AI News, The robot that could revolutionise home care for elderly people

The robot that could revolutionise home care for elderly people

My colleagues and I have just unveiled a prototype care robot that we hope could take on some of the more mundane work of looking after elderly and disabled people and those with conditions such as dementia.

The robot could also do things humans don’t have time to do now, like keeping a constant check on whether someone is safe and well, while allowing them to keep their privacy.

For example, if a room sensor detects a user may have fallen over, a human operator can take control of the robot, use it to investigate the event and contact the emergency services if necessary.

Stevie can also regulate room temperatures and light levels, tasks that help to keep the occupant comfortable and reduce possible fall hazards.

The job of a professional care assistant is incredibly demanding, often involving long, unsocial hours in workplaces that are frequently understaffed.

As a result, the industry suffers from extremely low job satisfaction.In the US, more than 35 per cent of care assistants leave their jobs every year.

And there is already a range ofaffordable smart technologythat can help people by controlling appliances with voice commands or notifying caregivers in the event of a fall or accident.

In this way, it follows theprinciples of universal design, because it is designed to adapt to the needs of the greatest possible number of users, not just the able majority.

Can robots take care of the elderly?

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