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Artificial Intelligence Podcast

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) podcast hosts accessible, big-picture conversations at MIT and beyond about the nature of intelligence with some of the most interesting people in the world thinking about AI from a variety of perspectives including machine learning, robotics, neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, economics, physics, mathematics, cognitive science, software engineering and more.

AI for Earth with Lucas Joppa

We discuss how Silvia Terra uses computer vision and data from a wide array of sensors, combined with AI, to yield more detailed estimates of the various species in our forests.

We discuss how Silvia Terra uses computer vision and data from a wide array of sensors, combined with AI, to yield more detailed estimates of the various species in our forests.

The Ultimate List of Data Science Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to immerse yourself in an industry, especially when it comes to data science.

Take advantage of those times in the day when your body is busy, but your mind is free: when you’re commuting to work, exercising at the gym, or cleaning up around the house.

There are dozens of data science podcasts out there, covering everything from machine learning and artificial intelligence to big data analytics.

Recently, the show has released series of themed episodes that revolve around a larger topic in the data science world, like fake news.

Katie Malone and Ben Jaffe host Linear Digressions, a weekly podcast that explores recent developments in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.

Former public radio producer Katherine Gorman believes that continuing the public conversation about data science, AI, and machine learning is absolutely essential to preventing another AI winter.

The podcast aims to introduce machine learning to a wide audience and help industry professionals, business leaders, and interested laypeople better understand these tools and technologies.

The episodes generally follow a simple format: the hosts chat about industry news, interview a guest, and in the end may answer a listener question.

This is where Katherine’s history as a radio host comes in handy: she keeps the show engaging and informative, and works hard to make sure the it presents an accurate picture of the machine learning industry.

This podcast on data visualization focuses on a very specific subset of the data analysis pipeline—a rare gem among data science podcasts.

With around 40 minutes of runtime, listeners can settle in to really learn about how we can better visualize our data, as well as the role that data plays in our everyday lives.

In his interview episodes, he talks with data scientists and data analysts to learn more about their career paths and how they were able to succeed in the data industry.

Called Five Minute Friday, these minisodes aim to inspire listeners to improve themselves as data scientists, and to offer advice on how to advance in a data science career.

The show doesn’t seem to be on a fixed schedule, and the episode length varies as well, but in general the interview episodes run closer to an hour, while his solo episodes clock in at around twenty minutes.

The host is pretty opinionated, so it can be interesting to hear his perspective on topics like AI winter, optimization, and the minimum requirements you need to become a data scientist.

The host Sam Charrington interviews leading researchers and industry experts to inform a growing community of academics, engineers, business leaders, and other machine learning and AI enthusiasts.

Because the podcast discusses recent developments in this tech space, you can jump right into the latest episode, or head back in the archives and check in on some historical developments in machine learning and AI.

Each week, the host sits down with industry professionals and academic experts to discuss how the data science industry is impacting the world.

The host asks great questions and invites guests who discuss interesting developments in the field as well as their own personal projects.

Within half an hour, host Dan Faggella interviews AI professionals to see how the technology is used in industries from finance and government to retail and education.

If you like heading to the bar and chatting about industry news with your fellow data scientists, then this is one of the best data science podcasts for you!

Listeners can delve into the backlog and learn about data scraping, bias models, and pair-programming in Python, as well as review some of the trending news stories of years past.

Machine Learning Guide (MLG) aims to gently introduce listeners to the world of machine learning by explaining topics from the ground up, from the classic algorithms (linear and logistic regression) on up to reinforcement learning and hyperparameters.

There are new podcasts airing all the time, and we can only expect the number of data science podcasts to grow as the field continues to explode in popularity.

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