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Top 5 Digital Transformation Trends for Healthcare Industry in 2019

Healthcare sector is often considered as one of the most progressive industries that hugely benefited from technological advancement.

Cooperation between people and machines in terms of monitoring human health conditions and come up with a unique solution in healthcare practice is what define AI as a great solution to various problems in healthcare.

For diagnoses, VR/AR allows to model different conditions and manipulate the camera in order to compare the existing examination data with the examples from the database or replicate the effects of treatment.

VR world could shape the new understanding of medicine due to the fact it deals with such issue as: Blockchain technology entails the meaning of decentralized system in which transactional or historical data are recorded, stored and maintained across a peer-to-peer network of personal computers.

According to the BIS Research report blockchain technology can save around $100-$150 billion per year by 2025 in costs related to data-breach, operation, support function, and personnel costs.

In fact, blockchain technology can truly revolutionize the healthcare industry, especially the pharmaceutical sector, specifically drug discovery, development, and distribution process.

Incorporating blockchain technology could improve the drug supply chain, manage drug trial data for research purposes, smart contracts between patients and hospitals and B2B.

In fact, the mentioned platform creates the ability to real-time data feeds that allow practitioners to create holistic and personalized physical therapy programs for patients regardless of their location.

Due to the fact, AI, VR/AR, IoMT, blockchain technology and the ability to manage big data and analytics are predominant features to find solutions to various healthcare issues and help thousands of people.

As the company, who has several successful cases in web and mobile app development for the healthcare market, we know the importance of following the healthcare trends in the new product development process.

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