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Reetu Kainulainen is uneasy with the idea that artificial intelligence and machine learning should be utilised to make customer service employees redundant.

“We don’t believe that artificial intelligence should replace customer service employees, but that it should be used to give them superpowers.” Kainulainen is talking about, a Helsinki-headquartered startup that utilises artificial intelligence and deep learning to help companies to scale their customer service functions.

“We tell them that 20–40 per cent is a good result: it guarantees that only the simple cases are automated and the quality stays high.” Other queries, meanwhile, are forwarded to customer service employees for the still inimitable human touch.

While employees, he explains, may struggle to provide a reliable estimate of the number of different types of customer queries, a chatbot can provide data on the current trends on a minute-by-minute basis, enabling the client to make adjustments, for example, to the user interface of its newly launched website “Analytics is what we’ll be focusing on strongly in future,” he outlines.

“It’s not because we have an ingenious sales strategy,” he chuckles, “but because our product simply fits the market.” is relying largely on three selling points in its bid to take over the still fragmented customer service automation market: its compatibility with the most popular customer service management platforms, unique artificial intelligence that simultaneously supports and learns from employees, and powerful algorithm that is capable of understanding hundreds of languages.

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Understanding Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning

Technological change is the only constant in today’s business world, disrupting everything from large organizations to small start-ups.

You must pay close attention to the Hard Trends shaping the future of your industry, your business, and the outside world to identify opportunities used to innovate and grow rapidly, additionally using those Hard Trends to solve any problems your organization and customers might have before they occur.

While several companies are on course to use artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL), others hardly understand the fundamental differences between these powerful technologies.

In addition to under-education, many vendors rush different AI solutions to market before the ultimate decision-makers and buyers understand what they need or what the technology could actually do for their companies, causing confusion both internally and externally.

Artificial intelligence applies to computing systems designed to perform tasks usually reserved for human intelligence using logic, if-then rules, and decision trees.

Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that uses advanced algorithms to enable an AI system to train itself to perform tasks by exposing multilayered neural networks to vast amounts of data.

Autonomous computing uses advanced AI tools like deep learning to enable systems to be self-governing and capable of acting according to situational data without human command.

Augmented thinking: As AI becomes more integrated in objects, processes, products, and services, humans will augment their personal problem-solving and decision-making abilities with the insights AI provides.

‘Jexi’: Artificial intelligence, meet artificial cinema | The Michigan Daily

“Jexi” is a what-if movie, that sad brand of stale comedy that’s framed by a conceptually intriguing idea — like “Isn’t It Romantic,” which asked what-if-someone-was-stuck-in-a-romantic-comedy?

With major studio comedies frequently tanking at the box office, this type of writing has become increasingly popular as producers search for a unique idea to get people into theater seats.

When he buys a new phone, its unusually vivacious artificial intelligence software, Jexi, sets out to improve his life, and falls head over heels for him in the process.

The science fiction elements, centered around a sentient, emotional AI, are interesting at a base level, asking common but still pressing questions about artificial life and the future of human connection.

The movie is a strange combination of science fiction with a social point a la “Black Mirror” and a Lifetime network romantic comedy.

Finally, and most ham-fistedly — a phone literally tries to stop Phil from having a human relationship.  This idea would work if “Jexi” had any real humanity, yet everything about it invokes the superficiality of the internet age.

“Jexi” will be buried in the streaming sludge among other forgotten movies, joining the ever-growing pile of colorful, smiling thumbnails that don’t do much but look pretty.

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