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Impacts of Artificial Intelligence in Content Writing

Whether your content team is a one-man-band comprising of you, or if you have a massive squad with various dedicated content writers, the task at hand is ultimately still the same.

Despite everything, you still have to research the keywords, come up with relevant topic ideas, compose the content, proof-read the content, schedule, upload, share, and regularly review the content, and you get the idea, isn’t that so?

It’s as of now utilized for a variety of content generation needs in our world including business data reports, personalized email, business intelligence dashboards, and in-app messaging communication, client financial portfolio updates and the sky’s the limit from there.

While graphs and charts are visually engaging, it may be a challenge for certain people, particularly those who aren’t used to analyze data, to extract the important message they ought to receive from the visualization.

A few automated journalism applications are being utilized in newsrooms around the world from accelerating research to fact-checking, streamlining workflow, comment monitoring, eliminating fake news and, indeed, even writing content.

Research If you have ever needed to write a blog or a similar piece of content you will see how much time and effort it takes to plan and research a topic that you accept will be a hit with your readers.

By utilizing algorithms to track and identify conversations over the Internet, artificial intelligence can perceive the types of content that are demonstrating most well-known and driving the highest engagement amongst the target market, helping to guide marketers towards making the right content for the right user.

Improve Content Engagement Continuing from our previous point, if you give your customers highly customized content that they can identify with, then hey presto your overall engagement is probably going to increase as a decent bonus.

If content creation was simply a matter of contributing a few requirements, reading over, pressing some buttons, and making a couple of tweaks to a piece of writing crafted by a machine, simply imagine how many different pieces of content desired at your different target markets each month.

From finding endless amounts of potentially relevant topics to write about to updating certain factors within the content to make it resonate better with the reader.

Author Bio Nathan Mckinley is Business Development Manager at Cerdonis Technologies LLC — mobile app development company in Chicago, USA developing mobile apps with emerging Artificial Intelligence in it for better accessibility and great user experience to the app users.

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Strategic Stability and Nuclear Risk, Volume II

They form part of a SIPRI project that explores regional perspectives and trends related to the impact that recent advances in artificial intelligence could have on nuclear weapons and doctrines, as well as on strategic stability and nuclear risk.

This volume assembles the perspectives of 13 experts from East Asia, Russia and the United States on why and how machine learning and autonomy may become the focus of an arms race among nuclear-armed states.

It further explores how the adoption of these technologies may have an impact on their calculation of strategic stability and nuclear risk at the regional and transregional levels.

AI has entered the business world. What happens next?

Our analysis reveals that companies do better with AI if they place carefully calculated bets.

Companies should zero in on a few big projects with potentially big payback, but also pursue efforts where they can be more confident that the benefits—albeit smaller—will come, and come soon.

“We don’t ignore those,” says Ranjeet Banerjee, worldwide president of medication management solutions at global medical technology company Becton, Dickinson and Company.

“Especially the quick wins that can be done at very low incremental complexity or resource intensity.” Quick wins can also bring an added bonus.

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