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The top tech predictions for 2020

Video streaming has become synonymous with the festive season, but by next December the streaming market could look very different, with a host of new services competing for subscriptions and various content creators taking the decision to stream directly via their own platforms,” she says.

The race is on for the streaming providers to stay ahead of their rivals and offer the best value for money and the most exciting content, as viewers decide which service they put at the top of their Christmas lists.” The final years of the 2010s saw a seismic change in consumers’ relationship with the internet.

“In the year ahead, brands and browsers that operate in an open and transparent manner, giving consumers full control over the use of their data, will prosper, while companies with poor data ethics will be left out in the cold.” Did you know that 2019 marked the twenty-fifth anniversary of the first online ad?

“We predict that in the year ahead, as brands seek to cut through the ever-growing digital noise, there will be a creative renaissance with a return to the art of storytelling and the end of consumers being bombarded with dull, intrusive ads.” While blockchain is mostly associated with bitcoin, the last decade saw a lot of excitement about the commercial opportunities of other digital ledger technology.

Following the completion of R&D programmes and pilots (some unsuccessful), organisations have begun to understand the specific benefits of particular blockchain platforms and the use cases that they can be appropriately deployed towards.” Emmanuel thinks that blockchain networks will focus on practical uses based on data transparency, information exchange, and identity management.

“Over the next decade, I expect to see a number of innovations take centre stage in the retail industry, but top of the list would have to be blockchain enabling full transparency and visibility on products’ provenance, enabling consumers to track goods ‘from farm to fork’,” predicts Markus Stripf, chief executive and co-founder of Spoon Guru.

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