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2019 Best Coding Bootcamps

SwitchUp's fourth annual rankings cover the 50 best coding bootcamps worldwide.

Coding bootcamps are intensive training programs that give students the practical knowledge they need to land a role in software engineering, web development, or mobile development.

According to SwitchUp's 2018 survey of over 1,500 bootcamp graduates, students saw an average 45.6% salary increase compared to previously held jobs, and 71% of bootcamp alumni acquired a full-time position.

We also found that coding bootcamp alumni enjoy an average $19,485 salary increase after graduating from a program, and 43.65% of respondents reported a substantial salary increase of $10,000 or more.

Additionally, half of coding bootcamp graduates were employed within 60 days of finishing a bootcamp program, including over 10% of graduates who were offered a job before their program ended.

Other benefits of coding bootcamps include: SwitchUp's list of the 50 Best Coding Bootcamps is based on thousands of alumni reviews covering curriculum, job support, price range, location, job outcomes, and overall quality.

Out of 50 top schools, the following are the 10 highest-rated bootcamps of 2019: Bootcamps have helped thousands of students build coding careers, and our comprehensive guide can help you determine if this model may be the best educational option for you.

Below, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about coding bootcamps, an overview of factors to consider, and checklists to help you prepare for the application process.

Those looking to learn in a flexible, convenient environment, while still receiving the same level of mentorship and rigorous training as in-person programs offer, may find online coding schools are best suited for their needs.

In fact, a recent Indeed survey of over 1,000 HR managers shows that 72% of respondents consider bootcamp grads to be just as prepared and just as likely to perform at a high level as computer science grads.

In an interview with NexGen technologies, Technical Manager Steve Lute noted that bootcamp students have qualities like time management, ability to work well under pressure, problem solving, quick thinking and a drive to succeed.

Fortunately, many schools have recognized the need for flexibility, and there are now several bootcamp formats to choose from: Learning Goals: Before committing to a program, it is important to set clear, realistic expectations for both your education and future career.

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