AI News, The Tale of Ted Dunning: The Apache Incubator’s ever-curious Big Data scientist

The Tale of Ted Dunning: The Apache Incubator’s ever-curious Big Data scientist

Tasked with keeping Apache Incubator projects in accordance with open-source standards and with fostering new communities, Dunning will play an important role in nurturing the software and Big Data technologies the nonprofit organization supports over the next several years.

Dunning’s varied 40-year career sprouted from what he called a “compulsion to compute,” driven by a lifelong fascination with data: processing it, analyzing it and drawing insights from it back before it became very “Big.” As vice president of incubation, Dunning said he sees his role as that of an open-source cheerleader.

in computing science, worked on advanced computing research projects for DARPA (the U.S. government’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), and joined or founded nearly half a dozen startups spanning behaviorally targeted ads, financial risk management insights, identity theft detection, and online streaming and recommendations for music, movies and TV.

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