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There was very little real AI or blockchain news over the holidays, especially legal-related.

But there was a plethora of posts reviewing 2018 and forecasting 2019 and beyond, so that’s the focus of this post.

I suggest you skim these titles and then skim through the lists included in most of the posts;

Many are at least tangentially related to legal, but I have omitted those to keep this post somewhat manageable.

AI Transparency Will Soon Become a Major Issue in 2019

The biggest inhibitor to pervasive adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in enterprise IT environments in 2019 may have little to do with the technology itself.

Rather, as more governments around the world come to appreciate what can really be achieved using AI, committees are now actively studying how both new and existing legislation might be applied.

The second type of AI is known as strong AI or general intelligence, which loosely describes any task that a machine can do that would have previously required a human to perform.

The third type is known as superintelligence, which theoretically will exceed the brightest and most gifted human minds as AI models continue to learn.

Now many of those same concepts are being applied to business applications thanks mainly to a sharp reduction in the cost of collecting enough data in the cloud to be able to train an AI model.

Businesses that operate in, for example, highly regulated industries are going to be required to document what data they are using to drive the various machine and deep learning algorithms embedded in the AI models to make sure suspect or tainted data is not being relied on to automate a process.

That validation is going to be required to drive market acceptance of AI models in health care anyway, adds Dr. Michael Abramoff, CEO of IDx, a provider of diagnostic tools for applying AI to the detection of retinopathy caused by diabetes.

The truth of the matter is that organizations are moving to apply AI within legal frameworks that are subject to change, Beena Ammanath, vice president of AI for Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE), told attendees.

But the prospect of data scientists having to detail in open court what algorithms were applied to what data to create an AI model should give organizations cause for concern, especially when the other side starts to call in its own expert witnesses to examine those models.

Market Intelligence for Strategic Advantage

“Big Tech company, Microsoft, is to broaden the appeal of its NLP and machine learning tools for doc review as part of a project to bring its Azure Cognitive Service capabilities into the Power BI platform for business level analysis and data visualisations.

“Smart contract pioneer, OpenLaw, and oracle platform Rhombus, have joined forces to build derivatives smart contracts, as part of a project to see if their tech can be used in the $500 trillion market for handling derivatives trades.”

Tokyo will spend the year installing facial-recognition systems in preparation for the Olympics in 2020, when it will use the technology to make sure that only authorised persons enter secure areas.”

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