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Big Brother to Force Moscow’s Sleepy Cab Drivers to Take Breaks

To combat drivers nodding off, the country’s largest internet firm Yandex NV is installing facial-recognition technology in its ride-hailing unit that’ll cut off chauffeurs from taking new orders if necessary.

The move follows a draft law by the State Duma, the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, to start regulating operators of taxi apps such as Yandex to boost safety after crashes involving taxis surged 25% in Moscow last year.

Insurers in the U.K., for example, offer telematics policies that monitor the driver’s behavior behind the wheel to help calculate individual premiums that reward safe driving practices.

The number of accidents with taxis in Moscow, where Yandex is the market leader, surged to 764 cases including 23 deaths last year, according to the city hall.

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