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Fordypningsprosjekt 2019

Another method is to link and embed directly to other web-page resources by the use of crawling and indexing of other Internet service’s web-pages, but this may also be difficult or inconvenient to achieve (for example, a user cannot use a search engine like Google to locate content the user would have access to via Facebook, as Facebook does not allow Google to index content on their web servers).

ParrotPlay´s ambition is to improve the user experience of accessing internet resources by building an artificial intelligence augmented internet browser that automatically aggregate, recommend, make searchable and interact with all digital entertainment sources on the Internet in a unified user experience.

An exploratory part where various architectural options for extending a web-browser with computer vision technologies for identifying and extracting information elements from bitmaps, possibly supported by document object models, a weighted against commercial key parameters, such as compute requirements, availability of existing technologies and research results.

distributed self-learning state machine for fault detection and management of a user assisted autonomous web-browsing experience This thesis is a machine learning exercise whereby a system for fault detection where a network of millions of pre-scripted state machines performs automated user actions on a webpages where errors occurs, due to errors in network, a/b testing, web-site bugs, human errors can occur for one, more or all of the instances and where correct error handling, either by a human operator or a trained machine learning model identifies a correct fault management operation that is then tested and gradually distributed with quality assurance checks to the other instances of the

3. Future of Audit - Inflo Product Demo

Inflo's CEO, Mark Edmondson, discusses some of the primary features of Inflo and the benefits for those in the audit profession.

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