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8 actions to introduce enterprise AI and robotic process automation in a human way

majority (57 percent) of employees say their productivity would accelerate in the long run if their organization provided more opportunities to trial different types of automation or AI, compared to just 16 percent who feel things will bog down.  Currently, 38 percent of employees use some form of automation to perform their jobs, and there is an expectation that this number will continue to increase.  The survey's authors, led by Dr. Chris Brauer of the University of London, says the key to automation is not wiping away and replacing human workers, but finding ways for human and digital workers to work side by side, complementing one another's skills.

'We found that augmented companies not only enjoyed 28 percent greater performance levels, but also scored 33 percent higher on factors deemed to make a workplace more 'human,'' he points out.

This 'frees up resources - time, money, effort, brainpower - to be reinvested in the human workforce, through skill development, learning new things, being creative, solving complex problems, spending more time interacting with customers and developing the business.'

By optimizing for immediate productivity gains without creating a culture of support and advancing skills, there will only be temporary spurts in efficiency without long-term performance sustainability.  Brauer and his co-authors suggest the following courses of action to introduce AI, RPA and other technology strategies in a smart and strategic way: Run in parallel: 'Start small and build a foundation.

By creating a small internal start-up, this new unit is unburdened from the procedures and risk checking that comes with formal oversight, and free  to dedicate its focus on the experimentation needed to test the new idea.' Protect people, not jobs.

Use clear language - avoid overly buzzword heavy marketing, and don't use wording that blurs or confuses meanings.'Take a collaborative approach to automation: 'Considerations that must be taken into account: decentralized workforce (who is touching the data?

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