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11 Artificial Intelligence Interview Questions to Prep for Ahead of Time

it’s predicted that AI and machine learning will impact all segments of our daily lives by 2025 with huge implications for industries ranging from transport and logistics to healthcare, home maintenance, and customer service.

Read More: Understanding Artificial Intelligence With that dramatic increase in reliance on AI, massive investments are being made in both the technology and the skilled professionals needed to enable implementing and benefitting from the technology.

According to, the average salary for a professional with an AI certification is $110k a year in the U.S. Growing adoption, increased demand for certified professionals and substantial salaries make a move into AI a wise choice for someone interested in this career field.

To position yourself for success as a job candidate who stands out from the crowd, you should be pursuing certifications in AI, as well as preparing ahead of time for crucial job AI interview questions.

Your answer here should show that you recognize the far-reaching and practical applications of AI, but your answer is up to you because your personal understanding of the AI field is what the interviewer is trying to ascertain.

Possibilities include contract analysis, object detection, and classification for avoidance and/or navigation, image recognition, content distribution, predictive maintenance, data processing, automation of manual tasks or data-driven reporting.

It refers to using multi-layered neural networks to process data in increasingly complex ways, enabling the software to train itself to perform tasks like speech and image recognition through exposure to these vast amounts of data, for continual improvement in the ability to recognize and process information.

Image recognition also helps machines to learn (as in machine learning) because the more images that are processed, the better the software gets at recognizing and processing those images.

Artificial intelligence learns, in part, using “if-then” rules, so if you’re not sure your AI education is at the level it should be before you start job hunting, then consider pursuing certification in AI or even a masters program that can prepare you for a career as an Artificial Intelligence Engineer.

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