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The Fourth Industrial Revolution with Blockchain, Crypto Banking, AI and the Government

Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence as technologies has seen a shift in observation by critics, investors, miners, users, and the cyber population, in the past two years.

Instead of putting the taxi driver out of a job, blockchain puts Uber out of a job and lets the taxi drivers work with the customer directly”–Vitalik Buterin Since Blockchain earned its reputation by an entirely successful community, Artificial Intelligence is backed by Tech Titans like Google and Facebook.

The future of payments is backed with security and security, as it is uniquely suited to improve verification of account balances, replace expensive and exaggerating middle process of validating transactions.

Blockchain backed crypto networks and Crypto Banks like Quorums–Ethereum based blockchain network by JP Morgan Chase, FotonBank–Decentralized virtual crypto banking system empowered for instant payments, and Crypto Bank are leading the mentions in the crypto world.

Since many in the finance arena isn’t quickly sold on crypto as they belong to the organized business sector, the viability of crypto backed banking is questioned and in few cases dismissed.

The Banking Revolution Initiated by Andrey Pashkevich, CEO and Co-founder of FotonBank, explains: “With the ambition of providing immediate transactions, we focussed on forging a decentralized wallet that would have a capability of maintaining anonymity, ability to get instant payments, along with an ease of cryptocurrency-to-fiat transactions, smart integration with external wallets PayPal, Visa, WeChat, etc, and compliments of cashback programs;

To close the argument on Quantum Computing, I will feature the most debated definition of the invention, which clearly explains it’s feared capability–“The genius of Artificial Intelligence basically explains the behavior and nature of matter and energy on the atomic and subatomic level.”

Blockchain: Steering towards to the GOD coin, that started all the hype, Bitcoin deceased in its popularity and price, both, this year, and might continue to fall, but this will finally give Blockchain the chance it deserves as it will come out of the undercurrent of several cryptocurrencies.

World Tourism Day

A smart destination is one with a strategy for technology, innovation, sustainability, accessibility and inclusivity along the entire tourism cycle: before, during and after the trip.

By continuously and accurately measuring, integrating and analyzing data for efficient decision-making, prioritization and anticipation of challenges, they create a seamless and exciting experience for tourists while managing local resources efficiently.

Technology-based data tools, such as remote sensors and big data management systems, can help destination managers capture and process large volumes of data for a greater understanding of the impact of seasonality on tourism and on sustainability.

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