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Oppo Plans USD 1.5 Billion Investment In R&D With Focus On 5G

Oppo Mobiles said it plans to invest USD 1.5 billion in research and development this year with focus on developing 5G as it unveiled its first smartphone on the next generation technology.

“Our 2019 R&D investment is budgeted at USD 1.5 billion, focusing on 5G, artificial intelligence, imaging, new material and product form design, as well as flash charging,”

The company also has plans to increase Indian R&D centre headcount by over three folds to 500 in two years.

“Currently, India R&D contributes in the development of mobile systems, camera and network related technologies including in 5G.

Ryan Wang: The globe-trotting investor who wears many ‘hats’

What’s your basic investment philosophy (criteria or rules or formula) in investing startups?

In other words, are the entrepreneurs one of the few people in the world, who are best fit in solving this problem?

What are the main factors (reasons) why startups fail that you have experienced or noticed so far?

Product-market fit: Many startups have amazing technology but eventually fail because they have trouble finding their product-market fit.

I got trapped in conversations that have been on-going for over 10 mins while I’m still clueless about what exactly does this company do.

As you know, our media group name is “beSUCCESS”, What’s your definition of the term “Success” as an investor or as an individual human being?

When you come to Korea next time, what kind (entrepreneur type or startup industry) of Korean entrepreneurs and startups you want to meet?

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Roomeze, launched in 2016 to help renters find roommates and housing at the same time, brought on this first significant influx of funding led by real estate and venture capital firm Gideon Asset Management with participation from Allegiant Real Estate Capital and New York residential real estate firm E&M Associates.

The Hellenic Initiative supports “Agigma Zois” with a $17,000 grant

ATHENS – Τhe Hellenic Initiative (THI) donated $ 17,000 to “Agigma Zois”, supporting the significant social work it performs with cancer patients and their families.

The donation will cover the annual salary of an on-field Project Administrator, which will assist not only towards reducing the time needed to process requests, but also in the development of new collaborations and the increase of annual Prevention and Information activities from 12 to 15, aiming to raise the number of supported families by 65% within 2019, according to THI‘s press realease.

Its work has been widely recognized locally and internationally, with several awards while in June 2018, “Agioi Anargiroi” Oncology Hospital offered “Agigma” a dedicated spot in their oncology department, becoming the first non-profit organization in the field of cancer patients’ treatment, provided space in a Greek public hospital.

Mr. Michael Printzos, THI’s Program Director stated: “The Hellenic Initiative is proud to assist Agigma Zois as it stands by cancer patients and their families through a crucial period of their lives, from offering psychological support up to managing the paperwork and getting, literally, hand by hand throughout the whole treatment process with them.

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