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Osmosis (TV series)

Set in near-future Paris, the science-fiction drama sees a new dating app called “Osmosis” developed that can decode true love, digging deep into its users’ brain data to find a perfect match with 100% accuracy.

But is there a price to pay when letting an algorithm decide whom you will love, using technology that can access the innermost recesses of your mind and your best-kept secrets?.[1]

It’s just a tool, and different people project different dreams and fears onto it, for better and worse' and that this 'level of nuance and awareness makes Osmosis start out thoughtful and refreshing.'[16]

Greg Wheeler from The Review Geek recommended the first season in their review of the series by stating that 'Osmosis is a really thrilling sci-fi trip, one asking some big questions around love and relationships while delivering a well written story full of twists and turns along the way.'[17]

Emma Stefansky from Thrillist praised the series, stating that 'Osmosis joins the ranks of shows like the German time-travel thriller Dark, the Norwegian zombie eco-pocalypse The Rain, and the South Korean medieval drama Kingdom, creating a subgenre within Netflix of remarkably good foreign-language genre television' and further adding that it 'is the kind of show you can just sit and absorb.'[20]

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