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The news is filled with stories of how artificial intelligence (AI) will reshape our lives.

In this talk, futurist Steve Brown uses compelling visuals, videos, and stories from a wide range of industries to explain what AI is, what problems it can solve, and how it will reshape the future of work.

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The Future Is Now: Artificial Intelligence Is a Vital Paradigm Shift

Sandy Agnos says it best: artificial intelligence (AI) is disruptive technology, and it’s no different for the cleaning industry.

The recent arrival of robotic floor care technologies has changed the cleaning industry for building service contractors (BSCs) in a number of profound ways.

In today’s job market, high turnover rates challenge BSCs to provide the best service possible, and robotic cleaning equipment can complement and support the workforce to ensure an increasingly consistent clean.

BSCs looking to implement these innovations should look at their operational workflow and equipment utilization and decide how AI would enhance and complement their current business model.

“It’s looking at how you conduct your business, carefully reviewing your workflow, and deciding how to optimize operational processes and help your employees do a better job.”

By allowing BSCs to better understand and support process optimization, innovations like robotic floor care will enable employees to satisfy customers better than ever before.

As for what’s next, BSCs can expect to see an increase in smart sensors to monitor consumables and traffic flow, data analytics and decision-making capabilities that, if added to current cleaning regimens, will make commercial cleaning smarter and more capable across environments.

Can Artificial Intelligence Generate Corporate Strategy?

In this article, I'm going to tell you about automating corporate strategies using artificial intelligence, and look at some recent progress in automatically generating strategies in the face of uncertainty.

Games like chess have been tackled by artificial intelligence with amazing results, but there was this big gap between those games - where everything about the game state and consequences is known before making a decision - and the reality of life where, like poker, there is only a little bit of information available to the decision-makers, and the quality and quantity of information used to make decisions varies wildly.

The fear of change brought on by progress in the artificial intelligence field should not lead society directly to extreme solutions like universal basic income or strong regulation of artificial intelligence.

Well, the short answer is that the marketers want to promote pigs, but the deeper answer is that too few information sources are looking behind the curtain to explain the reason for the cool demo, ruining the magic trick but enlightening the audience.

Real research is ongoing on the far future of artificial intelligence, on things like the singularity, and artificial general intelligence, but that is simply not ASHEVILLE, NC - APRIL 24: Professor Nick Bostrom as the keynote speaker during Moogfest 2014 on April 24, 2014 in Asheville, North Carolina.

The core of the approach is a system that uses a mash-up of supervised learning and reinforcement learning, but the key concept to absorb is that a complicated RTS game only humans could play is now being solved very comprehensively by an artificial intelligence system.

Lee Se-Dol, one of the greatest modern players of the ancient board game Go, speaks during a press conference after the third game of the Google DeepMind Challenge Match against Google-developed supercomputer AlphaGo at a hotel in Seoul on March 12, The first set of AlphaStar matches earlier this year were against professional players in a private controlled setting, relying on the ability to perform an amazingly high (superhuman) number of actions per minute to beat the humans.

Over the past few months of following AlphaStar news, I've been entertained that Casters watch AlphaStar play like programmers debug their artificial intelligence agents: they look at the successes and marvel at the ideas the agent came up with, and then look at the failures and try to figure out 'Why did it do that?'

Super wonky low-level in-game mistake details like bad building placement and scouting strategies then tie into super wonky low-level in-agent details like analyzing the sequence of states that led the agent to learn to do what it did.

DeepMind is looking to train agents like AlphaStar to beat humans at tasks only humans are good at, and they are also making an effort to do it in a way similar to how humans do it, without relying on click spamming the game, or other unfair superhuman 'cheats' that rely on being a computer to work.

Be it credit risk models, recommender systems, customer segmentation, legislative risk models, or trading algorithms, these scope-limited approaches benefit from being easily abstracted into a box in a flowchart with a name on it.

The approach DeepMind followed to avoid the large gap between dumb newborn and beginner agents was to first teach the agent to mimic the historical data, and then to pivot into playing against copies of itself once it was sort of on the right track.

Some key challenges holding back the broader adoption of artificial intelligence for autonomous business strategy development and execution are interpretability, dataset handling tools, automated machine learning, and bias.

third challenge on top of interpretability and dataset preparation is automating the process of building machine learning models, which today often requires a data scientist, a machine learning engineer, and a DevOps engineer, as well as a project manager to keep the trains running on time.

Rather than waiting for all of these problems to be fully solved, the world is moving ahead with adoption of artificial intelligence at scale, and I believe the training wheels will come off slowly, as these systems become more commonplace within corporate infrastructure.

How To Future Proof Your Career When The Robots Come!

In this online Uhubs session, Transhumanist Expert Kate Levchuk will be presenting us the outcomes of AI advancements and how careers will be reshaped in the new fast changing environment.

Her living credo is: 'You build the future today' Live stream agenda: 18:20: Get a notebook, pen, water to stay hydrated and find a comfortable place 18:30: Check that you have zoom installed (if not you have time to install it now) 18:45: Tune in via the live stream link found in the event description 19:30-19:45: Interactive Q&A 19:45: Complete feedback form What is Uhubs?

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