AI News, The Week in Tech: The Robots Aren’t as Human as They Seem

The Week in Tech: The Robots Aren’t as Human as They Seem

One company at the leading edge of the real world is RightHand Robotics, which is fashioning “picking” robots inside an old post office building in Somerville.

When you consider that Amazon is growing at a tremendous rate, there is no shortage of jobs for good old humans inside those distribution centers.

Our Silicon Valley correspondent Mike Isaac returned from book leave with a scoop: Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, the founders of Instagram, the hugely popular, photo-tastic social network owned by Facebook, are leaving the company.

Three weeks ago, Google did not attend a Senate hearing dedicated to Russian disinformation on social media, refusing to send a top executive.

But the company was on the Capitol Hill hot seat this pat week, as lawmakers questioned whether Google services are silencing conservative voices.

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