AI News, Top 3 enterprise tech trends to watch in 2020

Five ME Tech Trends to Watch in 2020

With all these changes shaking the industry landscape, content creators are increasingly looking to re-engineer their media supply chains for greater agility, flexibility, operational efficiencies and cost benefits.

Multicloud solutions will redefine the Media Asset Management (MAM) landscape The need for speed and scalability along with ongoing improvements in cloud security will drive content creators to embrace MAM solutions based on multicloud architecture.

Increasing demand for a connected media supply chain As cost and time pressures continue to weigh down content creators, fragmented supply chains will give way to connected supply chains.

AI to take the center stage of media supply chains Artificial intelligence (AI) will increasingly become a key enabler, powering intelligent, next-generation media supply chains.

We believe 2020 will see AI being applied to key areas in the content value chain, including content generation, content enrichment, content preparation and content delivery.

VoD explosion to drive adoption of automation-led technology The VoD universe will continue to experience cut-throat competition, as new, big-ticket entrants with massive content libraries will challenge the existing players.

Metadata created at different stages in the supply chain—such as production, Quality Check (QC) and cataloguing—will be captured and carried forward to avoid wasted effort and to drive efficient execution of downstream operations.

All in all, with a burgeoning number of content hours to be managed, 2020 will see content creators turning towards innovative, holistic supply chain management solutions to enhance efficiencies and lower costs on the back of automation, data analytics and centralization.

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