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Located in northern California, San Francisco is nationally recognized for its place in the tech industry, specifically with its Bay Area serving as home to Silicon Valley, a global center for high technology, innovation, and social media.

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The new attack: On Thursday night, the city of Johannesburg shut down its website, e-services, and billing as a result of a “network breach which resulted in unauthorized access to [city government] information systems.” Local media reported that hackers demanded ransom, but city spokesman Nthatisi Modingoane went on television on Friday to assert that there was no “formal demand for ransom.” “What we do know is that yes, the system was hacked, and we’re doing everything in our power to make sure the system is protected,” Modingoane said.

It is incredibly inconvenient for their constituents, but that abundance of caution will allow the city to effective assess any weak points and hopefully patch them before real damage can be done.” Powerless: With a population well above five million people, Johannesburg is the biggest city to fall victim to ransomware—and now another unspecified hack.

“By 2016, the number is 247, which is around a 750% increase.” The growth reflects how attractive the attacks are for hackers: “It usually takes months for traditional malware to monetize attacks, but ransomware monetizes within minutes or days.” And the attacks are getting more sophisticated.

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