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Polkadot Tokens Valued at $75 Pre-Launch in Crypto ‘Futures’ Offering

In order to reach the projected $1.2 billion valuation established by Polkadot creator and ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood, prices would need to eventually exceed $100 per token.

(As CoinDesk previously reported, three Chinese firms bought investment agreements for DOT tokens for $15 million.) “In order to buy at the presale, you need to lock up a thousand FLEX,” Lamb said, adding that contracts will expire four weeks after the token eventually launches.

“We don’t know when they [IFO contracts] expire, because we don’t know when mainnet is going to launch.” Much like Binance’s BNB token, FLEX can be used to pay exchange fees and access exclusive opportunities, like this IFO.

While most futures contracts across the space currently relate to live assets, like bitcoin, it remains to be seen what the appetite is for contracts related to pre-launch assets.

CoinFLEX’s head of business development, Emmanuel Alamu, told CoinDesk that physically settled crypto contracts carry fewer risks than cash-settled futures or IOUs while the asset itself remains illiquid.

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