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A.I. Can Now Read Your Thoughts—And Turn Them Into Words and Images

A recent article in Nature highlights a discovery that pushes the boundaries of our imaginations and challenges some of the very attributes that make us human.

While the focus of this study was on the mechanistic components of speech, such as direct muscle movement, it still acquired information from the early stages of thought development to construct words that were identifiable about 70% of the time.

His company Neuralink is currently developing an interface between the computer and brain using neural lace technology—a cellular infrastructure that allows microelectrodes to be incorporated into the structure of the brain itself.

The codification of speech and vision into pre-sensory data and the potential creation of miniature, biologically-compatible interfaces will drive a new vista for biology and technology where the sum of the parts—human and electronic—combine to transcend the limitations of the cell and the electron.

Imagine Becoming 1 Billion Times Smarter: Merging With Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Imagine being able to brainstorm creative ad concept ideas like a superhuman or working on a campaign that can be streamed directly into the sensory cortex of your target audience’s minds.

That might sound futuristic, but only until we put things into perspective: we already interact with an external interface every day of our lives through our devices… We can send a message to millions of people at once through social media.

The idea is to merge biological intelligence with digital intelligence and increase bandwidth and the connection speed between your brain and the digital version of yourself that exists on the internet.

This connection could give us access to increased memory storage, amazing machine learning capabilities and yes, telepathic-type communication with your creative team without the need to speak, sketch out your idea or type out notes on it.

Researchers are now looking at how to implant chips into the brain that don’t create inflammation, can bridge injuries for patients that have damaged spinal columns, and allow for whole-brain communication so signals can be transmitted to and received from any part of the brain.

Here a polymer net is rolled up and inserted into a fine needle, before being inserted into your cranial cavity, where it spreads out and covers your cortex and detects neural activity.   

It is impacting and growing fields across the board, including search, recommendation engines, programmatic advertising, marketing forecasting, conversational commerce, image recognition, customer segmentation, content generation, and many more.

Or communicate to millions of people, who can choose to vividly experience your brand inside their minds… This would allow advertising professionals and agencies to specialize to an advanced degree and maintain collaboration and creativity, as they co-evolve with machines.

It automatically manages budgets across 20 demographic segments per ad, over 3 different platforms, and makes 480 daily budget adjustments per ad to improve its conversion performance. On average, this Artificial Intelligence is increasing ads performance by 83%, but this percentage mainly depends on your industry and competitive landscape.

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