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The Scoop: Recruitment Trends & Industry Insights | December 2019

Over the years, technology has streamlined the job

these tools point to increased efficiency in spend, reduced assumptions about And while equal employment opportunity laws haven’t changed much in this regard since the 70s, the EEOC is reportedly now investigating at least two discrimination cases involving job decision algorithms used to help make hiring, promotion, and other job decisions.

Would a partially democratic artificial intelligence controlled government work?

As a software developer, I'm not sure we even have theories on how to make an AI generate workable laws, let alone do so better than a human legislature.

I suspect that this problem requires strong AI - something that is close enough to a human mind that you can define its goal in human terms rather than as a massive stack of training data.

issues - if the AI is using, say, GDP per capita as a measure of success, then that's all it cares about - it won't care about environmental costs, or wealth inequality, or any of the other things that might get hurt in the name of helping the economy, unless you tell it to when you're programming it.

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