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ConsenSys Launches ‘Jobs Kit’ to Help Devs Enter the Blockchain Industry

Ethereum development studio ConsenSys has launched a blockchain “job kit” to guide developers wishing to enter the growing blockchain space.

The kit also offers a glossary section on key blockchain and cryptography terms such as consensus algorithms, sharding, token standards and hash functions, as well as providing links on the places devs can start their search for employment.

Citing another study by professional services firm PwC, ConsenSys said that 77 percent of companies are well on their way towards taking blockchain-based solutions and products into production, while only 14 percent currently have no plans to integrate blockchain.

Opinions on blockchain, distributed networks, and web3 are also “rapidly changing” amongst software developers building on web2, ConsenSys said, citing another report from Deloitte, which said a majority (67.6 percent) of developers maintained a positive opinion on blockchain tech.

Review: 'Machines Like Me' – Ian McEwan's foray into artificial intelligence feels false

note-7Alan Turing, note-8who in real life died in 1954, has note-9achieved a breakthrough in artificial intelligence that is so seismic it becomes possible to produce synthetic humans note-10with unsettlingly lifelike capabilities, characteristics and feelings.

note-11Also in this world (in which “the future kept arriving”) is Charlie, an online trader and artificial-intelligence enthusiast, whonote-12 at the age of 32, has suffered a series of financial and professional failures.

The causes of this note-16come in two forms: on the one hand there is Miranda (the book features note-17several references to The Tempest), a note-18doctoral student of social history, whonote-19 in addition to being a beautiful woman and, at age 22 and “mature for her years”, is in the fortunate position of being Charlie’s upstairs neighbour.

The android furnishes Charlie with a windfall on the stock exchange, performs all manner of practical tasks around the house and proves to be a dab-hand in the kitchen Charlie is one of the few people who can afford to buy one of the androids, thanks to an inheritance bequeathed to him by his mother.

In return, Adam furnishes Charlie with a windfall on the stock exchange, performs all manner of practical tasks around the house and proves himself to be a dab-hand in the kitchennote-31, with chicken tarragon note-32a particular specialitynote-33 of the android.

Soon enough, a note-34sort of love triangle ensues, which starts out pleasantly enough before taking a turnnote-35 when Adam – who by now note-36note-37is able to override his off switch – alerts Charlie to a dark moment from ­Miranda’s past for which Adam believes she should be note-38jailed.

Bitcoin Hits New 2019 High Above $8,900

The move to fresh 2019 highs comes after the bitcoin price dropped to as low as $6,600 on May 17 before a large amount of buying pressure pushed prices back above $7,300 within the same day.

What’s more, the total market capitalization has risen to a high of $268.1 billion its highest point since August 3, 2018 while the market capitalization for altcoins is up $6 billion, a sign of continued funding and investment for cryptocurrencies overall.

Eyes are now firmly set on bitcoin’s new target along $9,650 resistance, last seen 13 months ago on April 30, 2018, signaling a very strong upward move beyond the $10,000 psychological price tag.

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