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OpenAI is the for-profit corporation OpenAI LP, whose parent organization is the non-profit organization OpenAI Inc[3], which conducts research in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) with the stated aim to promote and develop friendly AI in such a way as to benefit humanity as a whole.

Nevertheless, Sutskever stated that he was willing to leave Google for OpenAI “partly of because of the very strong group of people and, to a very large extent, because of its mission.” Brockman stated that “the best thing that I could imagine doing was moving humanity closer to building real AI in a safe way.” OpenAI researcher Wojciech Zaremba stated that he turned down “borderline crazy” offers of two to three times his market value to join OpenAI instead.[7]

and which sentiment has been expressed elsewhere in reference to a potentially enormous class of AI-enabled products: 'Are we really willing to let our society be infiltrated by autonomous software and hardware agents whose details of operation are known only to a select few?

Vishal Sikka, former CEO of Infosys, stated that an “openness” where the endeavor would “produce results generally in the greater interest of humanity” was a fundamental requirement for his support, and that OpenAI “aligns very nicely with our long-held values” and their “endeavor to do purposeful work”.[26]

We could sit on the sidelines or we can encourage regulatory oversight, or we could participate with the right structure with people who care deeply about developing AI in a way that is safe and is beneficial to humanity.” Musk acknowledged that “there is always some risk that in actually trying to advance (friendly) AI we may create the thing we are concerned about”;

During a 2016 conversation about the technological singularity, Altman said that “we don’t plan to release all of our source code” and mentioned a plan to “allow wide swaths of the world to elect representatives to a new governance board”.

Gym aims to provide an easy-to-setup general-intelligence benchmark with a wide variety of different environments—somewhat akin to, but broader than, the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge used in supervised learning research—and that hopes to standardize the way in which environments are defined in AI research publications, so that published research becomes more easily reproducible.[8][30]

when an agent is then removed from this virtual environment and placed in a new virtual environment with high winds, the agent braces to remain upright, suggesting it had learned how to balance in a generalized way.[33][34]

OpenAI Five is the name of a team of five OpenAI-curated bots that are used in the competitive five-on-five video game Dota 2, who learn to play against human players at a high skill level entirely through trial-and-error algorithms.

Before becoming a team of five, the first public demonstration occurred at The International 2017, the annual premiere championship tournament for the game, where Dendi, a professional Ukrainian player of the game, lost against a bot in a live 1v1 matchup.[37][38]

The system uses a form of reinforcement learning, as the bots learn over time by playing against themselves hundreds of times a day for months, and are rewarded for actions such as killing an enemy and taking map objectives.[41][42][43]

Center for Human-Nature, Artificial Intelligence, and Neuroscience (CHAIN) established | Hokkaido University

At the symposium, Professor Shigeru Taguchi, the Director of CHAIN, said, “Recent developments in neuroscience and artificial intelligence have made it possible for scientists to tackle problems that have been traditionally explored in humanities, such as consciousness, emotion, and self,” explaining the ever-increasing demand for the integration of humanities and science.

“The knowledge and wisdom accumulated in the humanities in its long history have a great potential to inspire modern neuroscience and artificial intelligence,” claimed Shigeru Taguchi.

The faculty members of CHAIN will be loosely organized into groups corresponding to four major themes — the self, consciousness, sociality, and rationality.

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Electro-Active Technologies, Inc., of Knoxville, Tenn., has exclusively licensed two biorefinery technologies invented and patented by the startup’s co-founders while working at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Seminars at Steamboat

July 30, 2019 • This episode begins with a rant.

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