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What can fiction tell us about the future of work?

As we launch a collection of short stories on the future of work in an age of radical technologies, Asheem Singh reflects on how fiction can prepare us for the world of tomorrow.

'The queue for heroin was as long as your arm, if your arm was the length of a small coastal town’ (Darren McGarvey) This much we know: the world is an increasingly weird and uncertain place.

There seems to be little we can do but idly and unsatisfyingly speculate about the hurtling progress of terrifying technologies, byzantine economies, artificial intelligence, self-driving juggernauts, and robots that purport to do and act and think for us.

‘Every one of Tom’s friends had warned him about exposing his ideas to the health trust, and he had defied them.’ (Delia Jarrett-Macauley) Language is the conveyance for all sort of passions and dispossessions: for the changing shape of love and labour in an age of radical technologies.

Drawing on that great tradition, on the desire to map the contours of our changing world and its possibilities – but also the vampires and werewolves that lie in the shadows – we approached The Orwell Foundation with an idea about commissioning short stories inspired by the four futures.

Saturate it into custom, layer by layer as blood seeps into earth.’ (Preti Taneja) For 260 years the RSA has been best known for its social action and invention, for its championing of practical reason.

Amazon plans to upskill 100,000 employees. Here’s what that means for the future of work

Policy makers, analysts, and scholars trying to discern the retailer’s motives and objectives chalked it up to a public relations move or the natural result of a tight labor market.

As an expert in technology disruption, I believe the main message in Amazon’s announcement is clear and indisputable: The jobs of tomorrow will require at least some competency in the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math.

Ten years ago, for example, a young individual might have secured a job at an Amazon shipping facility based on physical skills alone or in human resources with a simple undergraduate degree.

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