the big ideas in data science: machine learning to create smarter cities, managing bias in AI, and more.

your knowledge of Tableau with these weekly projects that entice participants to replicate the challenge in the software using the data provided.

Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic guides listeners through the art of using data and visualization to tell a story, along with the help of experts.

worldwide community of almost 4,000 people includes software designers, UX experts, journalists and more.

two dozen data challenges to work on — wine quality, Black Friday, and urban sound are among the subjects.

GitHub repository is full of challenges asking data scientists to explore a new dataset using their R skills.

to the Data Is Plural newsletter for a weekly list of some of the most interesting, obscure and fascinating datasets available on the internet.

I like startups, data of all sizes, economics, network dynamics, adventure, national insecurities, and improving things.

Hugo Bowne-Anderson talks about data science in the larger picture of society: Inclusivity, privacy and ethics are just some of the topics covered in this weekly podcast.

Top 30 Project Manager Interview Questions You Need to Know in 2019

They can keep a better track of all tasks and issues to work towards implementing small changes and improvements for higher productivity and efficiency.Organizes frequent meetings for developers to talk about their problems, brainstorm solutions, share best practices etc.Compares the actual costs and time spent on tasks on a weekly basis with the planned numbers.

Type of communication you use in your project will completely depend on the type of project you are working on and the type of team you have.Types of communication styles that a project manager uses: It is a type of contract that is a hybrid contractual arrangement containing aspects of both cost-reimbursable and fixed-price contracts.Time and material contracts resemble the cost-reimbursable type arrangements where they have no definitive end.This contract is generally used in projects whose accurate project size can’t be estimated or when it is expected that the project requirements would most likely change.

It is basically used for the selection of a limited number of tasks which can bring a significant overall effect.This principle follows the Pareto Principle (also known as the 80/20 rule) and states that 80% of the results come from 20% of the actions.It helps in prioritizing the work especially in large projects with a number of small tasks Triple Constraint Triangle is a combination of three key components which acts asthe mostsignificant restrictions on any project.Following are the three constraints in this model: Each of the constraints forms the vertices of the triangle with quality as the central factor.

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