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Which is the best programming language for AI ?

They all compile into machine code in the end, so technically, it doesn't really matter.

If you've been programming for 15 years in one language, you're probably quite good and may as well do whatever you need to do in that;

Why is Python the Ideal Programming Language for AI and Data Science?

Undoubtedly, since computers were invented, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science are the most advanced approaches of this era and pushing various industries to the next level.

If your answer is yes, then you might be facing two critical questions right here: how to integrate these technologies into your business and what is the best programming language you need to consider for AI and Data Science?

Use Cases of Python, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Hal Abelson, a famous professor of electrical engineering, says, “ A powerful programming language is more than just a means for instructing a computer to perform tasks.

Over the years, Python is ruling the mobile app development industry when it comes to choosing the programming language- easy to use, having open source licensing, and simple accessibility.

Apart, Python is the unique programing language that many web development companies widely use it to develop applications ranging from GUI-based programs, Artificial Intelligence to Big data science systems.

Also, the availability of an extensive standard of a library in the source makes it possible for programmers to customize the application according to their business needs.

And, by keeping in mind the latest market trends, now the success of the enterprises dramatically hinges on the ability to grab the meaningful insights from complex data structures.

Every 3 out of 4 data professionals recommended that aspiring data analysts firstly learn Python to turn data insights into reporting format.

While Data Science and AI are majorly based on the quality and quantity of data you use for the task, therefore, the full-fledged programming nature of Python makes it a perfect fit for incorporating statistical codes and algorithms into the production database.

Now let’s understand Python as a leading programming language for AI… With the pool of programming languages available to empower you to develop AI-based applications, many of you surprised to know why I have chosen Python.

Secondly, it’s readability makes it an outstanding programing language and allows you to think like a programmer instead of jumbling you with complicated syntax.

Python is beginners friendly language and, at the same time, empowering experts to develop complex applications leveraging the simplicity of writing.

Furthermore, the best part is Python is kind to forgive your errors and allow you to run your program despite being fixing the problem area.

They heavily use data science, data mining, and artificial learning to understand and monitor user behavior, including shopping preferences, product choice, and budget.

All this collected data helps them in making real predictions that they further use to maintain inventory and provide similar products to offer personalized shopping experience.

World’s leading banks are leveraging data science, AI, and ML for enhancing user experience and providing instant assistance to their customers.

With the useful insights and corporate data, Chatbots not only instantly reply to your query but also prevent frauds regarding credit cards, accounting, and insurance.

As Python comes with the multiple visualization options and offering a wide choice of libraries, it makes it easier for the software developer to maximize the value from the data.

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