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Top 10 Contact Centre Software and Technology 2019

Product Name: CustomerSure Brief overview of product: Obtaining and acting on customer feedback is one of the most cost-effective investments an organisation can make when looking to improve the customer experience and increase satisfaction and loyalty.

CustomerSure is an easy way to set up a working customer feedback process, by obtaining opinions at important points in customer journeys.

The cloud platform makes it quick to set up simple surveys, connect to your existing IT systems – so surveys are sent at appropriate times – and makes it easy for you to instantly follow up on the feedback you receive, so customers are not left disappointed.

Alongside this feedback loop, CustomerSure provide powerful reporting tools – enabling you to report on your preferred satisfaction metric, whether that is Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction, Customer Effort or your own in-house metric.

The platform then allows you to segment scores – by individuals or business units – perform text analysis to spot trends and provides detailed response rate reporting, so you know your surveys are making it through.

Also, CustomerSure’s technical team aim to surprise every person who requests support by delivering a fast response that not only fixes their problem but understands their business needs.

“As it develops, add in the ability to feed into broader activities such as customer journey mapping work and internal communications about a customer-centric culture.”

“It has vastly improved how we do things in the contact centre, better managing available staff resources, routing of calls to the right agents, advanced reporting functions and the intuitive user interface that works consistently across the platform.”

“Being able to automatically run, export and file specific reports periodically would be good, selecting which columns I want in the spreadsheet too would be very helpful.”

of the features that set our product apart the competition include: Scorebuddy New Releases And Features We have implemented a number of integrations that allow our clients to seamlessly work between Scorebuddy and these world class vendors including: Integrations: New Features: Intelligent Staff Uploader Preview Scorecard Option New Dashboards – New for Agent Insight Customers Security Enhancements Analytics Approx.

“The ease of reporting so I can see the results for my entire team at one glance, download results for including in performance reporting and drill down to individuals for their personal development.”

Product Name: Clarabridge Contact Center Solution Brief overview of product: The Clarabridge Contact Center is the only solution that utilizes AI-powered voice-to-text approach to analysis and is powered by the industry-recognized best-in-class text analytics engine to provide a 360 degree view of all customer feedback and deep insights to improve strategy, processes, and systems.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?  True Omni-Channel: With 50+ pre-built data connectors including emerging channels such as WhatsApp, the Clarabridge Contact Center solution enables businesses to blend and analyze all of their call and digital conversation data (emails, chats, messaging) with other sources such as surveys, social, forums, ratings and reviews to get a true understanding of the holistic voice of their customers.

Best-in-Class Text Analytics: Touted as the “brain of CX” by Forrester Research, Clarabridge has the best-in-class text analytics engine that goes beyond basic sentiment analysis to include customer effort, intent, and emotion.

Designed to provide higher precision rate, faster speed with more accuracy, the ability to leverage the same taxonomy across multiple text-based sources, the solution delivers on the promise of true speech analytics.

AI-Powered Agent Coaching Capabilities: Unlike traditional contact center solutions, Clarabridge’s AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine automatically scans all the calls and intelligently prioritizes coaching opportunities for supervisors and coaches without having to listen to calls.

Fortune 500 Customers Across Verticals: Purpose-built for customer experience (CX), Clarabridge enables thousands of global brands manage their customer feedback and interaction as a big data problem and empower them to transcend from insights to action.

number of UK/other contact centres using the product:  The solution is currently used by a range of customers across industries and supports 50-70 contact centers across these customers.

Typical customers:  Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Custom pricing dependent on data sources including channels and languages What our readers liked best: “Aggregates all of our VOC sources together into one consolidated platform.

“Clarabridge’s AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) that enables businesses to blend and analyse all of their call and digital conversation data with other sources such as surveys, social, forums, ratings and reviews”

“The ability to easily decipher complex data sets into customer insights and the ability to disseminate that data in a packaged report suite”

“Continuous investment on product development to maintain up to date with language rules changes and keep up with language complexity to improve precision on text analytics.”

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?  The core tenets, and unique selling points of the Talkdesk approach are: Talkdesk’s key distinguishing feature and unique selling point is Talkdesk iQ which allows customer service leaders to immediately leverage the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Infused throughout the Talkdesk Enterprise Cloud Contact Center, Talkdesk iQ mines billions of interactions to reveal customer insights and trends and drive predictive recommendations to optimize agent and contact center efficiency.

This platform innovation delivers visible results leading to better customer/agent engagement, contact center operations and decisions.

Typical customers: Talkdesk typical customers are companies who are passionate about customer experience, but frustrated by the traditional on-premises and first-generation cloud systems that are unable to keep pace with ever-evolving business and customer expectations.

Talkdesk customers leverage the quick and easy adaptation of the contact centre operations, resulting in increased productivity, customer satisfaction and cost saving.

More customers and details available here, Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Professional Edition: $65 per user per month Enterprise

Product Name: NVM Platform Brief overview of product: NewVoiceMedia, a Vonage Company, is a leading global provider of cloud contact centre and inside sales technology that enables businesses to create exceptional, emotive customer experiences to serve better and sell more.

The only truly global platform that addresses requirements for both sales and service teams, NVM Platform enables organisations to personalise every conversation they have with their customers and prospects, irrespective of channel, by connecting customer insight and agent performance on a single, global communications platform.

NewVoiceMedia integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, the world’s fastest-growing CRM software, and is the highest rated partner on the Salesforce AppExchange, scoring a perfect 5 out of 5 rating from more than 400 users worldwide.

With this seamless integration at the very heart of NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact centre technology, businesses benefit from unrivaled access to their rich customer data, from every channel.

Dynamic call routing, intelligent IVR and omni-channel capabilities mean customers reach the most appropriate advisor, who can resolve issues first time, smooth tricky conversations and add insight to everyday queries, creating personalised customer experiences that set you apart.

Industry-leading global call routing architecture ensures the highest quality customer experience across the world NewVoiceMedia’s global call routing architecture has raised the bar on call quality for organisations running contact centres in multiple geographies.

Using a single call plan in their NVM platform to control their global contact centre assets, businesses can configure and manage their global call centre more effectively through a single central touch point.

This allows better management of peak periods and agent shift changes in individual regions as the intelligent overflow capability automatically routes calls to centres with spare capacity, no matter what their location.

Contact centres will be able to deliver a superior customer experience, with better visibility of agent productivity and centralised management reporting.

Turn the human voice into your greatest insight engine NVM’s speech analytics solution, Conversation Analyzer, optimises its customers’ contact centre management and operations, enabling them to efficiently deliver a more personal customer experience.

By using NVM with Conversation Analyzer, businesses benefit from a unified, pre-integrated platform that offers valuable insights into the data captured during customer interactions.

The system uses speech-to-text to transcribe calls and then deliver intelligent content categorisation for instant insight into common themes, as well as data visualisation for quick analysis and understanding of the classification and the successes and challenges in every conversation.

Workforce management solutions to optimise contact centre management and customer experience Businesses can integrate off-platform workforce management tools with NVM Platform and take positive steps towards balancing the dilemma of needing to minimise operational costs while maximising service levels.

By using contact centre statistics, WFM solutions improve the accuracy of the business’s contact demand forecasts and create staffing schedules that ensure agents with the right skills are available at the right time.

Furthermore, service levels are optimised as everyday use is simple and the upfront costs and burden on IT resources associated with traditional technology are removed.

function for groups of users that work as a close team where anyone can answer calls, and it’s very important that someone picks up quickly.”

Product Name: CallMiner Eureka Coach Brief overview of product: Since CallMiner’s inception back in 2002 we have always believed in the simple tenet that feedback is a gift and our entire Eureka product line has been expressly engineered under that notion of creating a user friendly, highly customisable platform that enables sharing actionable insights from interaction analytics with all stakeholders within an organisation.

CallMiner Eureka is a SaaS-based, customer engagement and speech analytics platform that leverages AI and machine learning to capture, transcribe and reveal insight from 100% of your customer interactions.

The Eureka engagement analytics platform transforms the Voice of Your Customers and Agents into operational intelligence at scale with automated performance and sentiment scoring, topic discovery and trend presentation.

Automated scoring with sentiment analysis, and sensitive data redaction, creates awareness at scale with evidence to more effectively drive customer experience, contact centre optimization, sales effectiveness and risk mitigation performance.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?  In 2012, CallMiner lead the way in the industry with the first version of a genuine automated performance feedback portal for contact centre agents, supervisors and coaches.

Eureka Coach is CallMiner’s new integrated agent quality management solution for building a culture of positive customer experience, improved compliance and reduced risk.

The three principal aspects of this bi-directional web-based performance feedback platform is: Coaching Effectiveness By objectively scoring each interaction, and summarising all interactions and scores, Eureka Coach enables coaches to target the key performance indicators where additional support can help drive agent improvement.

Motivated Achievement Because there is greater acceptance by the agent community (and coaches) of the trusted objectivity of the interaction scoring, Eureka Coach encourages agent self-improvement and enhances quality outcomes to motivate performance enhancement.

While Eureka Coach is the latest integrated iteration of our Performance Feedback portal, it is based on the proven notion that consistent, unbiased scoring and feedback provides the best way to ensure that agents and coaches are on the same page.

number of UK customers using the product: Our customers are spread across many contact centres in the UK, there are approximately 50 contact centre locations benefitting from Eureka.

Typical customers:  CallMiner’s Interaction Analytics technology covers a broad range of verticals and their applied use cases such as financial services, consumer goods, utilities, healthcare, travel &

Among UK customers using CallMiner Interaction Analytics Technology are the following: Typical price for a 100 agent solution: SaaS Annual Subscription License for CallMiner’s Eureka Coach (which is combined with the baseline CallMiner Eureka Analyze platform) would be approximately £110,000 which would support 60,000 hours per year of call mining.

“CallMiner is a customer based easy to work system and a great sharing platform to engage with similar-like career individuals that allow you to improve your overall business in a quality and production-based environment.”

injixo covers the full bandwidth of functionalities contact centres need,from forecasting and scheduling to intraday management, reporting and agent engagement.

Our simple pay-per-use pricing model enables small and large contact centres alike to experience the full power of professional WFM –

With the all-new fully-automatic injixo Forecast, our clients are able to save up to 75% of the spent on forecasting (contact volumes and average handling times).

injixo Forecast uses self-learning algorithms and is always up-to-date, 24/7, 365 days per year to provide you with the best possible forecast for calls, chat, email and more.

number of UK customers using the product: More than 120 contact centres ranging in size from 30 to over 2,000 agents Typical customers: injixo has customers across all industry sectors: Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Our simple pay-per-use pricing is based on a subscription model, £9/user/month + £39//workload/month for our fully automatic injixo Forecast functionality.

More information on the pricing including an online calculator can be found here: What our readers liked best: “Ability to connect to other systems via interface”

Stop charging per user for termed users (you are supposed to delete termed user accounts to stop being charged per head, but doing so deletes all their historical data.

the ability to create scenarios to understand the impact along with the ability to input off phone activities in a more user friendly way.”

Noble offers a unified suite of inbound, outbound and blended omnichannel communications, strategy planning and resource management tools for companies of all sizes, from enterprise organisations to small and mid-sized businesses.

Our Premise, Cloud and innovative premise/cloud hybrid platforms include ACD, predictive dialling, blended omnichannel processing, compliance, recording and monitoring, IVR, messaging, interaction analytics, campaign strategy and decisioning, compliance, workforce management and gamification.

What are the Unique Selling Points of the product?  Noble Systems’ enterprise-class, state-of-the-art technology solution offers the best value and most features to deliver high-performance contact centre management applications.

This translates to delivering a contact centre suite that works within the scope of your business, rather than making you change your business to work with our product.

By integrating with existing systems for a seamless solution without requiring an investment in time and money to rebuild processes or transfer data, our clients enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and reduced costs in a very short time frame.

Some of the key differentiators between Noble Systems and our competitors include: Noble delivers powerful solutions that help our clients improve performance and increase efficiencies.

Typical customers: The following companies are examples of companies that use Noble Systems’ solutions in the UK: Typical price for a 100 agent solution: Noble’s contact centre solutions are priced on a concurrent user basis.

Product Name: The Genesys Customer Experience Platform Brief overview of product: The Genesys Customer Experience platform combines orchestration and journey management to provide omni-channel contact centre best practices for great customer experience with compelling business outcomes.

The Genesys Customer Experience platform consists of three offers: PureCloud Launched globally in 2015, PureCloud is a unified, all-in-one customer engagement and business communications solution that is easy to use and quick to deploy.

A true cloud offering based on microservices architecture, PureCloud is flexible, open, feature-rich, and built for rapid innovation, providing organisations with a future-proof solution for quickly scaling to meet customer growth.

Genesys PureConnect PureConnect is a proven, all-in-one omni-channel engagement offering that is rapid to deploy, simple to administer, flexible and easily tailored to meet specific needs within the commercial and mid-market segments.

Available both on-premises and in the cloud, PureConnect can help customers make the transition to the cloud with a seamless process that uses the same software for familiarity and ease.

Recent accolades include leadership positions in the following research reports: The value we provide our more than 11,000 customers worldwide is evident across organisations and industries of all types and sizes.

We offer cloud and on-premises solutions for businesses of all sizes and sophistication stages all over the world – across small to mid and enterprise level.

Typical customers: Genesys counts businesses of all sizes and sophistication stages all over the world – across small to mid and enterprise level – as customers.

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