AI News, These online data science courses are taught by a Harvard biostats professor — and can help you land the best job in America

These online data science courses are taught by a Harvard biostats professor — and can help you land the best job in America

Drawing from techniques in statistics and computer science, data scientists translate large, seemingly incomprehensible sets of data into meaningful insights that can help drive important business decisions.

Given the job's complexity and impact, companies are looking for data scientists in droves and are willing to pay up: the median base salary in 2018 is $110,000 and the average is $120,931.

The courses are taught by Harvard professor of biostatistics Rafael Irizarry, yet it costs under $500 and takes place entirely online, offering a combination of access, affordability, and flexibility previously unattainable at the actual school.

Upon completion of the program, students receive an official certificate that they can highlight on their resumes to not only indicate their relevant data science skills but also to signal initiative, self-motivation, and willingness to learn —

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