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New models of learning - driving knowledge diplomacy?

This session will tackle some of the challenges of knowledge diplomacy through practical examples and case studies, with discussions exploring the role of universities as vectors, new models of learning and how branch campuses are driving innovation.

How can digital tools be used to enable a more personalised and 'humanised' education within a mass education setting, empowering knowledge creation through multi-local actions and online delivery?

Science, Technology, and Public Policy

Speaker: Christopher Lawrence, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, International Security Program/Project on Managing the Atom The history of U.S. engagement with North Korea offers important lessons that could help reframe the diplomatic impasse today.

Today, scholars and policymakers look back at the LWRs of the AF as a 'carrot' — 'we offered the carrot, and they cheated anyway.' But when scholars and policymakers consider the unique technical attributes of LWRs and how their construction was planned to be situated within a diplomatic track to normalization, they appear to function more as a way to signal commitment than as a carrot to bribe the regime.

The Impact of AI on Diplomacy and International Relations - Opening Remarks

Significant advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) over the past decade have led to many debates about the potential social, economic, and security impact of AI.

The Impact of AI on Diplomacy and International Relations - Panel 1: Geostrategic Impacts of AI

This panel explored the geo-strategic shifts AI innovations have led to and highlighted some of the most important changes that can still be expected.

The Global Artificial Intelligence Race

Panelists discuss the global race for leadership in artificial intelligence, and provide an analysis of major AI legislation and initiatives in China, the European ...

Bringing artificial intelligence to IR

This IR Magazine interview explores how artificial intelligence, including machine learning and natural language processing, is affecting investor relations.

Global race for AI superiority

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Artificial Intelligence - Merits and Demerits of Thinking Machines , Robots Robotics AI IOT Sophia

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The Artificial Intelligence Race and the New World Order

Council on Foreign Relations - The Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Lecture on Science and Technology A discussion of advances in artificial intelligence, the ...

How will AI and Automation effect the hiring process?

Brett Michington, International Employer Brand Strategist and IMI Talent Forum speaker, gives his opinion on how AI and automation will change the way ...

Adobe Think Tank: Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Recruit and Hire

Lindsey Zuloaga, Director of Data Science at HireVue, explains how artificial intelligence is already helping companies around the world discover top-talent ...

GSF 2017: "Rules for Robots"

9:30 a.m. - 10:45 a.m. Hurtling Toward a Genomic 9/11? Will gene editing and other forms of rapidly evolving synthetic biology create complex—at times highly ...